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bigeyes's Avatar bigeyes 05:14 PM 07-12-2007
so yesterday, I had dd take all of her clothes, match up outfits, and then tell me what she didn't like and why.

After all of the clothing wars, we threw away two articles of clothing.


I can't tell you how many times I've heard 'I don't have anything to wear'
She has enough clothes to not repeat an article of clothing in over 3 weeks.

'I'm cold'
One of the things she didn't want to keep because 'it's too hot.' :

The other thing was something that she insisted on wearing when dh and I asked her not to because it wasn't appropriate for the weather.

I told her we would get rid of whatever she wasn't going to wear, and after all of this, two things went out the door. So now, only things that are outgrown will be disposed of. And hopefully well meaning relatives won't send any more inappropriate or too small stuff.

Arduinna's Avatar Arduinna 09:17 PM 07-12-2007
How old is she again? Sorry I can't remember.

If she is a preteen then I'd guess that she is not accurately expressing what is going on with her clothes. Especially with those cold and hot issues, maybe it's really that the item is scratchy, she doesn't like the way it goes with the rest of her outfit whatever. If she is 15 and up I'd expect a more accurate description of the problem from her. Because it sure sounds like some communication issues are going on.
UnschoolnMa's Avatar UnschoolnMa 05:42 AM 07-13-2007
It sounds like there's a gap.

And I know that with my own Dd (13.5) there will often be an article of clothing I see constantly for awhile and then not at all for 2 months or something. She seems to go in phases. I don't control what she wears, but she asks for my thoughts often.