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chiromamma's Avatar chiromamma 04:44 PM 01-03-2008
Interesting article from feminist author Naomi Wolf.
I'm so glad DD hates these kinds of books.

Petronella's Avatar Petronella 12:24 AM 01-04-2008
God, those books are terrible. "Oh, my parents are rich and I live in a huge mansion and go out for caviar with my name-dropping friends and have too much sex!" Such fun.:
UnschoolnMa's Avatar UnschoolnMa 02:13 AM 01-04-2008
Dd hasn't read the books, but she has watched the show a few times. I don't think she hated it and I don't think she was overly impressed.

Dd and I often rip on those things, but I don't mind if she watches or reads it. Gives us stuff to talk about. How does this relate to real life at all? For us? For anyone we know? Who's clothes do we like?
xixstar's Avatar xixstar 06:29 PM 01-04-2008
wow, I'm pretty sure I've seen these out in special displays at the library -- I glanced at them but because dd is so not girly, I never gave them another thought.

sigh, seems like finding some good books for young and teen girls is getting harder.