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calgal007's Avatar calgal007 11:13 AM 10-11-2003
At ds's school they had a "dress like your favorite generation" day. Lots of tie-dye, or 'fifties looks, and even a couple of disco outfits. DS said, "I want to go as a Punker" and I said, "Fine." I explained to him what the punk movement was about and how it fit into the history of the political/economic climate of the late 70's. WELL, he went to school punk'd out and he was the hit of the playground. He also shared his information about the punk movement with all the kids. It was very cool!!!!

MelMel's Avatar MelMel 12:05 PM 10-11-2003
great! always love it when you see a young'un spreadin the love
Yamilla's Avatar Yamilla 02:41 PM 10-11-2003
What a cool school project!! Sounds like something my ds would want do to and what a cool mom to explain it all to him!