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September 2007 > What are the benefits of eating the placenta?
angelamclamb's Avatar angelamclamb 12:46 AM 04-01-2007
Since I have been reading about some of you who did or plan on eating the placenta, what is the benefit. I think I would gag at the thought of it, but still interested none-the-less. Heck, if quite a few benefits I would certainly consider it, but I am having a hospital birth and wondered how hospitals handle a request as such or do they not allow it. :

Plady's Avatar Plady 01:00 AM 04-01-2007
The reason I had some of dd's in my first birth was that I'd read it helped eliminate ppd. I also have read that it is used to stop hemorrhaging. I wasn't, but figured it couldn't hurt. I guess it is supposed to be the perfect postnatal snack?

I'd love to know how a hospital would handle the request.
sanguine_speed's Avatar sanguine_speed 01:46 AM 04-01-2007
This is something I haven't tried, but am considering this time (10% possibility) because I have hemorrhaged twice now with bad bad consequences (think baby at home and mama in hospital having surgery and IV antibiotics). My understanding is that there are hormones in the placenta that can help with pph.
Wugmama's Avatar Wugmama 07:56 PM 04-01-2007
Mine was prepared by my midwife by being dried and ground up and placed into capsules which I swallowed. It totally warded off PPD for me, and when it started to creep in much later on, I started to take it again and felt much better.

I highly recommend it and will do it again this time.

IntuitiveJamie's Avatar IntuitiveJamie 10:47 PM 04-01-2007
As far as I understand, placenta pills are like the perfect vitamin. I mean think about it, it is perfect nourshiment for the baby growing in you. And it even contains hormones that help with ppd and hemorraging. I plan on drying it out and putting it in capsules too. Some woman make a shake with a piece of it right away. I need to get some really good directions for drying it out. I'll go google it right now
Plady's Avatar Plady 11:05 PM 04-01-2007
It's easy to dry, just slice it up in thin strips and then cook it in a low oven until it is very very dry. To make a powder just put the cooled dried strips in the blender or a food processor.

No problema!
flowers 02:41 PM 04-02-2007
I have also heard that is extremely helpful for women struggling with iron levels b/c your body can easily absorb it's own red blood supply. I am planning on eating a fresh smoothie immediately and having a mw dry it out and make it into pills for pp.