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arelyn's Avatar arelyn 01:12 AM 08-16-2007
Contractions 3 minutes apart...Mike calling Midwife...we'll try to keep you posted!!

RachelS's Avatar RachelS 01:16 AM 08-16-2007
Good luck mama!!! I am thinking about you!! Sending you lots of positive vibes!!!
mamas2atti's Avatar mamas2atti 01:34 AM 08-16-2007
Sweet, sweet labor vibes coming your way~~~~~
stacyg's Avatar stacyg 01:39 AM 08-16-2007
Thinking of you
Update us when you can!
IntuitiveJamie's Avatar IntuitiveJamie 02:36 AM 08-16-2007
Wow! How exciting. I hope this is it! Good luck!
arelyn's Avatar arelyn 03:17 AM 08-16-2007
Hey, it's Mike (DH). The kiddie pool is set up in the kitchen, & we're still at about 3 minutes apart & listening to NPR (was Sinatra earlier). They're getting more intense but still at three minutes. Just dropping a quick note to y'all to let you know how it's going. Talk to you soon!
EricaE's Avatar EricaE 03:40 AM 08-16-2007
How exciting!!! Good luck!!
Tiny_Dancer's Avatar Tiny_Dancer 03:43 AM 08-16-2007
What an exciting night!! Just peeking in on you from the dec. ddc!!! Good Luck-peaceful, smooth labor to you!
lactivist's Avatar lactivist 03:54 AM 08-16-2007
Hooray! Wishing you a peaceful and beautiful birth!
MichelleW's Avatar MichelleW 04:08 AM 08-16-2007
sending positive thoughts your way, as you welcome the new one!!!
KarenMT's Avatar KarenMT 09:28 AM 08-16-2007
Good luck- Sending lots of good vibes that it is a great labor and baby comes quickly.
arelyn's Avatar arelyn 09:43 AM 08-16-2007
Still at it!
beemama's Avatar beemama 09:47 AM 08-16-2007
Wishing you a beautiful birth experience!
IntuitiveJamie's Avatar IntuitiveJamie 10:17 AM 08-16-2007
Waiting anxiously.............
beautiful_mama's Avatar beautiful_mama 11:14 AM 08-16-2007
o my gosh how exciting!!

Praying that things move along and baby comes soon!!

Hang in there mama, YOU CAN DO IT, YOU CAN DO IT! You are AWESOME!

(resident doula cheerleader here )
sunshine's mama's Avatar sunshine's mama 11:34 AM 08-16-2007
So excited for you.......

Lots of smooth and easy labor vibes to you!!!!
ATD_Mom's Avatar ATD_Mom 11:51 AM 08-16-2007
Wow! A play-by-play!

I'm so excited for you guys, and am sending such an incredible energy your way. You can do it, mama!
mighty-mama's Avatar mighty-mama 12:01 PM 08-16-2007

I too love the play by play, keep at it Mama & Mike....
danaalex's Avatar danaalex 12:08 PM 08-16-2007
whoohoo! can't wait for an update hope you got SOME rest.
CanidFL's Avatar CanidFL 01:03 PM 08-16-2007
How exciting. Sending good labor vibes your way!!!!
arelyn's Avatar arelyn 01:23 PM 08-16-2007
Still progressing downward!
lactivist's Avatar lactivist 01:31 PM 08-16-2007
Go Mama Go!!!
jmhammond's Avatar jmhammond 01:32 PM 08-16-2007
YEAH, You're doing great mama!!! We can't wait to hear the final announcement!
jbirdbrain's Avatar jbirdbrain 01:57 PM 08-16-2007
Yay! I'm sure you are doing AWESOME. Can't wait to hear that your sweet baby has arrived!!
IntuitiveJamie's Avatar IntuitiveJamie 01:59 PM 08-16-2007
ooohhh....stay strong mama, you are doing GREAT! You will be holding your little baby soon, you are so lucky!
leanbh's Avatar leanbh 01:59 PM 08-16-2007
go mama go!

it's so exciting!

we all know you're doing awesome! keep it up!

peaceful and loving labor and birth vibes to you!
~Katie~'s Avatar ~Katie~ 02:46 PM 08-16-2007
Wow, good luck guys! I wonder if you're the next at centering to have a baby! Maybe we'll be seeing you and a little one on tuesday! Lots of peaceful birthing vibes!
*jeanine*'s Avatar *jeanine* 02:58 PM 08-16-2007
Sending peace and strength to you

I'm so excited!!!
Plaid Leopard's Avatar Plaid Leopard 03:09 PM 08-16-2007
Wow, this is exciting!
Hope everything is going great!
stacyg's Avatar stacyg 03:24 PM 08-16-2007
Thinking of you.....
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