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September 2007 > I screamed through labor but out she came anyway!
~minnow~'s Avatar ~minnow~ 04:55 PM 09-20-2007
So, although I was all geared up to wait until October (and my EDD was not for a week) I had the baby today! Name is probably Adelaide, 6 pounds 3 ounces, perfect Apgars, great nurser. Succesful homebirth! In spite of the fact that my favorite labor coping mechanism was crying and I also did my fair share of screaming, wailing, and swearing. She was not born in the water, but out she did come, and we are so elated to be here at home with her. I found labor to be super hard, but our birth was awesome! Everything after she was born was wonderful, wonderful.

Pics and full name and story to follow at some point.

It's been so great to share this journey with all of you. (I am TOTALLY high on endorphins right now. Actually at one point in my labor I looked at my midwife accusingly and said I THOUGHT YOU SAID THERE WOULD BE ENDORPHINS! There were, I just had to wait till the end to get them.)

arelyn's Avatar arelyn 05:03 PM 09-20-2007
Congrats on your baby girl born at home!

PS: I screamed through lots of labour too (less than I thought though).
mamas2atti's Avatar mamas2atti 05:09 PM 09-20-2007
Congratulations mama! I really love that name and hope you use it so I can live vicariously through you through the internet!
RachelS's Avatar RachelS 05:18 PM 09-20-2007
Congratulations on your little girl!!!!!!: Looking forward to reading the birth story!!!!
StrongBeliever's Avatar StrongBeliever 05:34 PM 09-20-2007
Wow! Congratulations! So happy that it all went well. Welcome little girl!
stacyg's Avatar stacyg 05:45 PM 09-20-2007

Enjoy your babymoon!
mighty-mama's Avatar mighty-mama 06:18 PM 09-20-2007
Congratulations Mama.. What an amazing and honest story..

**fyi.. I don't know anyone who hasn't screamed/cried/ or cursed at some point during labor...

I love the name if you go with it... Can't wait to hear her story and to see some pictures... Congrats to you and your family.
*jeanine*'s Avatar *jeanine* 06:39 PM 09-20-2007
congratulations mama!!
sunshine's mama's Avatar sunshine's mama 07:00 PM 09-20-2007
Congrats to you...

I screamed through labor and I think I said a few choice words while driving down the highway in transition....well, I wasn't driving.....

Love the name and can't wait to hear the story....

FWIW, we didn't name dd until the last possible minute......couldn't agree on spelling!!

Happy babymooning....
MichelleW's Avatar MichelleW 07:03 PM 09-20-2007
Glad to hear someone admit they cried and screamed, and that you planned a water birth but it didn't happen - I am guessing cause you preferred a 'dry' birth at the time.
Happy babymoon! (Hoping to join you soon!)
emo1221's Avatar emo1221 07:09 PM 09-20-2007
jmhammond's Avatar jmhammond 07:50 PM 09-20-2007
Welcome Adelaide (I hope it sticks, I love it)!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats Mama!!!!
beemama's Avatar beemama 08:49 PM 09-20-2007
You did it! It doesn't matter what you had to do to get there! Congratulations, mama! Yaaaaay!
What a lovely name!
lactivist's Avatar lactivist 09:45 PM 09-20-2007
Congratulations! This was definitely my screamiest labor. My friend and dh say I wasn't that loud but I don't believe them. My smallest baby made me scream the loudest. So glad you have your baby in your arms. Aren't those endorphins great (once they kick in)? Enjoy!
beautiful_mama's Avatar beautiful_mama 11:25 PM 09-20-2007
congratulations mama!

I can't wait for all the details...enjoy that baby moon!
echospiritwarrior's Avatar echospiritwarrior 04:08 AM 09-21-2007
Congrats mama! Can't wait to hear your story!

: welcome new little being!
IntuitiveJamie's Avatar IntuitiveJamie 12:10 AM 09-22-2007
I was thinking of you on this day and for some reason I thought to myself "I wonder how minnow's doing, I wonder when she will have her baby"
I didn't know why I was thinking that until I popped on later to find out you had actually been in labor AND already given birth! Way to go Momma!