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allbrightmama's Avatar allbrightmama 02:35 AM 10-14-2007
I just took my 1 month old dd to the ER because she fell. She was sleeping in the moses basket and I tried to move her into another room but the basket slipped out of one hand and she landed face down on the wood floor. She fell about 12 to 18 inches and got hurt. She is having a lot of pain in her left ear and cries when she yawns or sucks on my finger. She is nursing but only very shallow sucks.
The ER doc said it would be reasonable to do a head ct in case there is a fracture of the skull or the jaw bone entered the brain or... I questioned him thoroughly and he said we could watch her for 24 hours and see if the pain subsided. No bruising or swelling at all.
I feel terrible. We are home but I keep wondering if I should have done the ct. She is in pain and I caused it. I hope she is okay. I hope deciding to wait was the right plan. I don't want to give Tylenol because I don't want to mask any symptoms or have her cause herself more pain in the long run. I just want to make her better.
I need to call her fabulous ped in the morning.
Thanks for reading if you got this far.

bri276's Avatar bri276 03:35 AM 10-14-2007
not supposed to be in here but

the other day, I accidentally stepped backwards and my leg hit my DD in the face, causing her to fall on the floor, and her nose gushed blood- we all do these things!! I know it's worse when they're tiny

I would wake her up every couple hours during the night (assuming you have to!) and if she doesn't seem better by tomorrow, I'd probably go with the CT. would she need to be sedated for it?
sbgrace's Avatar sbgrace 03:40 AM 10-14-2007

I actually dropped my son around that age. I was so tired (my boys never slept at the same time) that I dropped him. I don't know exactly how it happened. He was ok.
On the head CT if you need it do get it. But over-all it is better to avoid them if you safely can. I wish I had avoided ours in retrospect. I don't think sedation will be necessary that young.
mighty-mama's Avatar mighty-mama 11:24 AM 10-14-2007
Oh mama.. I hope she's okay.. Go with your insticts, don't hesitate if you have any concern.
beautiful_mama's Avatar beautiful_mama 11:56 AM 10-14-2007
oh mama (((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))

I can't imagine the guilt you are feeling right now. prayers for you and for her healing big time are coming your way!
IntuitiveJamie's Avatar IntuitiveJamie 03:30 PM 10-14-2007
I'm so sorry about that. I hope your sweet baby is okay.
stefka's Avatar stefka 04:32 PM 10-14-2007
Oh mama, I'm so sorry! I hope she's doing better very soon. And be gentle with yourself in the meantime.
momof2boys1girl's Avatar momof2boys1girl 04:44 PM 10-14-2007
I am sorry.Accidents happen dont blame yourself mama!!!!!!
I hope she feels better asap!
EricaE's Avatar EricaE 05:21 PM 10-14-2007
I am so, so sorry!!! It was an accident remember. Don't be too harsh on yourself. I sure hope your baby feels better soon and that she doesn't need a CT scan afterall.
GooeyRN's Avatar GooeyRN 05:35 PM 10-14-2007
Don't be so hard on yourself. These things happen to most children. Many parents just don't admit it. My dd fell on her face at 6 weeks old, and it was my fault totally. I had her in her bucket and picked it up. I forgot to strap her into it! She flopped on her face, about a 10 inch drop onto the hardwood floor. She cried for a few minutes, but I could tell she was ok. I would do the CT scan, just to be sure there isn't anything majorly wrong. Go with your gut!
lactivist's Avatar lactivist 06:05 PM 10-14-2007
I am so sorry. I hope she is just fine and doesn't need a ct. I probably would have waited in that situation as well. Always follow your intuition.
beemama's Avatar beemama 06:18 PM 10-14-2007
Originally Posted by lactivist View Post
I probably would have waited in that situation as well. Always follow your intuition.

Be kind to yourself!!!
Sabo's Avatar Sabo 08:51 PM 10-14-2007
I hope that your little girl is ok. Praying for her.
allbrightmama's Avatar allbrightmama 01:29 AM 10-15-2007
Thank you everyone! Norah is doing much better today. She is nursing well, yawning without crying and sucking on dh's finger happily. She does seem to prefer the right breast today so I think maybe still sore but not screaming pain. I have even poked around at her ear while she is sleeping and didn't get any reaction. I think I made the right decision.
The ER dr last night was great. When I questioned him about the risks of the head ct he sat down and discussed it with me. Basically told me that we know radiation is damaging but have no idea how damaging on a baby just once. Said it would be the equivalent of 50 to 60 chest x-rays. Talked about how they try to minimize exposure and the AAP recomends judicious use. He also told me that the serious stuff they would be looking for would be found rarely in an infant behaving otherwise normally, without swelling or bruising presenting 8 hours after the incident. He said he was suggesting the ct as a doctor. It was up to me to decide. I told him that as a parent I usually watch more and do less when that is an option. He told me to watch her carefully and to bring her back immediately if she got worse or if there was no improvement in 12 to 24 hours.
He seemed very supportive without actually saying he supported me. Never pressured me. Said he won't bring his own kids to the ER for anything less than uncontrollable bleeding. It was a tough decision for me to take responsibility for. Even harder since I had caused the injury. I didn't want to subject her baby brain to radiation needlessly or overlook an unlikely but potentially damaging injury. Even today with Norah doing so much better I still have the fear that she is actually terribley injured. (I believe it is fear, not intuition) I almost want the ct just to be able to put it out of my head. Then of course there would be the guilt of an unneeded ct...
allbrightmama's Avatar allbrightmama 01:29 AM 10-15-2007
oops, double post
skydancer's Avatar skydancer 10:44 AM 10-15-2007
I'm so sorry this happened. Please know that we all make mistakes, especially when adjusting to newer circumstances/routines. I'm glad the Dr. you saw was so nice and respected your thoughts and-ultimately-your decision. It sounds like you made the right call and I'm so relieved to hear that Norah is doing so well now!
sunshine's mama's Avatar sunshine's mama 11:02 AM 10-15-2007
So happy to hear Norah is doing well.....and that you had an understanding ER doc..rare these days...

When my first was a month old she kicked herself off the sofa doing that kicky thing they do....I was on the phone with my mom and dropped the phone and screamed...I felt the blood drain from me....She didn't cry or anything...was still breathing...It didn't even wake her.....but I SURE DID.....a neighbor was an EMT (funny how that happened again when we moved here, another emt neighbor) so he came to check her out for me....

I have a moses basket too......