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gigismom's Avatar gigismom 12:17 PM 02-16-2007
If you dress modestly (long sleeves, skirts etc...) do you have any suggestions for where to buy maternity clothes? I need some loose fitting pants and shirts (long tunic style) for work. I unfortunately gain weight in all of the wrong places and it is very hard to find clothes that fit loosely throughout the whole pregnancy. I could just throw a sheet over myself but this would not be professional for work!! I also need cool fabrics so that I can tolerate the summer temps.... Any help is appreciated


blueridgewoman's Avatar blueridgewoman 12:19 PM 02-16-2007
I think there are a few ideas here. Even for someone who doesn't follow the modest dressing idea, they are beautiful skirts, etc.
kJad29's Avatar kJad29 01:02 PM 02-16-2007
I'm not in your DDC, but read your post. Have you considered going to an Indian or Pakistani clothing shop to buy some salwar kameez? They are also known as Punjabi outfits. I don't know where you live, but if you have an Indian, Perisian, Pakistani, or Bangladeshi population, you would be able to find them. They come in long sleeves, have very comfortable bottoms and in an array of beautiful colors and designs. They also come in wonderfully breatheable cottons and silks. The cotton ones aren't too expensive and they come with a nice dupatta or shawl that you can either cover your head with or wear as a regular scarf. They're pretty and most women from that region don't have maternity clothes because the salwar kameez are naturally spacious. I already own so many that I wear on a regular basis because they're pretty and comfortable and I'm not yet pregnant. That is just a suggestion. Best of luck finding nice modest maternity clothes.
MrsAngelic's Avatar MrsAngelic 05:06 PM 02-16-2007
Just got some wraparound skirts today from and I think they'll be perfect for maternity

and a maternity dress, got the biege and it's really soft and light, they also have black

The patterned skirts above are lighter and seem better for summer.The solid colors are like a brushed cotton and are thicker material. And they have a lot of material so they really keep you covered.

Oh and they have 3/4 sleeve shirts....not sure how maternity friendly those are.
gigismom's Avatar gigismom 07:17 PM 02-17-2007
Thanks so much for the links ladies... now all I need is time to check them out!!
blueridgewoman's Avatar blueridgewoman 10:33 AM 06-06-2007
bumping for aylaane.....
mamalara's Avatar mamalara 01:35 AM 06-09-2007
Hi Gigismom! You may want to try Ebay Express, or even Ebay. I was looking at tunics on Ebay Express and some are really nice- some of them may work for you with some minimal layering. Here's the web address:

I know that there are slim pickings for Muslimahs that wear hijab. A friend of mine here covers and is pregnant, and she is struggling to find clothing that's fashionable and works for her modest look. It's not easy, especially when you are pressed for time!