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View Poll Results: How long is your DP taking off when baby is born?
Not taking off at all 1 1.85%
day of the birth only (1 day) 2 3.70%
2-4 days 9 16.67%
4-6 days 4 7.41%
one week 8 14.81%
a week and a half 3 5.56%
two weeks 10 18.52%
three weeks 3 5.56%
four weeks 6 11.11%
five weeks 0 0%
six weeks 2 3.70%
> 6 weeks 2 3.70%
OTHER 4 7.41%
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October 2007 > How long is your DP taking off when baby is born?
Hippiemommie's Avatar Hippiemommie 11:14 PM 06-21-2007
DH never takes sick time or personal time off so he is taking the entire month of October off I'm so glad because we will have a 2 3/4 year old at the time and I think it would be hard for me to chase him around all day with a newborn.

Hippiemommie's Avatar Hippiemommie 11:15 PM 06-21-2007
Originally Posted by Pumpkin_Blythe View Post
his work gives him 6 weeks paid baby bonding time.
wildgarden's Avatar wildgarden 01:57 AM 06-22-2007
It will probably be 2 weeks after the baby is born and then a week here and there later on.
ashleyhaugh's Avatar ashleyhaugh 10:15 AM 06-22-2007
i hear the army usually gives 2 weeks, but dh is in school (lpn license) and cant take that much time away, so probably just a couple days but we should get 2 weeks christmas leave, and my mom wants to come up, but im not sure when
Apryl Srissa's Avatar Apryl Srissa 10:45 AM 06-22-2007
Dh works in a bakery and October starts their really crazy business. So we're hoping for a Friday birth, then he is off the weekend and can take a couple days after that but only officially 'miss' a couple days. Unfortunately, his vacation time will be all used by then (a planned vacation with my in laws coming here over the summer and sick days, sick kids, etc all add up), so we will have to be careful of what he misses.

What I'm depending on is that there is extra OT that time of year, so he can make up any time missed. I tend to have contractions for weeks, so with my 3 year old, he missed like 3 days for nothing, my contractions were just so close and strong he wasn't comfortable leaving me. I'm pretty much depending on that Thanksgiving is right behind and he'll be off for that.
dachshundqueen's Avatar dachshundqueen 11:56 AM 06-22-2007
I'm just not sure. We'll see how labor and delivery goes and then how Annabelle adjusts. We have a small family business. I'm thinking that him working PT for two weeks would be a whole lot better than him just taking off one week and then going back to work.

veganone's Avatar veganone 10:09 PM 06-22-2007
I'm pushing for 2 weeks as well - he's thinking a few days but there's no way! He can get paid family leave (which is like half of his salary), but I think we're going to save that for when I go back to work. With me not making anything, we're going to need his income... I'd love more time with just the three of us.
Banana731's Avatar Banana731 11:42 PM 06-22-2007
Dh won't be taking any time off as far as I know, if everything works out as planned. He works at the hospital I'm supposed to birth at, and his shop is pretty laid back. He will just come home when I need him, or not go in if I'm in labor in the AM. They won't make him take vacation or anything. Plus my mom is coming here for a month, maybe more. So hopefully she'll be here at least a couple of weeks after baby is born to help with dd. Dh will also be allowed to take a couple days off if he wants, or go in late/come home early in the beginning. My birth options may be a little bleaker than I'd like, but when it comes to the post-partum situation I know I am blessed. :
Jennbee's Avatar Jennbee 07:07 AM 06-24-2007
DH will be taking at least 17 weeks off for parental leave. He is entitled to up to one year, but his pay would drop down to just Employment Insurance benefits (which wouldn't be enough to pay the bills at our house) after 17 weeks. I'll be going to college and he'll be bringing baby to college for me to nurse during the first month. After that I plan on pumping breastmilk. At least that's the plan for now.

With our first child, he had planned 2 weeks of vacation and then parental leave after that. He ended up having court scheduled for one day that first week. There I was waiting at the hospital for him to get back from court to take me and baby home.
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