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gypsyfaery's Avatar gypsyfaery 04:58 PM 07-11-2007
Just curious what people have worn or are planning on wearing to labour in. My previous 2 births were in a hospital and I just wore their gown or nothing but I was reading the ads in the latest Mothering and saw an ad for a birthing skirt. I way! but then it got me thinking. I asked a few friends here and had several different answers so I thought I would throw it out to all of you...I am thinking a sport's bra and a sarong.

jessitron's Avatar jessitron 05:04 PM 07-11-2007
Nothing for me.
I like being naked anyway, during labor it's a no-brainer. I will save my favorite (most comfy) maternity dress to wear to the hospital in case we have to go again.
DoomaYula's Avatar DoomaYula 05:49 PM 07-11-2007
I plan to labor nakey. I like the nakey. Plus basically nothing fits COMFORTABLY at 28w, so I can't imagine how uncomfy I'll feel at 40ishW.
Belle's Avatar Belle 05:58 PM 07-11-2007
My first birth was in the hospital and I was in the buff. This one's going to be at home and I'll probably wear the same outfit. I was much more comfortable that way.
vivianstcloud's Avatar vivianstcloud 06:43 PM 07-11-2007
I was thinking of a oversized black tank top that's pretty long. That's it. Saw someone wear that in a homebirth video and it seemed to work well!
Lookingup's Avatar Lookingup 07:02 PM 07-11-2007
I was naked last time and quite happy... but I want DH to video it this time, and I'm thinking a bikini on top in the tub might be good.
echospiritwarrior's Avatar echospiritwarrior 07:27 PM 07-11-2007
I wore my birthday suit, and I think that's what I'll be wearing again. I can't imagine having clothing to deal with.
hippie_mommy's Avatar hippie_mommy 08:05 PM 07-11-2007
I saw another thread on this subject and saw that someone recommended this chemise -

I bought it and it is really comfy!
lovethyspirit's Avatar lovethyspirit 08:07 PM 07-11-2007
Oversized Tshirt here and sports bra. I'm not comfortable enough to be naked in front of strangers.
stacey2061's Avatar stacey2061 08:10 PM 07-11-2007
i like the look and idea of this but probably won't get around to ordering one...i'll probably end up naked
marlygf's Avatar marlygf 09:28 PM 07-11-2007
With my first two I wore a tanktop. With the second I labored in the tub and my tanktop was all wet so they reccomended I take it off after I had him. I can't figure what I want to wear this time. I think I might get a sports bra and then nothing on the bottom (I never do) but I guess if I have to walk outside I could throw on a T-shirt and sarong. That's a great idea! because then you can just take it off easily.
I do like being naked but I want it filmed and I wouldn't appreciate that after. I don't care about my belly showing but no one needs to see the rest
fihz's Avatar fihz 10:12 PM 07-11-2007
I don't remember what I had on for my other births, but this time, it's probably going to be whatever I have on, or nothing. Depends on how "in the way" it will be
thorn's Avatar thorn 11:04 PM 07-11-2007
I am actually having a friend sew me some custom hospital gowns - they will be the regular gown pattern with the tie-open back, and snaps on the shoulders, but in a prettier fabric that is more "me"
Banana731's Avatar Banana731 11:09 PM 07-11-2007
I bought a 2X(I wear a M pre-pregnancy) 5$ night gown that buttoned up the front from walmart, and a big bathrobe(I was freezing in the hosp). It was comfy, but I didn't get very far in labor , so I don't know if it would have stayed on.
durafemina's Avatar durafemina 11:33 PM 07-11-2007
naked was sounding good to me.
Probably a comfy loose cotton skirt and loose t-shirt if I want to walk around outside
Vicitoria's Avatar Vicitoria 02:21 AM 07-12-2007
I labored in my favorite denim shirt from dh. Had a birth center birth last time. I wanted button down shirts so I could breast feed easily.
2bluefish's Avatar 2bluefish 02:37 PM 07-12-2007
I'll wear whatever I feel like at the time. With dd I ended up naked - homebirth waterbirth. With ds I wore the hospital gown (no way in the world would I be naked in a hospital - eeek!) I do think wearing normal but comfortable clothes is good for the psyche.
Libelle's Avatar Libelle 03:36 PM 07-12-2007
If the homebirth works out, I will go with an oversized, longish T-shirt in late labour. I suspect, it will be too cold outside for anything but normal clothes, but inside I could wear one of my stretchy summer dresses until transition or so.

The chemise from Victoria secret looks nice. I could use my baby doll, but I am worried it will stain from something or other.

I agree with pp, that I do not want to be naked in the hospital if I have to go. However, I am planning on only going if there is a complication in which case I won't care about how the hospital gowns look.
Liam's Mum's Avatar Liam's Mum 03:46 PM 07-12-2007
I wore a hospital gown last time, and the whole time I was in the hospital. I'll probably do so again this time -- I have a m/w but am birthing in the hospital. I wouldn't want to be that exposed (well OK, I'll already be way exposed, but having something on top will make me forget that) in a hospital, and anyway, I'd rather wreck someone else's clothes and/or let someone else do the laundry.

Speaking of which, I was so embarrassed last time, DS turned out to be a spitter so went through all the clothes I brought for him at the hospital, and DH sent them home with his sister to be washed. I didn't know until I went looking for my personal dirty laundry bag that he'd also given her my underwear, you know, that I wore immediately afterwards. That was not a pretty sight. Sorry TMI! I apologized profusely to her and told her I had not asked that she wash my underwear! DH!
veganone's Avatar veganone 06:06 PM 07-12-2007
I'm generally uncomfortable without some sort of support on top (bigger boobs that are now ridiculous), so I'm hoping a sleep/nursing bra and probably the hospital gown. I like the idea of a sarong for walking around. I hope to stay home as long as possible; there maybe a t-shirt and a sarong.

I'm very confused about what you do if your water breaks (and is leaking) while you're laboring and want to move around!
durafemina's Avatar durafemina 10:06 PM 07-12-2007
Veganone - just throw on a pair of underwear with a maternity sized pad
2bluefish's Avatar 2bluefish 10:31 PM 07-12-2007
Yup, wear a pad. I've had my water broken for 2 labors - after the initial gushes, it's just light leaking.
GinaRae's Avatar GinaRae 10:47 PM 07-12-2007
I also have very large breasts that are so uncomfortable without support. We had my third son in a hospital that refused to let me wear anything but the gown. Of course, if I'd KNOWN, I would have insisted. But that was a very uncomfortable night for me and I am even bigger now.

So, for this homebirth I will definitely wear something supportive and may or may not slip on a short but wide skirt on the bottom. Don't know yet. Because I will also have a birthing pool, I am definitely not doing a full upper body anything (like the chemise).
marlygf's Avatar marlygf 11:19 PM 07-12-2007
i think those outfits are really cute but I'd hate to stain them. The tank top I wore with both is stained and I just can't imagine wearing something that will end up with blood or other stains on it, especially when they cost that much.
I've never had my water break, so I think those are great ideas
jazzpurr88's Avatar jazzpurr88 02:29 AM 07-13-2007
I wore a gauzy long tye dye dress for early labor when I got to the hospital they gave me a hosp gown and it kept falling off and driving me crazy so I took DH's white undershirt the nurse had a cow but hey I was comfortable and I didn't care if it got stained. The nurse said I needed to be in a gown incase they had to undress me quickly and I said cut the shirt off of me I don't care what happens to it, I am not wearing that gown it is too big and uncomfortable. I wore a button down PJ shirt after I got cleaned up and just covered my legs and stuff with the sheet. It was 2 sizes too big so it covered my butt when I got up to walk and go to the bathroom. I wore DH's black sweat pants and T-shirt I packed for him home since I completly forgot to pack me a going home outfit. I actually lived in the the sweat pants and various button up shirts of DH's for the first 1-2 months after DS was born . I loved those sweats and DH cut them into shorts last summer cause he tore a hole in the knee. HMMMM those would make comfy shorts to wear right now.
2bluefish's Avatar 2bluefish 11:47 AM 07-13-2007
BTW Hydrogen peroxide gets blood stains out of clothing very well, and if you don't leave it on too long, you don't have to worry about it bleaching the clothes.
kleines's Avatar kleines 11:58 AM 07-13-2007
I plan on laboring at home and then birthing at the hospital. At home I will either be nekkid or wearing a long tshirt. I agree w/ Vegan though, I will prob. have some sort of holsters on for the big ens! They are just too huge right now! At the hospital I will wear the gown. I don't mind them at all. They are so soft b/c they have been washed 10 million times! I also like that I won't ruin my own clothes! I would wear one at home if I could, I love the slots for easy boob access!
HeatherB's Avatar HeatherB 10:12 PM 07-14-2007
Last time I labored in some comfy PJs - super soft yoga pants and a nightshirt, for the most part. When I got in the water during transition I wore a black sports bra, and wrapped up in an old robe after that. That's what I ended up birthing in! Of course the ratty robe wasn't exactly my ideal, but I didn't care too much at that moment.

This time, I'm thinking of a comfy nursing bra like the Blue Canoe Janes Plus - I have a couple already but may get a dark colored one "just in case." I could wear one in the tub and switch out when I get out, if I wanted. I'll probably also have good, comfy nightshirts to warm up in, too. Most of mine are either v-neck or button-neck and have been used often for nursing already!
HarperRose's Avatar HarperRose 10:54 PM 07-14-2007
I like the sports bra and sarong idea. I'm totally going for that.

For #1 I was in a hosital gown.
#2 was a big nightgown form walmart
#3 (m/c) was big t-shirt and loose workout shorts

I think I'll go for the sports bra & sarong this time. I like that idea!
Lukas's Mama's Avatar Lukas's Mama 10:57 PM 07-14-2007
I labored and birthed in a blue chemise just like the one from Victoria's secret. It went off when I went into the tub and back on afterward (he was born on the bed). My only gripe about it was that I wasn't naked when they put him on my chest after he was born and to get it off, I had to move baby, sit up and pull it over my head. Something with buttons or a side zip (probably sewn in by me after purchase) or even stretchy straps that would have allowed it to be pulled down would have been better.