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Miny20's Avatar Miny20 03:00 PM 10-10-2007
I'm over being pregnant. Yesterday the baby moved to a butt up in the air position (feet in back)--from the feet to my left side position she's been in since 24 weeks. She's way way down. I can FEEL HER HEAD between my legs! I had had 2 days off from brown show. I had bloody (pink), shiny, egg white like mucous last night before bed. There was so much liquid that I thought my water might have broken.

I watched 2 hours of TV and had tender--almost painful--contractions but I didn't time them because I didn't want them to stop. I'd say they were about 10-12 minutes apart.

I laid down to sleep. I woke up this morning thinking, "OMG! I'm still pregnant. I'm still here. COME ON BABY!"

I'm just done!

On Monday I had another OB (mine was on call) who told me I was 'barely soft' and not dilated at all. When, the week before my OB told me that I was super soft and 'at least 1'.

Ugh. I just want to cry.

I can't go far from home because we have one car and I'll need to go get my husband ASAP from work (it's less than 2 miles away) if my water breaks. I really wanted to drive 90 minutes to get my little sister to watch my daughter if I go into labor (and 90 minutes back). But my husband doesn't think it's a great idea, so I'm stuck not going more than 5 miles from home. I have a feeling that part of why i'm not going into labor is that I am not comfortable with not having a choice between bringing our daughter to the hospital or not. She really wants to be there, but we don't have a support person for her, so I think that's making me nervous.

With a 4 year old being home all day is not much fun--because she's getting sick of being home! Heck, I AM getting sick of being at home.

Dear Baby,

Come out, come out, whereever you are!

Lact-o-Mama's Avatar Lact-o-Mama 03:08 PM 10-10-2007

I went to a complete 42 weeks with ds2, I completly understand.
It's normal for your cervix to change from open to shut during this pre-labor tuning.
Take lots of warm baths and try to relax. Close yourself in for some cuddly movie time with your daughter...your baby will come when she is ready.

FWIW: if your baby's head is so low, the likelihood of your waters breaking spontaneously are pretty rare...they may still, but rarely. Your babes head is like a cork and technically plugging the cervix Just think of it this way, your babe is so low, she won't have that far to travel when the action begins!
DoomaYula's Avatar DoomaYula 05:00 PM 10-10-2007
I'm 40w4d. I sympathize.

Off to go cry/whine/beat my pillows now.
IfMamaAintHappy's Avatar IfMamaAintHappy 06:10 PM 10-10-2007
Im with ya ladies. 40 weeks 2 days. New levels of pregnancy misery I never knew existed. Why I cant efface that last 10 percent and just get ON with it, I ahve no idea. No amount of inserted or oral EPO is helping, not sex, and not tons and tons of walking or anything like it.

Here are some belly pictures for you, of the ginormous baby mansion:
40 week 2 days belly pics
jrayn's Avatar jrayn 09:34 PM 10-10-2007
I'm at 40 weeks 3 days too :
One of my "issues" was somewhat resolved today so who knows, every day I have some excuse as to why I will actually go into labor sometime very soon

I finally after days of sexually harassing dp, got him to have sex with me. I did get some enjoyment out of objectifying him... it wasn't sex for love or enjoyment, just for his.... ahem deposits (call me twisted )

Not that it worked or anything! I unintentionally walked over a mile (long embarrassing story, putting in another thread)

Days ago tried the egg plant meal, drank some tea with herbs that are supposed to cause contractions although not having an issue with making those, but hoping to encourage more!

DD still nurses when going to sleep or needing comfort so I get nipple stimulation.

SERIOUSLY tired of inquiring phone calls!

glendora's Avatar glendora 10:28 PM 10-10-2007
40w 5d.


durafemina's Avatar durafemina 02:23 AM 10-11-2007
40 weeks 5 days too


I keep telling myself that the AVERAGE un-meddled with gestation for a first baby is 41 weeks and 3 days (or something close to that).

Not that it makes the well-meaning inquiries any less annoying!:
DoomaYula's Avatar DoomaYula 02:50 AM 10-11-2007
It kills me that many of our primips have gone EARLY.

Where is the justice in this world?!?!?!?!?