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I went to bed on Saturday night at about 11 pm. At one I started having contractions. I laid in bed until about 4 am, then got up and sat at the computer for a while. At about 4:30 we had a wet bed incident so I tried to change the sheets but a contraction stopped me. I woke Nate to do it. Then, he couldn’t’ go back to sleep. I tried to rest. He tried to rest. The contractions were 7 minutes apart until 8 am—I took a shower to relax a bit, and planned to get Arden to my friend’s house and labor with Nate. The shower made the contractions stop all together.

At about 8:30 on Sunday night my water broke—more like trickled, but it ‘broke’ meaning I had to go to the hospital for antibiotics because of my GBS status. We went to the hospital to check in and were settled by 9 pm. We waited. And waited. And waited. And waited some more—until 16 hours after my water broke to start pitocin. I wasn’t interested in having antibiotics for many more hours (want to avoid thrush and yeast infections). The staff was understanding and told us it was up to us and it’s our baby and we could choose what to do. As per my birth plan they never suggested I had a cervical check—and never did one until I asked them to. We started pitocin just before 1 pm on Monday afternoon.

Around 2:30-3 the contractions started to get pretty strong. I wasn’t able to sit and breathe through them without some kind of movement after that. I spent about half an hour sitting on the bed with my legs spread eagle and kind of rocking forward and backward to deal with the discomfort. Then I had to get into the chair to rock. It didn’t help that the nursing staff was so insistent on me having the monitors attached. At no point during the whole experience did the contractions register—but the baby’s heart beat was sporadic. When they were able to get it, though, it was variable and healthy. So, I wasn’t worried.

I really needed to lean and be supported during the contractions which were coming every 2-3 minutes. I didn’t count them or anything, but I barely had time to ‘collect’ myself between and prepare for the next one. The bed didn’t work. The other table wasn’t good. I couldn’t sit. But the lunch tray thing worked well for me. From about 3:30-5:30 I stood over the lunch tray leaning, rocking, trying to breathe, and moaning. The moaning got louder and louder and more instinctual than deliberate. The nurse was getting really nervous because it didn’t have wheel locks, but I couldn’t deal with any other levels to lean.

At 5:30 I felt a lot of pressure in my butt. A LOT. I tried to go to the bathroom, but couldn’t. I told the nurse and she checked me at about 5:45. I was at 3-4. It was at this point that I lost it. I wasn’t dealing well. I was in A LOT of pain. But Nate stood by me and talked me through each one. He had studied a Bradley Book and a couple of other birth books and kept telling me that I was feeling this way because I was in transition and that’s why I was feeling this way.

I didn’t want him touching me or anything, though. So, he respected that. It didn’t help that between every contraction the nurse was trying to take my blood pressure and get the damned monitor to pick up the heart rate.

I was begging and screaming for drugs. I kept telling Nate there was no way I could go the whole 10 CM if I wasn’t even half way there. At some point I was screaming about how I hated my body for not doing this naturally. I was so pissed off. I begged the nurse to bring back the level of pitocin they were using because it was hurting me SO MUCH and I wasn’t getting any break between contractions. I was sitting on the birthing ball rocking—while the nurse fidgeted with the monitor and the blood pressure cuff. Then she got all snippy with me because I told her to stop TOUCHING ME! Then she says to me, “If you won’t let me monitor you you’re going to have to sign a form!”

So, of course the OB (who I didn’t like—the midwife didn’t come on until 9 pm) comes in and they’re trying to give me a lecture about how if I don’t get monitored they won’t know if there’s anything wrong with the baby. I tried to explain to them that I wasn’t AGAINST the monitors, but they weren’t working and having them poke at me wasn’t working for me either. So they bring in the form and I signed it. My signature was sprawled across most of the paper! I really wish I had had the balls to refuse monitoring before that because it was a total hassle!

They left me alone at that point. But I was screaming and moaning. It was actually very weird to hear myself making these noises without worrying—okay, well I was worrying, because we were right next to the nurse’s station and I was LOUD! But my need to verbalize my experience was bigger than my concern.

At about 6 pm I went into the bathroom and was leaning over the sink moaning. The pain was SO BAD and I was screaming about how she was cutting me in half and there was no way I could possibly do it anymore. But Nate stood strong and reminded me of how important it was to me to do this without drugs. Every time a contraction would hit I would clench my thighs together (like a kid trying not to pee herself) and just cry and moan. Then, I sat down on the toilet and didn’t have any contractions for about 10 minutes. I sat there thinking it had just stopped again and I just felt defeated. Nate was looking at me in the strangest way (he later told me he thought I had just gotten a hold of myself). Then, I had another contraction and stood up at the sink saying, “NO NO NO!” I tried to squat down thinking maybe that might help—then I popped back up stunned.

I could feel something. I walked out toward the bed and TOOK THE TIME to lower the back of it to flat… and I continued to feel ‘it’. I really felt like I was going to poo myself. But, it felt SO BIG. The nurse was there and I said something like, “OH MY GOD! I think she’s coming out!” I also added, “I can’t possibly be needing to go poo.. it feels too big.” Mind you, this was about 25-30 minutes after I was 3 cm.

The nurse screamed something about me getting into the bed. I did get into the bed, on my hands and knees. I heard Nate say something like, “Is that a head?” Then the nurse kept telling me over and over not to push. I couldn’t not push, though. It was not something I could control—it just happened. I was facing away from the nurse and Nate feeling the head come out. I was pushing involuntarily. I heard a lot of commotion as the nurse screamed into the hallway to get a doctor to come, told me at the same time to roll over on my back (NO WAY IN HELL!), and tell me over and over not to push. But the baby came.

I heard crying. Nate said, “Oh, she’s so cute!”

The nurse said, “Get me a clamp!”

I said, “NO! Don’t clamp the cord!”

Apparently the doctor they got from the hall was the pediatrician on call. He also told the nurse not to clamp the cord. I listened for about 5 minutes while they all watched the cord stop pulsing. But none of these nurses or the pediatrician was sure what to do about my current position. I was so tired and relieved from having the pain stop that I didn’t even care that much that I couldn’t see the baby.

The OB came in just in time to catch the placenta. Then she checked me—not so much as a skid mark from having a baby come out. I felt fine from the get-go. They did let the pitocin continue—which I wasn’t happy about but didn’t have the energy to insist they take it off. I was so happy to have had the baby before they started a 5th bag of antibiotics, though!

Once they covered the wet, bloody sheets, they gave me the baby who was lightly wrapped in a blanket—still covered in everything. She spent an hour at the breast while I admired her. She was so alert and sweet. If I didn’t know my exact date of conception I wouldn’t believe she was 41 weeks!

India Louise
Born at 6:25 PM 10-15-07
18.5 inches
6 lbs 10 ounce

She isn’t skinny or anything. She’s filled out quite nicely and has plump little cheeks. She’s just got my stature—short! It’s very funny because we have one child who is tall and blond (was completely bald at birth), but this one is short and has a head full of dark brown hair!

I know it wasn’t the kind of earthy, calm, wonderful birthing experience that I had imagined for myself. I held off on the pitocin as long as possible. I could have lived without the tubes and IV cart. But, I did get my drug free birth—on a strong pit drip, mind you! But, it was super fast and I did avoid whole debacle of having doctors and nurses yell at me to PUSH PUSH PUSH. In fact, I was the talk of the whole maternity ward because no one does drug free there. Not to mention that whole thing with having a nurse ‘deliver’ the baby!
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Congratulations! Welcome baby!

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congrats! way to go on drug free!
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India Love the name

way to go mamma doing it drug free. enjoy babymoon!
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Congrats!! You did awesome Mama!!!!

:CLC,Doula :Mama to 2
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Awesome job Mama!

Welcome India!!

Wife to Thomas, WAH mama to Sofia Rose 8/04, Ellen Marie 10/07, her twin sister Amalie Joy lost 7/07 , and Maya Grace and Hannah Miriam 4/10
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It's pretty awesome that you got your way but how lame that you had to go through labor yelling at the staff, hospitals suck. Good job standing up for yourself and congratulations on your new little one!

Banana, doula wife to Papa Banana and mother to Banana One, Banana Two, Banana Three, Banana Four...

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Congratulations! You are one strong mama to make it through all that, with the staff pressuring you and the pit.

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Congratulations Miny! Welcome India!
Enjoy your babymoon. I posted in announcements.
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Congratulations! Happy Birthday baby India! Well done Mama
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