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Stayseeliz's Avatar Stayseeliz 01:32 PM 11-05-2007
I feel like the worst mother in the world right now. I know I'm tired and hormonal but my older children are driving me crazy.

They want to be on me and the baby ALL THE TIME. I was nursing yesterday and my huge 50lb 6yo tried to climb up in my lap to see the baby. They're constantly prodding and poking her and waking her up and it's driving me nuts. We were in the car Saturday and my 3yo kept saying "Mama mama mama mama mama mama mama mama" over and over again and when I'd answer she'd say "Oh I forgot!" :

I KNOW it's just a time of adjustment for everyone and the baby is taking up a lot of my attention right now but I'm going bonkers here. Tell me I'm not alone!!

kleines's Avatar kleines 02:04 PM 11-05-2007
I'm going a little insane too. My 2.5 yo is just testing the hell out of me. I am hormonal and just emotional. It doesn't help that all the family is spoiling the crap out of him. Junk food, toys, etc. I am about to freak out. He is acting like a monster. I made a PSA to them all today and said NO MORE. DH has gone back to work and I can't deal with this behaviour.

I hope I can get used to this being a mom of two so we can get out of the house on our own soon. going stir crazy!
pbjmom1029's Avatar pbjmom1029 03:04 PM 11-05-2007
my 10 and 13 yr old are doing the same thing! lol
the joy of mine being older is that when they do that (hoovering and suffocating) I can tell them that the consequence is that they have to do a diaper change for me - lets just say they are very adept at diaper changing (I am using fuzzi bunz so at least they now realize cloth diapering can be easy )
ladybugamber's Avatar ladybugamber 05:01 PM 11-05-2007
Your not alone!!! My 16 month old is also driving me bonkers!! He doesn't understand that I can't play with him ALL the time... and therefor he is whinny... and I'm going nuts!!! I'm hoping this gets better soon!!! Otherwise I'm gonna be locked up in the looney house!!!
Dena's Avatar Dena 06:38 PM 11-05-2007
Oh, you are SO not alone. I was ready to sell my oldest and dh today. Seriously. She decided she was afraid of the dark and that there were monsters in her room. Therefore, she could no longer sleep alone this morning. Instead, she wanted dh to sleep with her, which he couldn't do, as he was getting ready for work. I suggested she come into the big bed with Ellen and I, but that wouldn't help. Only having papa in with her would solve the problem - which of course signalled to me that it had nothing to do with fear and everything to do with getting attention. So, she sat in bed and wailed for dh for half an hour before I finally snapped. Then I was the one who got reamed by dh for snapping, because she is "three and afraid of the dark." Uh huh. Oh, and apparently I was supposed to get up with her in the first place because him stopping to deal with her made him late for work. Guess just stopping in the bedroom to see if I was awake and asking me to take over was too much for him to handle. So basically the two week old was my most mature kid this morning. :

So, yeah, I feel like a pretty terrible mom too. Not to mention an awful wife, as I have been informed that I am doing a bad job at both.
jrayn's Avatar jrayn 12:01 PM 11-06-2007
to everyone

my dd is making me insane, mostly in the evening, and to add to that dd2 doesn't seem to sleep the way newborns are supposed to (fm my memory at least) the worst time is when she is up from 6p-11p, which coincides w/ dd1's "witching hour" AND she cries a lot, I have to hold her just right (she has to lay on her belly over the length of my arm, w/ my hand under her belly, head resting in the crook of my arm, not so cuddly in this position and no mei tai for me!!!!! : thus impossible to get anything done!!!!!!!! she also has to change positions constantly.....)
dd1 practicallytrashes the house, refuses to clean after herself, runs and runs wrecklessly, jumping on furniture/the bed, she has actually attempted hanging from blinds, and once even got a hold of the forbidden blind cord which usually is waaaay out of her reach and she was trying to do the tarzan w/ it!!!!! The things she comes up w/ sometimes! She took the books we keep in our room for her which must be around 50 and started piling them up, then she took her crayon box (lots and lots of crayons) and DUMPED THEM on the book pile, come to find out there were a bunch of beads that were in the crayon box, while she was doing this I was TRYING to get dd2 to calm down from crying for a while, didn't realize what she was doing, when I checked I about vomited from the mess, I asked her what she was doing.... she was cooking......
And at this time of the evening my body and mind are tired/in pain and in need of relaxation, but Hypatia is begging to play, no giving up for her!
My anger is so hard to control, me and dp have....... issues, I confront him, and he will go next door instead of allowing me to communicate my problems w/ him, so then I'm VERY VERY furious, that is a horrible combination, she ends up getting yelled at for something relatively silly, then I feel super guilty, and that makes me even more angry at dp, if he comes home when I feel like that I explode on him, that makes me and his situation even worse sometimes, so my new focus is figuring out how to control my temper (HA!)
DoomaYula's Avatar DoomaYula 01:41 PM 11-06-2007
Group hug.

My other children are definitely testing me -- they know that if I'm nursing on the couch I have no interest in getting up to deal with their misbehavior, so they've gotten away with a lot. UGH.
cherubess's Avatar cherubess 10:13 PM 11-06-2007
same here with my 28 month old.

As well as repeating everything that he says like 50 times over even after I acknowledge what he has said, the volume level is at maximum right in the baby's ear.

If I'm feeding DD, then DS comes up and kisses her which is nice but then he bends her arm or legs back to a point where it just doesn't bend.
Aeress's Avatar Aeress 11:58 PM 11-06-2007
I'll admit to you ladies that after having my oldest home with me and planning to homeschool her, we have decided to send her to kindy afterall. She seems to need so much more than what I can give her right now. My middle child is doing well and would benefit from some non sister time as older sister can be very dominating.

She is excited about going to school and is totally fine with it.

But yes, Bella is driving me nuts right now. She is hyper, loud and in my face all day. *ugh*
Dena's Avatar Dena 02:23 AM 11-07-2007
Originally Posted by cherubess View Post
As well as repeating everything that he says like 50 times over even after I acknowledge what he has said, the volume level is at maximum right in the baby's ear.
OK, what is it with that? Sofia started this awhile ago and it just seems to be getting worse. The repetition, coupled with her asking questions that I know she knows the answers to, are making me turn grey at a much faster pace than before. And I swear that the volume has gone up in the last two weeks.
motherearthdancer's Avatar motherearthdancer 02:26 AM 11-07-2007
Oh, I am soooo glad to hear that I am not alone in this. My almost 3 year old climbs all over me, and although I sometimes allow tandem nursing sessions, he wiggles so much that I think he's going to fall on the baby or rip my nip off! I am trying my hardest to give him attention as well, but failing miserably at it. I sling the baby as much as I can, but I confess there are times when I just want to put him down and just paint with my 3 year old.

Brodie loves his little brother, he just doesn't understand. He says, "I wanna hold him" all the time. And I do let him hold the baby for a few mintues, but he asks when the baby is asleep, and then he always wakes him up, "Wake up, Turner, Wake up" and I freak out saying, "No....let him sleep." And I have to sling him or put him in our bassinet (which we only own so I can set him down for a second without worrying about what Brodie is going to do to him) otherwise I chance coming back from the bathroom and finding him wrapped in our extra large/flat throw pillows! I never thought I'd find myself saying, "Don't wrap your brother in a pillow. Thats not safe" to my 3 year old. Even when I put him in the bassinet, Brodie has been known to take him out, so I rarely do because he carries the baby like he carries the cat (and the cat doesn't like it either)

So basically while I'm trying to be a "good" mommy, I sometimes feel like I'm failing miserably. I'm subing to this thread. I could use the support as well.