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(warning - video of an infant coughing violently) http://www.pertussis.com/see.html

This is EXACTLY how my 5 wk old ds Daniel has been coughing for the past couple 3 1/2 weeks (hourly) and very similar to how dh and I have been coughing (as adults we are a little better adept at clearing the mucus than he is so it doesn't sound exactly like this) - Darn I wish I had seen this sooner !!! ~sigh~ I had never heard it before and had no idea what the "whoop" in whooping cough sounded like - we had taken ds into the dr twice during the past month so they could listen to his chest (always clear) but they hadn't heard the whoop either.

On Monday we spent 3 hrs at the drs office and the diagnosis was mild pertussis (whooping cough) - they drew blood to get the diagnosis and his white cell count was elevated - thankfully it is a mild case

I had thought about recording his cough to show you guys so you could help me figure out what was going on (see if anyone had heard this cough before) but never did because I was always caught up in supporting Daniel (literally and physically) - if you ever hear a newborn/young infant or unvaxed child coughing this way (or an adult whose vax has worn out) tell them to get to the dr quick as it may not be just a cold or virus!!! In Daniel's case (under 1 mo old until this past weekend) there wasn't much they could do for him except for hospitalization and we (us and the dr) were avoiding that because he wasn't turning blue while coughing and things were managable at home (a much better place to be imo )- I guess I wish I had known this was what he/we had so dh and I could have been treated earlier. We have been doing saline drops and steam tents (and sitting with him in the steamy bathroom while nursing or when anyone is showering) for the past 2 wks. Ds is now on erythromycin and dh and I are on a Z-pack. I don't want to know how many people we may have unknowingly infected over the past few weeks : We honestly just thought it was a cold gone bad (no fever, just a lingering productive cough, not something potentially life threatening like pertussis

this morning Daniel has coughed up two large (1/4 cup sized - big enough for my jaw to drop) "slimy balls" of mucus which is promising to me (he has not done this before - usually it is just liquid/milky slightly mucus tinged fluid he is coughing up)

I so want this to be over!!! I am supposed to go back to work in less than 3 wks (working from home the week of thanksgiving then going back in the field the following week) - I want us to be able to sleep without worrying about him constantly and for him to get restful sleep for long stretches (the very longest he has gone is about 1 1/2 hrs between coughing fits which wake him up). I was SO hoping that by now we could have a routine (flexible one ) in place by the time I went back to work - not possible with this illness though - ugh

dh's depression has come back strong with this lack of sleep we both have (caused by normal newborn sleep patterns as well as our coughing fits)- I admire him for plugging along and going to work day in and out despite his exhaustion and coughing - he feels like "nothing is good in his life" - sigh - depressions SUCKS!!!!

thanks for listening to me this morning- dh isn't much interested in wanting to me babble on about this stuff right now - he is frustrated with life in general and is jealous that I get to stay home with the baby right now while he has to go to work (for 7 *whole* wks post partum)
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**lurker from december**

I'm sorry that you and your little one have to deal with this... I have had whooping cough and it is no fun! I coughed so hard I constantly threw up and my stomach muscles ached for weeks afterwards.

Just as a fun aside - did you know that whooping cough is the same as kennel cough that dogs get? It isn't contagious between the two - kids can't get kennel cough from dogs or vice versa - but I did enough telling my friends that I had kennel cough!

Mama to E (12/07) and M (01/11). homebirth.jpg
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Oh Jamie, that's so terrible that you have to deal with this! Luckily you've caught the illness before it became too serious, and hopefully you, your DH, and your son will make a complete recovery.

knit.gifWife to Ageek.gif since 7-7-2006, Mother to Mnocirc.gif since 11-23-2007ribboncesarean.gif, and N slinggirl.gifborn on 4-9-2010vbac.gif
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praying for patience, endurance, strength, and a quick and complete recovery!
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I hope you and your entire family feel better soon.
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Oh, mama, I'm so sorry you're all going through this! I hope you will all be feeling better soon! So glad you did find out what it is, though, so you can get treatment.

HeatherB ~ mama to 3 wonderful boys:  reading.gif 03/02; modifiedartist.gif09/04; sleepytime.gif 09/07 - and Eliana, babygirl.gif 11/13/10!  
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Originally Posted by pbjmom1029 View Post
if you ever hear a newborn/young infant or unvaxed child coughing this way (or an adult whose vax has worn out) tell them to get to the dr quick as it may not be just a cold or virus!!!
Vaccinated children get it too. Everyone in our household got pertussis recently, and the worst affected was actually my 2 year old who has had the DTaP series.
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what a lousy way to spend your babymoon, Jamie, and I am so sorry you have to go through this! I hope you feel better soon and that you are able to encourage your dh our of his depression. that has to be a tough one for you to have to be the strong one when you probably want the reassurance yourself that everything will be alright....:
Praying that this ends quickly for you and that your family's health goes back to normal soon, sleep and all....
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That sounds awful! So sorry you guys are dealing with this right now. I wish for a speedy recovery for you all.
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orngbiggrin.gif mom of three with stork-suprise.gif on the way

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