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Finally! It's a long one!

It started off Thursday 11/1 when I took some blue and black cohosh. I did 1 dropperful an hour, alternating between the 2, for 8 hours. I was supposed to repeat again the next day.. Thursday I didn't feel any change.

Friday 11/2 I woke up around 2:30am and I was really crampy and then the pressure waves started soon after. Around 8:30 they started coming every 3 minutes apart. I did end up calling my doula to let her know what was going on. I told her I'd call her back when I really needed her though. I went about the house and ate and got my bedroom straightened up... I threw up, took a shower, threw up again... Around 10:30 my doula called and dh answered the phone because I was throwing up and when he told her I was throwing up she said she'd be right over. After he hung up with her I said that was fine but I still don't think I need the extra help just yet.
Somewhere in there I called my midwife just to let her know what was going on. I told her I didn't think it was time for her to come just yet but I wanted to give her the heads up.
My doula got here between 11 and 11:30 I think and the first thing she wanted to do was start making some soup. Ok by me. I was getting hungry anyway. So she stayed in the kitchen making soup and I decided to lay down and take a nap. DH took Nathan and went to pick up Maddie from school. I took a pretty good nap and woke up during the pressure waves but I did notice they started spacing a little bit.
When I got up I went into the kitchen where my doula was and had a bowl of yummy lentil soup. My midwife called back around this time (1pm-ish) and asked how things were going. I told her that the waves had spaced a little since the nap and that they were now anywhere from 3-7 minutes apart. She told me I could take more blue and black cohosh to get them regular again and to call her back when I needed her.
So I started taking the cohoshes again just as I had the day before. Then we went for a walk in the neighborhood. It was a nice day and we enjoyed the sun and the breeze.
Sometimes I had to stop for the pressure waves, others I didn't.
When we got back to the house we mostly hung out and when I would have a wave I would just use my hypnosis to relax. Things seemed to be moving along outwardly, but I didn't feel like I was really making any progress with the labor. Waves did eventually get to be every 2 minutes apart and I was vocalizing with them but I still didn't feel the need to call my midwife yet. I didn't think it was time. I could tell this was making my doula nervous. She kept asking when I was going to call. I just kept saying that it's not time.
Around 5:30-ish my doula convinced me to call the midwife to let her know what was going on. I called and told her they were every 2 minutes apart but I still didn't feel like it was time for her to come. Then a pressure wave started so I quickly threw the phone to my doula. During my waves I had been moaning the word "Peace", which is a Hypnobabies cue, so that's what I did once again. My midwfe asked the doula if that was me and doula said "Yeah, I think you should come". I heard this but didn't say anything since I was in the middle of a wave and before it was done she hung up the phone. She said "Evelyn heard you and is coming now". UGH. I didn't think it was time yet!!
At this point I got on my ball and was swaying around in the kitchen. Waves were still every 2 minutes apart and lasting a little over a minute long. My doula then said that she thought we should do something to slow it down so the midwife would make it on time. What? I said there was no reason to slow anything down because I didn't think things were really moving that far along at that point. So I just kept doing my thing on the ball.
The midwives arrived around 6:30 and I took one look at them and thought that it was too soon for them to be here and I began to notice the waves weren't 2 minutes apart anymore.
They set up all their equipment and wanted to check my vitals and check the baby so we did that. We took my temp. and it was 100.6. She wasn't too happy about that. Then we listened to baby. He was tachycardic. WTF? So she told me she wanted to check my cervix. I just had this feeling that I hadn't made any progress from the day before.
Sure enough, I was only 1-2cm and still very posterior. I freaked out!
So then she started asking questions about why I would have a fever..etc...
She said she wanted me to drink, drink, drink and rest for an hour and then she would check my temp and the baby again in an hour. If my temp was still high and baby was still tachycardic then we would have to go to the hospital. OMG, I was devasated.
So everyone left Jim and I alone and I cried and we talked about what was going on. Pressure waves spaced WAAAY out during this time. I'm not sure how far apart they were. Jim made me feel better and said everything would be fine and that we weren't going to have to go anywhere. I told him that I just wanted everyone to leave and leave me alone. He had some questions for the midwife so he called her into the room and asked about the tachycardia and asked about the cohoshes. I told her that I didn't want to take the cohosh anymore and she thought that was a good idea.
After the hour was up she came back in and my temp was normal and baby sounded fine, too. Since the waves had spaced way far apart and my cervix wasn't changing we decided that it would be a good idea that everyone go home and I get some rest. She told me to drink a little wine to relax, but I didn't have any so I took some Benadryl, ate a little and went to bed. I was able to sleep well through the night with no pressure waves and I just got up to pee as usual.

Around 7am on 11/3 I started having pressure waves again. They were pretty strong and I had to concentrate through them as soon as they began. I went about my day as usual around the house. When I would have a wave I would use my Hypnobabies cues and say to myself "Release" and then "Peace" during the rest of the wave. I was all over the place that day. On the ball, in the shower, walking the halls, eating, hands and knees, etc... Waves never got closer than 4 minutes apart the whole day and I didn't feel it was time to call anyone, even for a heads up. I didn't want a repeat of the day before.
Bedtime came and I was still having strong pressure waves, still no closer than every 4 minutes. I was tired and wanted to sleep so I tried to "tell" the waves to space out so I could sleep. I put on the Hypnobabies Birth Guide CD and went to bed. Waves spaced a little to 7-8 minutes apart. When I would have a wave I shot right up out of bed because I just couldn't relax while having them laying down. This is what I did for the rest of the night. Somewhere in there I ate something, too.
Around 6 or 7am waves started getting about 4 mins apart again and dh started asking when I was going to call the midwife. I told him I would call when I was ready. I was still waiting for the waves to get closer together and I wanted to see some bloody show before I called. When I went to the bathroom after this I had a TON of mucous that was pink tinged with some darker streaks in it. I was happy to see it.
I ate some breakfast and dh had to start reminding me to use my hypnosis. There were a couple of times that I forgot or a wave would take me by surprise a those were really hard.
Around 9am (I think) I started feeling like I wanted to call my midwife. I even tried to fight that feeling and tell myself it was still too early but in my head I was screaming at myself to call! When I finally called her I told her waves were still only 4 minutes apart but I really felt something telling me to call her and I would like her to come check me. I started having a wave and tossed the phone to dh. I didn't have a chance to use my release cue and I was REALLY loud during this wave. Evelyn told dh she'd be right over.
I'm not sure what time she got here (10:30 or 11??) but as soon as she did I asked her to check me. She checked me and I was 6-7 and baby was -1. Thank goodness!! I started crying because I was so happy that I would finally be having the baby today.
She started getting her things out of her bag and setting up her equipment. I kept doing my thing during my waves. I would relax on the ball and this seemed to be my favorite spot. Casey, E's birth assistant, arrived a little while later and she got into the birthing groove with me. She would massage my back and feet during my waves and it felt so good. She braided my hair for me and that was nice, too. Things were moving slowly, but surely. I started feeling a slight urge to push at the peak of my waves. E wanted me to sit on the toilet around this time and it only made the urge worse. It was hard for me to relax and not try to push at the same time. We went back to my bed and E checked me again and I was 8 and baby was low, that's why I was feeling the urge to push. She also noted that the baby's head was transverse and that's probably why things weren't moving quicker. E had me get up and lunge to try and turn his head. Then we decided to walk outside on the sidewalk. When I would walk I would make these huge lunge-like steps. C and E were on either side of me and we were all arm in arm walking these huge silly looking steps. When I would have a wave I would squat with C behind me and E in front of me. We made it to the top of the street and the urge to push was now too much. Waves got closer and each time I had a wave I would grunt with the peak and then say "I'm not doing it, I'm not pushing" because my body was doing the pushing and I couldn't stop it. This was the only time that I started to freak a little because I thought the baby would be born outside in the cold on the sidewalk. In between waves we walked as fast as we could back to the house, which was not easy for me to do. I had 3 or 4 more waves on the sidewalk and I tried so hard not tp push but I couldn't help it. A couple of neighbors came out and asked if everything was alright and E said yes, she's just having a baby
When we got back to the house I peeled all my clothes off and ran for my bed. I got there just as another wave started and I got on my hands and knees and started pushing. E could see his head right there! Dh came in and was shocked to see the baby head already. He went to get dd because she wanted to be there for the birth but when she saw things in real life she didn't want to be there anymore.
So I continued pushing with each wave (which had spaced out to 5 mins again) and each time he moved down further and further. His head was easy to get out but his body was difficult. I got him halfway out and then I couldn't push hard enough anymore. I had to rest and even E couldn't just pull him out (he was at his waist down). I finally got the strength and gave one huge final push and he was out at 5:34pm on 11/4. He was stunned and didn't cry or move at first but his heartrate and color were good. We rubbed him and talked to him and he got some O2 and then he finally cried a little. He stayed attached to the cord for awhile and then dh cut it and I tried to nurse him. He wanted to suck but I couldn't get him latched so we just let him hang out for a bit.
A little while later he did get latched on and has been nursing almost non stop ever since!
Zachary Michael weighed 9lbs 12oz and was 22.25 in. long the day he was born. He came out such a chunky guy! I had a very small tear that didn't require stitches.

Thanks for reading this if you made it this far!!

Noelia- mama to 4
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Congrats!! Sounds like you did a great job!!

Me : DD 5/05: DS1 7/06 : DS2 11/07: DS3 3/10
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wow! glad you made it back to the house in time, though it sounds like he has a bit of insulation, lol!
congrats on your sweet little one's arrival!
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that was a great story. congrats and thanks for sharing it!

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Oh Noelia! Congrats!!! I didn't know that you were expecting Woohoo! What an amazing birth story. We wish you all the best!

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