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ladybugamber 12-01-2007 10:59 AM

So DS is almost 8 weeks ... and Monday (he was 7 weeks 1 day) ROLLED OVER!!! :

He's done it 3 times since then... so my first response that maybe it wasn't really rolling over doesn't stand now... When he did it the 2nd time I ran to my older son's baby book and loooked for when HE rolled over.. he was 14 weeks!!!

DS is so little and he looks soooo cute trying his best to roll back onto his back!! Now I'm just REALLY watching him in his crib... (he sleeps on his tummy)

so yeah.. I'm pretty excited that we have already reached some milestones... smiling... laughing... and now rolling over...I can't believe he's already growing up so fast!!

IfMamaAintHappy 12-01-2007 05:31 PM

Jackson did that for the first time yesterday. Blew my mind! He had been rolling over on the bed the last few mornings after waking up. He did it on the floor yesterday. Way earlier than my girls.

They can do tricks! Crazy isnt it?!

tonimk19 12-02-2007 07:01 PM

It's possible. At dd's check up on Tues, her Dr said he has a newborn that rolled over both ways (front to back and back to front) at one day old! he said he woudln't have beleived it if he didn't see it but he did. He said that babe is so lucky to be alive with all that tumbling around, he's lucky he didn't get caught in his UC.

DD can roll from her belly to her back if she wants to. She's done it about 5 times since she was 5 wks 1 day. I'd rather her stay still for just a wee bit longer!

ashleyhaugh 12-03-2007 04:20 PM

exciting! i think tristan is getting read to roll too

kleines 12-03-2007 07:40 PM

Willy is rolling too! He did one time last week and I figured it was a fluke. Today he did two times and it was clearly on purpose. He is 7 weeks on Wednesday. Fun times when they start pulling out the tricks!

glendora 12-04-2007 02:31 PM

Mine has been rolling from tummy to back since 5 weeks--but only if he's put down in a particular way, up on his elbows. The first time he managed it really surprised me, though.

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