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November 2007 > November 2007 EDD/Sex Thread YAY ITS A STICKY! :)
yogachick79's Avatar yogachick79 03:24 PM 04-04-2007
I am so sorry about your loss Emily

Would you guys update me on the list?
Carrie due 11/9 with #3

bloomingmomma's Avatar bloomingmomma 03:34 AM 04-05-2007
oops! I'm on the list twice.
De-lovely's Avatar De-lovely 08:59 AM 04-05-2007
BIG BIG hugs to you gentle with yourself.

I fixed everything thus far.
maisiedotes's Avatar maisiedotes 12:35 PM 04-05-2007
Would you add me too please? EDD 11/27. Thanks!
lisalulu's Avatar lisalulu 05:12 PM 04-05-2007
Could you please add me? edd 11/14
EmilyAnn86's Avatar EmilyAnn86 03:18 PM 04-07-2007
Can you add me to the list? I am due November 18.

De-lovely's Avatar De-lovely 11:02 AM 04-09-2007
Got all of you added....
sandiegokristi's Avatar sandiegokristi 07:31 PM 04-10-2007
Hi, can you please add me? My due date is 11/11. Thank you!
De-lovely's Avatar De-lovely 10:54 PM 04-11-2007
WOW! There are a lot of us!
sandiegokristi's Avatar sandiegokristi 12:02 AM 04-14-2007
My due date has changed to November 9th. If you get a chance, could you please change my due date for me? It was previously November 11th.
Thank you!
De-lovely's Avatar De-lovely 11:05 AM 04-14-2007
amberchan's Avatar amberchan 05:39 PM 04-16-2007
Coming in a little late, but can you add me too? EDD 11/22. Thanks!

De-lovely's Avatar De-lovely 09:46 PM 04-16-2007
Originally Posted by amberchan View Post
Coming in a little late, but can you add me too? EDD 11/22. Thanks!


BF124497's Avatar BF124497 06:37 PM 04-19-2007
Another late arrival. Can you add me too?

EDD 11/19, baby #1

pixiesmommy's Avatar pixiesmommy 03:09 AM 04-20-2007
Hey, there are only 2 of us with EDD of Nov 13th. How very interesting....

Yep, mine is Nov 13th and we don't plan to find out gender til it pops out and waggles (or not!) Tee hee!

bloomingmomma's Avatar bloomingmomma 04:54 PM 04-23-2007
Sorry to split hairs, but really we'll be finging out the sex, and not the gender of our babies. Sex refers to their anatomical organs. Gender is a societal construct/personal choice- not determined my biology. Would you consider changing the title to say "sex" rather than "gender"? Thanks!
FiberLover's Avatar FiberLover 02:35 PM 04-24-2007
Please take me off the list.

I had sad news yesterday.

De-lovely's Avatar De-lovely 05:27 PM 04-24-2007
Originally Posted by FiberLover View Post
Please take me off the list.

I had sad news yesterday.


Oh NO! I am so so sorry mama! Peace and healing....
rubyruby's Avatar rubyruby 07:19 PM 04-24-2007
Hi! I'm new around here. Can I be added to the list?

Betsy, due 11/17 with #2
YankeeMomInVA's Avatar YankeeMomInVA 08:29 PM 04-24-2007
I wanted to wait until I had my u/s and everything came up okay....
But here I am...

EDD 11/20

Thanks for adding me!
bloomingmomma's Avatar bloomingmomma 05:58 PM 04-25-2007
Thanks, De-lovely for changing the name of the thread!
Bonawich's Avatar Bonawich 08:17 PM 04-25-2007
Could you please change my due date from the 6th to the 2nd - the ultrasound showed the 2nd and my midwives agreed! Thanks!
maclolo's Avatar maclolo 12:41 AM 04-26-2007
Hello! May I be added? My name is Anya and my EDD is the 15th! thanks!
De-lovely's Avatar De-lovely 02:15 PM 04-26-2007
All has been updated!
wwisdomskr's Avatar wwisdomskr 07:22 PM 04-29-2007
Would you please add me? My due date (while I don't really believe in such things! ) is 11/25/07

Don't know why I felt the need to put the year! ha!

I'm not sure if we'll have an ultrasound or not. Based on the time of bd and ovulation...and our track record...this will probably be another girl!

My rl name is Jessica.

Thank you!!!
De-lovely's Avatar De-lovely 12:44 PM 04-30-2007
Everyone has been added!

Mercy this is a HUGE DDC!
goodgolly13's Avatar goodgolly13 05:24 PM 05-01-2007
Hi- I'm new and due 11/25

pixiesmommy's Avatar pixiesmommy 05:28 PM 05-01-2007
I count 94, but I counted quickly WOW!!

Thanks for adding me in color!!!!
melissakc's Avatar melissakc 03:33 PM 05-07-2007
Can you please add me? I'm new so let me know if I'm supposed to do something else. I'm due 11/19. Yay!
melissakc's Avatar melissakc 03:35 PM 05-07-2007
Can you please add me? I'm due 11/19. Yay! Thanks.
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