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Originally Posted by MamaHippo View Post
-to my beloved DH: I know I am slow, fat and not much fun. But you could at least pretend to enjoy my company half as much as you enjoy drowning yourself in World of Warcraft.
Ah! Another WoW Widdow! That vile game is the reason I didn't get any for over a month and the house was a wreck. Sure, blame it on the two year old you say you were watching... Kinda hard to watch a kid when your back is turned and you're sucked into a stupid game. Oh, and maybe you wouldn't be so tired if you'd get up and moved around once or twice a day besides going to the bathroom and getting the boy child on and off the bus. Never mind I was at work all dang day and you still expect me to fix dinner and "do equal share of housework" when you sit around playing every waking hour.

I guess I wasn't done... That wasn't directed at you, MamaHippo. And after all I did skip DH in my other post. At least DH has a job now and I have the computer with WoW on it even if he is 5 states/1200 miles away. At least my house stays clean even if it is still cluttered.

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DD- (23 months old) I am not a trampoline. Quit jumping on me. It hurts and its not funny. Please refrain from smearing sliced cheese all over the floor I just mopped. Please do not continue to pull down every book and dvd from the shelves and leave them on the floor. It hurts to bend over to pick them all up again. And please, quit yelling "MESS!!!" every time you make a mess and demand I pick it up immediately. I know you have an issue with messes, but either don't make them or clean them up yourself. I will be happy to help you. Please leave my boobs alone. You had no interest in them as a baby and I had to EP for you. I know they have colostrum in them now, and they smell good. Please quit demanding that I "open" them up so you can drink the milk. They are not like cartons of milk. They do not open. Please stop kicking me in bed. It hurts.

DH- Please stop throwing towels and clothing on the floor. It hurts to pick them up. Please put things back where they belong when you are finished with them. Please put dirty dishes in the sink, and garbage in the garbage. If we are in a hurry to go somewhere, and you see me cleaning up the dinner mess, don't ask me how much time I need. Jump in and help. I won't bite. Thats all I ask. You are a perfect and wonderful dh and father otherwise!!!

My back, hips, groin and knees- Please quit hurting me. You make it very difficult to pick up after my dd and my dh. It is painful to get through a shift at work when you ache. Atleast stop hurting so I can sleep at night. You can hurt the rest of the time if you want.

Co-workers- Please quit treating me like I am not able to do anything b/c I am pregnant. I do not need to take the patients closest to the nurses station so I don't have to walk far. You all see me walking several miles each day and comment about it. A few extra foot steps at work isn't going to hurt me. Or is it your excuse to not have to take care of the sick and annoyingly confused patients that no one wants to deal with?
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: You all are so funny! I can totally see my own sarcasm in many of the posts.

Kerri, mom to Doran  angel2.gif  (born still 7/6/05 at 33 weeks), Mairaed (11/16/07),  angel1.gif 11/15/08 at 10 weeks,  Kieran (11/2/09).   angel1.gif 1/11/11 at 15 weeks
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Body, why are you failing me now? I was able to get around with minimal pain and discomfort in the last weeks with James, why can't I do that now? My hip feels like it's about to pop out of socket, when I stand or walk I feel like someone is repeatedly kicking me in the crotch and now my fingers have taken to falling asleep constantly. STOP IT!!! Just function normally for a few more weeks then this whole ordeal will be over, okay?

DH, could you PLEASE bend over and pick up the 18 books/cars/toys James drug out rather than stepping over them? Unlike me you still have the ability to bend at the waist. Picking up the floor for me requires sitting on the floor and crawling to and frow and then crawling to something to help hoist my 9 month pregnant self up. Not fun. PLEASE!!!! I promise, this pregnancy is almost over, you can go back to doing absolutely nothing around the house in just a few short weeks...but for now could you help out just a little?

DS, When I ask you to please put your toys away that is not an invitation for you to say "No, you do it!" and then whine and try to push me toward Mount Toy-More in an effort to make me pick up your toys. You're almost 3 years old, you drug the toys out, YOU can put them back in the toy box. It's NOT that difficult.

Renae wife to J :, Mama to 4.5y/o J-bird and 2y/o A : and E coming in late Dec/Early Jan. My husband had a living donor kidney transplant! :
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Husband, do no vex me with your sighing and hurrumphing because you need to leave work early for our CPR class tonight. I also need to leave work early. And I need to remember where the class is, what time it starts, arrange child care, and go pick up our tiny child afterwards. You are not the only person going through a crunch at work.

And PLEASE do not say, "Don't get pissy! I'm not getting pissy!" because you most certainly are very (silently) pissy.

Cat, get your ASS out of my face and your face out of my breakfast.
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I have hot flashes.

I can't get most of my maternity pants over my thighs.

People think I am huge--and tell me so.

I can't move without awful pain in my groin.

Every muscle in body is sore.

I could still have 8 weeks to go--worst case scenerio.

x2 11-07 and 12-09
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Originally Posted by monocyte View Post
hospital paper work that was due 20 weeks ask some great questions that I cannot take seriously tonight. Like what do I do when I am in pain - tonights answer was bitch at my DH. And now its in pen...and I'm sending it in.
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Clueless Supervisor: Why can't you actually listen to what I tell you? I know I told you that DH got a job 1200 miles away and would be moving. Don't act like it's some big surprise when I ask when we're posting for a replacement and what you want me to put together so we can continue the programs we already have in place. And no kidding that another peer counselor would mean a cut in my hours. What part of my husband has a job now was not clear?

Oh, and Body... can we not throw up bananas and my meds ever again? I hope this vomiting thing is done for the day because I'm giving you Japanese later and rice is no fun the second time around.

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Originally Posted by maisiedotes View Post
does my charming husband have a lady on the side???? Seriously, DH will actually leave his stupid beer can on the counter TWO FEET from the sink instead of rinsing it and putting it in the recycling bag next to the sink. Apparently it is too far to go.
I have stopped complaining about this b/c it makes him grumpy and then it makes me even grumpier because he tells me what a nag I am! But leaving the can of dog food to dry out and get all crusty next to the sink until I realize that it is there the next morning and have to get out the full arsenal to get it clean and recycle it? Well, I still b*tch at him about that! It takes 2 seconds to rinse when the rest of the food in the can is still moist. Ugh! And my MIL would just say, "well, at least he feeds the dog"
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-- Toilet seats: Why oh why did you have to break? Please quit pinching my rear, it hurts!

-- NO! I am not turning the heat on! Quit asking!!!!! Put a sweatshirt and pants on instead of t-shirt and shorts.

-- Hubby: When you see cloth diapers in the dryer, they were in there to fluff dry on a cooler setting after mostly air drying. They are NOT meant to help you dry work clothes on high temperature!!!! If they're ruined, buddy, you're buying more.

-- Yo, Everyone! Does no one notice that there are several paper bags of recycling sitting here ready to go out?! And how many times do I have to ask you not to leave food drips and drops on the counter?

-- TV: Stop making me cry!

-- Boys: Please close the blasted cupboard doors! Please put your dirty clothes in the designated spot! Please quit losing your shoes and coats and backpacks and homework and books and toys and everything else that's a huge drama when it goes missing!

-- Schools: I hate parent/teacher conferences. I hate having three in two days. I hate having them when I am pregnant. Please, can't I just skip them this once??

-- Ex husband: Please stop making me the big, bad mommy that has to keep you to your word and double check that you've paid on time. Please be responsible and quit lying about support payments. Please don't be too pissed at me when I turn this all in to the DA finally because I've had more than enough playtime with you about this lately!

-- Me: Quit eating right before bed so I won't have terrible heartburn and reflux all night!

-- Everyone: No, REALLY, I cannot bend over that much! I swear. It hurts. Please, please, please just get this stuff done yourself!

Almost a b-ball team: : Taylor -14, Alex -11, Jack -8, Lachlan born at home 11/15/07
"Well behaved women rarely make history"
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Fire Marshal Napoleon: One WEEK before closing is not a good time to let our realtor know that we need hardwired smoke detectors in the house instead of battery operated ones. Especially when your colleague approved our house with no mention of this back in May before the other buyers backed out. And there was no problem 5 years ago when DH bought the house, or at any other inspection in the 25-year life of the house.

Don't BS me and tell me the NFPA standards require it. I have access to a technical library and I know how to use it!!

Boss: No, I really can't go to Pittsburgh next week. We've talked about this - I'm on restricted travel from now on and I'm not sitting in a car for 5 hours for a meeting that doesn't even involve my projects anyway.

Baby: Love the fact that you're still so wiggly in there and all systems point to you being head down, but is it really necessary to have the hiccup during every meeting I have? There's something unsettling about giving a presentation while my crotch pulses.

DS (2) and someone new in March 2011
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Baby: please, please, don't be head butting the cervix.
Yours too?????

- i'm tired of people saying "you're so small!" I've gained 34 freakin' pounds and none of my shirts or pants fit - i don't feel small. and i'm only 33 1/2 weeks...

- SIL who lives with us, please be more helpful around the house, clean up your dishes and empty the drain thingy after you fill it with crusty food. the garbage isn't that far away...
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Well-meaning friends and aquaintences ~ YES, I am most certainly going to make it until November. NO, I did not mis-calculate my due date. NO, I AM NOT HAVING TWINS!!!!!!!!! I am simply 5 feet tall, and there's no where for the baby to go but out. And really, I'm not going to explode.

DH ~ Is it really such an imposition when my back hurts, or my feet, or my legs, for you to rub them? Two minutes IS NOT enough. Especially since I've been "helping" you out for almost 8 months now, despite being sick, tired, and sore...

To my 2 older DS - It's called a hamper, laundry backet, or a clothes bin. Look into it. No, just USE IT. There are several, placed strategically throughout the upstairs. It's not my fault if you don't have clean clothes.

MIL ~ I get the fact that you don't approve of us having this baby (heck, you didn't want us having more than 2...). But you COULD at least remember my due date. It just makes you look petty and dumb to everyone who asks you when you tell them that you don't know when I'm due, or what names we've chosen...

Mom ~ NO, I do not know exactly when this beab will come. And NO, I will not ask to be induced just so you can better plan your travel schedule. I greatly appreciate you coming out to help, but I'm doing this MY way.

WHY does everything that tastes good to me right now make my hands and feet swell???????

WHY did DD#2 have to get an ear infection right now???? Despite all the natural/homeopathic stuff we've been doing to prevent one???? She's 11. Had tubes in 5 years ago. Should have outgrown them by now...

WHY can't this heartburn go away? I can eat nothing, or I can eat super-yummy thai curry, and get the same result. I hate having to take all those meds for it, but nothing else works. I am so over this!!!!!!

Thanks - that helped a lot!

Karen~Mom to Sarah-17, Amanda-16, Nathan-14, Robbie-12, David-7, Hannah-4 & Joshua-2
Wife to Brian since 8/11/91 heartbeat.gif I am truly blessed. heartbeat.gif

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to my abdominal muscles: please stop aching. You're scaring me into thinking I'm having contractions. 2 more weeks until I'm not preterm anymore.. you can do whatever you want then.

to my blood sugar: I just ate a sandwich AND a dish of cottage cheese. Food is coming. Stop making my hands shake uncontrollably just because i forgot to bring my granola bar to work with me thi smorning and thus missed my snack.

to the donut shop up the street: MUST you constantly remind me of the presence of giant apple fritters inside your doors every time i drive by? I do not need an apple fritter. I should go eat something healthy now. I do not need to eat a dinner-plate sized gooey, cinnamon and apple-filled, fried and iced mmmmmmmmmmmm (insert Homer Simpson-esque drooling noises here)...
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Why oh why does all things crappy happen in one week.

To the person who stole our mail and rewrote a check for $2500. I don't like you we needed that money. We didn't need the hassle of changing our enitre bank account and freezing all our money especially when.....

DH's car--why did you let an animal get in you and eat all the upholstry and then die and make a big stink. Our money is frozen and we don't want to pay to have you fixed and freshened

Plumbing--why did you decide to back up into our tubs it is so grosss. And I really would like a shower. I am dirty and havn't had one in days. I need to do the dishes too so we can eat real cooked food not just granola bars

Plumber---why did you say that we need our septic tank pumped. It cost us 125 to have the man come out dig a hole and say no you don't need your tank pumped. The water level is low. Why are you taking your sweet time coming back here to fix the actual problem??
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