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i need to get contractions STARTED -- maybe we are there now? finally?

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We need to brith this weekend, go in to labor anyway, to avoid a medical induction next week.

I have seen the acutpucure person twice, at 2 pm yesterday, and 8 am today .... in 2005 i saw them Thur afternoon and my water broke, then labor started, Friday night at 8 ......

I have been useing the breast pump

We DTD three times in teh last 1.5 days.



I feel like this baby is not even careing

I gotta get stuff MOVING .....

I am going to go breast pump again, and walk for a while --- DH took DS for luch in town and to finsih the shopping so i could finsih stuff up for the birth, do the pump, walk then NAP since i hope to be in labor tonight ......

I am feeling nothing ... less that i was feeling -- BH and so on -- that 2 weeks ago ::::

I do not not not not not not not not want Pit again --

it hurt so bad, and the monitiors i had to have hurt and were soooooo limiting (i think the motiors and being tied down weas worse than the Pit itself, but you can't have one with out the other ...)

I need to get this started.

Off to pump and walk

(how the heck am i supposed to nap)

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There's always castor oil.
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Um, you shouldn't be having sex or putting anything in your vagina if your membranes ruptured. Outer stimulation IYKWIM is ok, though... and more helpful for getting you to orgasm, which should help. Are you sure your water broke? Have you been leaking fluid still? Maybe it was a forewater leak, and it has resealed?
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No, she was talking about her previous birth. Her waters have not ruptured...
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I think I got confused. Why will they induce next week and why can you not tell them HELL no?
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Why are they inducing? They won't let you go post-date at all? Because of the forceps issues with Theo??

Sending you GOBS of labor vibes. Everyone keeps telling me a bumpy ride.
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She said in another thread her baby was having growth issues.

Here's her other thread about it

I have no advice, Aimee, I'm sorry.

I know it's hard to relax, but that could be impeding you if you're so nervy about it. Easier said than done, I know.
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Thank you for the reminder. I keep getting mamas mixed up!

But I am confused still.... no sign of placenta failing and we know ultra sound sizing is often way off. (18 ultra sounds with my son, they where sure something was wrong, till I got a good expert who told us baby fine, and he was born fine too! on his own even!)
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we will bve induceing TRuesday if we don't have this babe before

1. Theo has serious placenta issues and this pregancy is follwing that same path

2. in 3.5 weeks the baby gorwth was insig -- the legs did not grow at all, the stomach less and the head not enough ..... so we are starting to look asymital (what happend to T) and that is a sign on the placenta failing

3. in 3.5 baby weight -- on same machine, with the doc doing th US -- went from 4 pounds 11 oz to 5 pounds 4 oz .. not nearly the gorwth we should see, and not nearly the growth this baby had show between US before

4. when we hit week 39 (Tuesday) and know the lung are done -- then there is no more added benift to keeping the baby in the womb.

Granted we don't KNOW the plancta is failing, buttttttttttt is it a risk to take ? Based on Theo we all say no --

The only reason we didn't discuss induction Firday -- and have till Tue -- is cuz the fliud is good and Theo was healthy .. thus i have a track record of small helathy babies.

I do not like the idea of induction -- but i also won't take any potintal risk with my baby just to be natural or cuz i dread Pit ... Baby come first.... yes even the OB admit that there is little real concern, but there IS concern ....

here is the other thread about it ... didn't mean to confuse anyone with this thread ... sorry.

The concern is not huge, but it is there and i don't see the benfit to me or baby to argueing the induction .....

the OB agrees maybe i am just done cooking at week 38, but maybe ther eis an issues -- i can't live with that risk.

it is 6 pm here, i walked for na hour, used the pump two more times .. still nothing starting to get really discouraged.

Going to try to get DH to go wal anouther hour with me -- then I am thinking when I or DH get Theo to sleep -- i may go for teh castor oil ... and hopefully labor at home over night and leave in teh am before Theo gets up, so we can have the baby -- i hope -- tomorrow in time for DH to be home to go to bed with Theo tomorrow night
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You know I was right where you are, and it's a sucky, sucky decision to have to make. Neither option seems like a good one. If you want, PM me. I totally get it.
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those are tough decisions and only you know in your heart and gut what is best so I am sure you are doing exactly what this babe needs to be healthy...

what about homeopathy?? I have seen it perform miracles! really.. I don't know specific remedy but any good homeopath would.. good luck!
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Oh, gosh, Aimee, I'm sorry I missed that. ((hugs)) what a tough decision. I hope you are able to get labor started this weekend so that you aren't faced with induction.

With James what got me started was playing games at a birthday game. I had a balloon between my legs and waddled/raced. my water broke 1.5 hours later.
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I'm going to think good labor vibes for you - it sounds like you are making the exact right decision for you and your baby! I hate to say this, but would you be totally against an epidural if you have to be induced? I had an epidural with both of my kids (although this time I hope not to), and it definitely helped with the pain, and my kids are great! Good luck!
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Yeah, have you tried black and blue cohosh? Seems like this might be your last straw cause it looks like you've tried everything else. Relaxation, visualize, please don't get too tense about it all. Your body will not let go and open up if you are stressed out, mama.
If you need the pit, come to peace with it. I think you are making the right choice for your baby, I would not take the risk. Facing the next step and being ok with it for the wellbeing of your baby might just be what your mind needs to let go and your body to let lose.
I am sending you lots of labor and contrax starting vibes. Good luck, mama!
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I'm going to think good labor vibes for you - it sounds like you are making the exact right decision for you and your baby! I hate to say this, but would you be totally against an epidural if you have to be induced? I had an epidural with both of my kids (although this time I hope not to), and it definitely helped with the pain, and my kids are great! Good luck!
IF I end up on Pit -- and now that it is 9 pm and no contrtactions and DH is makign me mad, planning stuff to do tomrrow -- with the "we can worry about starting labor later" attidue -- it is looking more and more and more and more like i am going to have to go medical next week

I have done the pump 2 more times .... nothing is happneing .... walked for an hour ...

castor oil is my last thing -- i wanted to do it NOW after T is in bed, labor over night , go to th hosptial before T gets up, and have DH bring him to see the baby before bed tomorrow night then come home and go to bed with him -- dh is opposed an wants to wait till tomorrow night or Monday :


I want to ask OB if he will strip membrane Monday, rather than wait -- DH's mom and sis ter are here till Thursday, my mom doesn't get here till Saturday -- I do not want o start an induction on Wed or Thur :

ALso want to ask if we do end up on Pit -- when we end up on Pit at this pace -- can we do it for an hour or so then turn it off, thus allowing me to get off the two monotiors (fetal and contraction) that are required -- and see if the labor will continue on its own

If, when, i end up hooked to a IV of Pit without a chance to get it turned off -- like last time -- i will get an Epidural .... I can't cope with Pit without it

I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo upset ............ this is my last birth i really needed it to be different than Theo's ................ no one seems to get that.

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Like I said, I totally get that. I wasn't planning on Isaac being my last baby, but I might have to rethink that after the fiasco of this birth...so I've been trying to come to terms with the idea of *never* getting to have a decent birth experience. So, yes, I totally get where you're coming from.

You're sounding so, so stressed and negative now, Mama. Do you know any relaxation techniques or as another poster suggested, visualization techniques? I truly believe your mind has to be in the right place for this to work, and I don't think you're there right now.
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I am so sorry things haven't started. I KNOW how bad Pitocin is when they just keep cranking it up. I wound up with an Epidural b/c of it with dd. (I was augmented with it, not induced. I atleast got to labor naturally for some time.) I would just take the Caster Oil if it were me. Your dh does not get to plan things when you need to labor and deliver! I completely understand your wanting this birth to be different. I want my birthing experience to be different this time, too.
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Your labor is **MOST** important, DH's plans will just have to wait. Or better yet he can make plans to get Theo and MIL out of the house so you can concentrate on **YOU** and getting labor started.

It sounds like you've tried just about everything...but right now it sounds like you're so downtrodden. try not to get like that. Try to stay at least semi-positive. This little baby needs your positive energy right now. Light some lavender candles or insence or something and take a nice warm bath and relax for a bit. Get a new outlook on things.

I know how badly you will mourn not getting the birth experience you want, but really, try not to focus so much on that just yet...cross that bridge if you come to it. Right now, focus on NOW. Don't contemplate Tuesday until Tuesday gets here. ((hugs)).

And if you have a girl, I'll be jealous since she'll have a pretty birthstone and my poor baby is stuck with Topaz. Blech...
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Aimee, you sound frantic and tight as a piano wire. Relax. Have a glass of wine, if you can, take a soothing shower, and have an orgasm. If hubby isn't up for that, go it alone. If it doesn't get labor started, at least you'll be feeling less stressed out.

I know that you are feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place, but I can't help thinking that you are stressing yourself right out of the likelihood of labor. Can you find your happy zen place?

Hang in there, mama. again.
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Here is my list that I've saved from reading doula suggestions. I'm cutting and pasting from a word doc, so if something is repeated, I apologize!!
I will post it in the natural induction thread too, but thought it was needed here ASAP!

Ways to naturally induce labor:

*Walking!!! Briskly- try for 2 miles at a pace of 15 min/mile each day. More if you can. Swimming is good, as well as walking up and down stairs.

*Acupressure- massage the place where your thumb and first finger meet in the webbing on your hand (the same spot you massage for a migraine headache) Rub in hard circles massaging that tissue that you feel right before you feel where those bones connect. Also, the inside corner of your pinkie toenail is supposed to be linked with labor- you can massage or put something warm (heating pad, etc.) on that spot. There is another pressure point on your calf- go up about 4 finger-widths from your inner ankle and massage.
If you can, get a deep-tissue massage from someone qualified to give prenatal massage- they know lots of the pressure points and can help get labor started.

*Sex (only before water has broken)- the semen helps ripen the cervix and the female orgasm can open the cervix up to 2 cm!! If you can't have sex, try inserting your husband's sperm with clean fingers as close to your cervix as possible. Orgasms are supposed to help, as is swallowing semen.

*Nipple stimulation (roll for 2 minutes and rest for 3, etc. Do for 20 minutes at a time. Breast pumps are supposed to be helpful too.

*Homeopathy: try Red Raspberry Leaf tea which is supposed to tone the uterus, pineapple- the enzymes help ripen your cervix, tea with parsley or cumin. (Black and blue cohosh are sometimes used by midwives, but if you aren't under someone's care while trying this, I would not- they can raise your bloodpressure and be dangerous to you and the baby.)

*3 tsp castor oil- use this to stimulate your bowel which helps stimulate your contractions. Beware that it will probably put you in the bathroom quite a bit! I would do this in the morning so you aren't up all night. You can use an enema as well, but I would do this as a last resort! Some people say that laxatives can cause the baby to pass meconium, so use this at your discretion.

*A bumpy car ride- an old wives tail that says if the baby is not in the right position, this might bounce it into the right one! (Back and forth over railroad tracks or down a rutted dirt rd??)

*One glass of wine with dinner- helps you to relax and may allow you to be more positive and visualize yourself starting labor. A warm bath is good for this too. Be sure to drink lots and lots of water though, because you don't want to dehydrate yourself or the baby with the alcohol, which could lead to other problems!

*Rest! Tylenol PM is safe in pregnancy. Let yourself get a full night's sleep and relieve some stress... relaxation might help your body go into labor on it's own. Anxiety has been proven to DELAY your labor even more!

*Have your OB or midwife "strip/sweep your membranes"- I had this done and it's a bit painful and you feel crampy and sore afterward (somewhat like a rough pap-smear) but I lost my mucous plug later that night and was in labor 2 days later!

*Foods- spicy foods that might put you in the bathroom, as well as pasta dishes or ones that contain basil and oregano. Eggplant parmesan made with fresh herbs is supposed to work wonders. Macaroni and cheese with A1 sauce is supposed to be another one. The enzymes in pineapple are supposed to also help.

*Acupuncture is supposed to be good and there is the chinese practice of burning incense on the 5th toe also.

*Breathing sage, peppermint, and other select herbs are supposed to bring on labor. Might want to google this.

Hope this helps!!
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Oh hun, your stuck between a rock and a hard place. I hope hubby is not another hard place. Maybe he does not know how badly you want this? I would do the castor oil tonight and if it is not working by tomorrow I would try the cohosh and then membrains monday and even see if they would break your water Tuesday without pit. as I had a beautiful labor after my water broke with DS.

You still have time. Please try and come to peace with that fact that you will do all you can and you will have a wonderful baby to hold soon, one way or another.
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Hi, not your DDC but I'm trying to get stuff started too. Have you talked about a foley catheter with your providers? I had one last Thursday and it's started stuff going a bit. Lost my plug, I have some contractions and lots more cervical sensations (so I think something has to be going on in there).

As my MW described it, it's like having your membranes stripped but a gentler, more continuous pressure.
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Thinking of you, Aimee.

If I were to ever choose a Pitocin induction, which I pray never happens, I would do as you suggested--ask for a low dose until contractions started, and then ask them to turn it off.

Secondly, if I needed to continue with Pit, I would most definitely ask for an epidural. It's one of the only situations in which I personally would walk into a hospital and demand one. Pitocin inductions, as you already know, are brutal.

I hope and pray that your labor starts on its own, or that you're already laboring, and none of this matters. But if not, take heart; your baby will come, and what a day that will be!
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not in your ddc, and i also have not read the other responses, but acupuncture really really works for getting labor going.

good luck!
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next update

9 am here

i had some minor contractions over night -- mostly just felt like BH buit if they are productive that is fine, may have had more that i slept though.

baby is really acitve

i have been up an hour -- i was / am hoping that being up doing stuff would kick start things. not yet. going to shower now then finsih cleaning kitchen.

DH is hunting, when he gets back we are going to a pumpkin patch with hay rides and stuff .... we may also hook up our wagon for DS and I to ride behind out tarctor -- very bumpy

If when we get home nothing is going .... we will do castor oil.

If nothing -- first thing Monday i will call OB and ask to get the M striped Monday and not wait till appt Tue to decided. MIL and SIL are here till Thur, my mom doesn't get here to Friday afternoon or Sat --- sooooooo I do not want to set to induce on Wed night or Thursday and basically "plan" to be at the hosptial when we have no one at home to be with Theo -- where as we have Aunt Roo now. Also I doubt Doc would want to induce Friday night or Sat, and I do not want to wait till Monday -- and I do not think he does either ... givent he orgianl agreement to discuss it Tue; if he felt like waiting till next monday (a week from tommorrow) he would have set out discussion date for later in the week, not Tue after a friday appt -- JMO.

But stripping the M on Monday should get us to the hsoptial, and home, before our care for Theo is gone

-------------- we do have back up care, but just a little eaier to have AUnt Roo here at home, than out frined and her 1 yo dd either here or him there ... espcailly since we may not be able to avoid a "going to bed" issue at night and a over night sleep situation ---------------

So that is where we stand now.

I was really hoping that getting up and around this AM would get things started since i was having some over night -- but not so far.

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Pitocin inductions, as you already know, are brutal
they are doubled edged -- the Pit is bad enough, and i mean BAD, but then you have 3 monotirs on (baby and contraction) and are stuck -- i did NOT have to stay in bed, though i eventually gave up and went to bed with an Epd ... but even sitting ont eh ball or the rocking chair or standing is very diffcult with all the wirseing and cords, and not dislodging the monitios and haveing the straps constantly reajusted and the monitors messsed with ... :

so you have the pain of the Pit and the awquward and unconfortable and limits of all the stuff that goes with it (IV, IV pole) ... it just getts to be too much ... too hard to deal with physically and emotionally ....

DH and I talked, i told him that if i end up on Pit i will ask Dr M if we can do and hour to start them try goeing off -- if i end up on constant Pit i will jsut ask for an Epd then but i have to save what little of my self physically and emotionally i can for unmedicated pushing and for the baby.

My logic is that the biggest (not only, but biggest) concern with an Epd is laying in bed, slowing down labor -- well on Pit THAT is no longer an issue ... so at THAT point, IMO< the benfit of saving my energey (not getting totally worn out with Pit contractions and stuggleing with the machines) and my emotional reserve (not dealing with the pain and the hassle) outweight the other less overwelming disadvantages of the Epd. again just MO -- not sying thatwould be right for anyone else.

so that is where we stand.

I will update this afternoon -- here

and if labor startes -- ioohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh please -- i will post a thread stating that too .............

thanks for all the support

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Originally Posted by marisa View Post
No, she was talking about her previous birth. Her waters have not ruptured...
And that's why people shouldn't crash DDC's! Good luck. I'm sending you fast speedy right now labor vibes (but not so fast you tear).
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Still nothing

I have had -- what i would call BH all afternoon -- no real pain or discomfornt -- jsut tight / hard -- about every 45 to 35 minutes, but then back to an hour ...

Just started castor oil .... my last idea

i am all for an easy labor, as opposed to the tearing apart - doubled over in pain stuff i had last time .... but at the same tiem what i have had this afternoon .. not consistant, not really timeable, and not regular .. you know??

so we will see

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I really hope the castor oil helps get things moving. Let us know!!!

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