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I hope that all the post partum mamas are working hard at letting the housework go... I have been making lists of very manageable goals for each day. Everyday I run a load of laundry, since there always seems to be plenty of laundry to do, and everyday I try to make sure that the dishwasher gets either loaded or emptied, whichever it needs. And I make sure to get a shower every day, which helps me stay sane.

Other than that, my goals run along the lines of bringing bottled water up from the basement, sitzing my new-and-improved hemorrhoid, picking up Dylan's books, or similarly elevated goals. So far things seem manageable around the house... fingers crossed that the trend will continue.

I'm so much better at being in the now than I was when Dylan was this age. Talk about a lesson in being zen.

How is everyone else feeling about the house?
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I'm in about the same place as you, but I don't manage a daily shower. I'm aiming for one shower/bath ALONE each week (you know, sans toddler so I can actually SHAVE). I'm splurging by hiring a cleaning lady every two weeks so I don't have to worry about the ring around the tub or the cat hair dust bunnies that magically appear in every corner. It also helps me like my DH a whole lot more when I'm not counting on him to pitch in quite so much.

Well, my DD just sniffed my feet and pronounced them "stinky", so I guess I'm not as ahead as I thought. Boo.

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Well, since I hardly have time to take a shower between nursing ALL the time and my older 2, the house went bad for a bit. Dh has been helping but with him working so much he needs down time too.

But nothing like a play date coming over to kick it in gear. : Haha. So my house is the cleanest it's been since I had ds. (Crap he's almost a month old already!
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Yep, about the same here. One load of laundry per day and now that we have a dishwasher (as of 2 days ago), either one load of dishes or put away dishes. Still not cooking anything and relying on reheating things. If a bathroom gets cleaned every two weeks that's good.

My main goal is to brush my teeth, get dressed, brush my hair and wash my face before 10 every day, as well as get both kids in clean dipes and clothes by then. We have no shower so I have a bath with DD every night and try to wash my hair every 3-4 days.

then each day I just try to minimize the disaster. I just called DH to let him know that I'd burned things in the kitchen when I got distracted by DD and left something on the stove, so the house stinks terribly and I've destroyed a pot. So I can't even blame all the disaster on the toddler (well, I could, but it was mostly my absent mindedness).
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Not sure yet. I'll check back in on this thread in a few days and let you all know how I'm doing without dh's help. With him here, 24/7, things stayed manageable, but laundry has been about double my normal laundry, with new baby, dh's stuff and diaper laundry.

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Originally Posted by renaissanceed View Post

then each day I just try to minimize the disaster.
Yep, that just about sums up what's happening over here too!
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you know, my mom is funny in a bizarre annoying sort of the hospital i thought more and more about how un-interactive (is that a word) she is most of the is how she shows her love. so all that time there for 2 days i was irked by her seeming so lazy and not doing much w/ meghan and my mom seemed so darn tired, yawning at like 3pm and so forth. i was soooo annoyed and sad about it. i was even mad at her for not 'doing more' for megh and for me. my mom acted like what are you talking i was asking for too much more. i mean i DO need more help but......................

so we walk inside last night to my place and it smelled soooo good....and is all cleaned up and boxes of stuff put looks great. 'feels' great. obviously my mom had been cleaning and organizing BIG time. no WONDER she only had so much time for everything....makes sense now. why she was so pooped out too. very humbling for me and it made me feel so good to come home to a clean and organized place. thanks mom. wow.

as for cleaning up now i've only been home one day but i have been trying to keep up on straightening or putting dishes in d/w although they still remain in the sink and still something i intend to thankfully sheamas likes his sleep so i do have time to do a shower now. ooooooooo a shower!

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The house is a MESS and I have FINALLY gotten the okay from my hemorrhoids to do some work on it. FINALLY. I was feeling like an addict in a crappy rehab and desperate for a fix. A cleaning fix.

I feel like I am spinning my wheels, but I realize even a little a day is better than nothing. It doesn't help that mom went on strike from helping us after we had a blow out, so I have been making meals and doing the laundry and dishes... but looks like tonight she's off strike so maybe she will at least help with the meals again.

I had to break out the vibrating Papasan chair to get a few moments of cleaning time here and there around baby Lach's needs. I just want to hold him, but also being on the couch for the entire time I am awake was driving me berserk. I just need to get moving a bit.

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Every day I get the dishes done and keep the house organized, like putting dirty clothes in the hamper, keeping up with the diaper laundry, paying the bills. I am very happy if I can sweep the kitchen floor and get some small project done, like writing a few thank-you notes or buying a Christmas present. I'm just keeping my head above water, not trying to impress anyone. Vacuuming really needs to be done but oh, well. We just ran out of freezer meals so I'm loving my crock pot. I just keep thinking, Be gentle with yourself and others....
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I don't care about the hosue but food shopping and cooking are the big prob here, esp now since I can't put Dean down at all ever.... it's ugly and we're all gonna starve at this rate.. and we are so not a takeout fast food family........... ack..
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I'd LOVE to get a shower every day! *sigh*

The girls are 5 wks old today, and for the last 4 weeks, MIL has come at least once a week and caught up the laundry, cleaning the floors, etc. But, this week Hazel and Lucy are a bit more manageable/predictable, and I feel back to normal (except the sleep deprivation thing).

I am doing at least one load of laundry a day, and diapers every other day. I do the dishes at least once a day (we don't have a dish washer), sweep the kitchen, living room, and bathroom a few times a week, and mop those rooms once a week. Everything else is just about survival! I'm a little obsessive when it comes to cleaning the house, and this is verrry lax compared to my previous self.

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Luckily DH's schedule (usually 2:00pm-10:00pm) allows the mornings for him to spend time with Mairaed, and I do some laundry then (I can't believe Mairaed is generating almost a daily load by herself!) and dishes. I try to do grocery shopping only once a week and THAT has been a challenge because I make a list and forget it at home. Our downstairs is cluttered to say the least- baby stuff EVERYWHERE since that is where we spend most of our time, but I don't care about that. It is not like we have any company anymore.

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I've been just trying to do what I can when I can. The chores are usually split up between my DS13, hubby and myself so each day I do some laundery and minor cleaning while our son handles dishes, sweeping etc. I take care of dinner and the hubby pitches in whenever I need him to. :
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we get dishes and laundry done, and a load of cds washed every night. and we've straightened up a couple of times since wren was born. i even scrubbed the bathroom twice! it's been manageable, thanks to andy. but i haven't yet gotten a chance to, like, pull my pre-preg winter clothes out or anything like that, which is not really so good considering it's getting cold here.

i have barely made a dent in my freezer stash because we've had SOOOOO much food come our way already. we basically just started using my meals this week, and wren is three weeks on sunday! gotta love huge families...and girlfriends who come over with tons of "all the foods i couldn't eat during pregnancy." mmmmm enough goat cheese and brie to last a week!
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