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My DH was never into slinging until recently. We had a bunch of friends over from our ap playgroup and one of the dads had his son in a maya wrap. DH talked about how it looked cool and I found one for $15. So I got it and he slings Jasmine (almost two years old) anywhere we go now. It's hot.

I guess it was just a matter of finding a sling he liked. He does get stared at frequently but no one has commented on it yet. He would rather use the sling than a stroller now.

James slingin'



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Well, my first introduction to slings ever, that basically made me decide that I was going to use them with my kids, was I dad carrying his baby in the grocery store.

Let me see if I can remember how I looked at him:

Then he:

And finally I:

I think I was 14, I still remember thinking how great it was of him to take time from shopping to answer my questions. It also was kind of a vision of how I hoped my future husband would be, you know?
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My dh has worn our babies from the beginning. When he started with our oldest (16 yrs ago), he said everyone and their uncle stopped to smile at him. We live in a small-ish town sorta near Boston, so I don't know if that's the difference. But you can't walk around Cambridge, or Broolkine, and even our town, and not see men wearing babies. And it's been like that for as long as I can remember.
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I had a great time wearing my ds in the sling! I miss those days, although these are great too. We got this big cadilac of a stroller and the bjorn sling before he was born. We Slung him from day one. We parked that cadilac in the basement and it's still there, brand new. The sling we wore out.

I got a lot of really supportive looks from women. I figured at the time it was because my ds is so darn cute. They would look at ds, make eye contact with me, and SMILE. I was always moved by the display of support from women. Men were pretty cool too.
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Originally Posted by DarkHorseMama
Out of the public eye, DH is the one who "wears" them to sleep most evenings. DD, obviously not for a while now, but DS is still in the sling to get settled for the night (while I get DD to bed). We didn't realize how much of a routine it really was until a couple of weeks ago. DS (13 months, btw) was having one of those evenings where he really wasn't ready to go to bed at the normal hour, so we sat in the lounge and watched him be busy. Finally, he started to rub his eyes and DH asked him if he was ready to go sleepy-bye. DS walked out of the room and, to our amazement, came back in dragging the sling and handed it to DH!! He knew what he wanted, and how to get it too.
This could be us!

When DS#1 was about 2 weeks old we went to our first AP meeting together and that is where DH saw someone wearing a baby for the first time. Two days later he came home from work with a sling in hand that he had bought from the local resale shop! We also had a snuggli that DH used a lot, especially while he was on the computer. (DS#1 on DH in Snuggli) We both have worn our kiddos pretty equally in and out of public. DS#2 was a sling baby from 12 hours old when we took him home from the hospital! And after about 2 months of being very sick from my current pregnancy DH took over bedtime with DS#2 and wore him down every night until about 3 months ago.

I love to see anyone wearing babies, but it seems to catch me more when I see a man with a child in any sort of carrier especially a sling.

DH and I both have had our share of comments but mostly positive and mostly questions about where to get one!

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My dh would never wear my Maya Wrap. He did try out of desperation one time, just at home when I was at the store, but said he couldn't figure it out. I think if I'd just had like a khaki pouch or something, he might have been more willing to try it. I love to see dads babywearing. It's hot!
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Sorry to be jumping in so late. (Usually lurk on the circumcision board instead.)

Anyway, I also find it odd that any dads would catch flak for babywearing. I don't know if the Bjorn counts, but I only received positive comments/looks from men and women of all ages and types. And this is in Los Angeles - not exactly the most family-oriented of metro areas IMO. It quickly became the preferred method of transporting our little girl.

Oh, and I concur - it's a TOTAL chick (and gay man) magnet!!!! DW even began to joke about not wanting me to go out shopping w/ the Bjorn due to a number of occasions where she left me w/ DD only to find us later surrounded by a bunch of women. Maybe THAT'S why it became the preferred method of transport? :LOL
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I'm not sure if I've ever seen a parent with their baby in a sling around here. But, the front carriers (of various kinds) are popular, and I see quite a few dads with them. DH used to wear dd in the Snugli when we went hiking. I used it sometimes, but he used it more (a habit formed while I was recovering from the c-section). I absolutely love to see people carrying their babies close like that...and I love it even more when it's dad doing it. I think that's partly because I know men have more social pressure to deal with about bonding with their babies, so it just makes me melt. Even guys I find unattractive gain something when they've got a baby snuggled up to them.

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Dh will hold ds for awhile but will refuse to wear him. He says he gets too hot when wearing the sling (but I just got a solarveil sling so perhaps I can convince him to try it out?) and he will only carry ds for a short time because it hurts his back....because his preffered way to stand is with a hunched back :LOL and while carrying ds he has to stand up straight. I have to agree with everyone else, though...I would find it very hott if dh would wear ds.
I've gotten several looks, mostly curious and "aww, look at the cute little baby!" and I just smile at them and keep walking most of the time because it makes me feel really awkward when some stranger comes up to me and starts talking to my baby. I haven't seen any other people babywearing except for one women who had a frontpack, and I made a sling for my sil which she has been using. SUV sized strollers seem to reign supreme here and they are a pain in the arse to try and walk around.

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