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daddy2asweetpea's Avatar daddy2asweetpea 12:50 AM 08-04-2006
I work long hours and sometimes days at a time. I own a moving company and i'm sometimes away for two days or more. When my DD finally sees me she acts shy. and does not what to let me hold her.: This happen to any one else and what did you do to stop it. i hate the feeling when my DD does not me to hold her:

babygrant's Avatar babygrant 01:44 AM 08-04-2006
I'm not a dad...but hope i can chime in here. At 1 year old my son was extremely attached to me because I am the primary care taker. I think it's just a phase that they go through regarding attachment/seperation anxiety. Its not that your daughter doesn't like's just a phase.
s_kristina's Avatar s_kristina 02:19 PM 08-04-2006
My dh used to work on the road and was gone for for weeks at a time. I think my dd was around 18 months before she stopped with the shy then when he got home. Then around 2 years old it switched to refusing to talk to him when he got home because she was mad he had been gone. When she was about 2.5 he got a new job and hasn't had to be gone for more then a day here and there. At 4.5 she just tells him if she thinks he needs to spend more time at home and less at work.
EVC's Avatar EVC 02:29 PM 08-04-2006
Not a dad, either, but I have heard that many babies go through phases like this--sometimes only mom will do, other times only dad. I bet your day will come For now, just ride it out and try to schedule some fun daddy-daughter when you can.
Brazilianmommy's Avatar Brazilianmommy 04:25 PM 08-04-2006
It happens, my dh is lawyer sometimes he only is in the office for 2 hours a day sometimes all day sometimes not at all and sometimes they call him very late at night(ARGH!!! I hate that!!! ) and sometimes my dd gets agnry with him and cries when he holds her (That happens when he is more time in the office than at home9 she cries for him when he is out and then when he comes home she doesn't even look at him (that was before not now though)