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There are some forums in Mothering that I frequently read but am reluctant to post because I think that the world (especially the US) has enough male opinions floating around.

Here, I can put up a subject and not feel intrusive. And you can get good replies from men and women. Count me as one dad who darn glad women come to this forum.
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Originally Posted by zevulon
you can get good replies from men and women.

That is how I see it.
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I'm a dad. I post wherever I want. Some responses I have read to myself or other posters have been extremely rude and disrespectful. I like to read tohers opinions as long as they are fact based. But when they are just hatred like some of the ones towards are reelected president, it just turns my stomach. I usually do not post to those.

I have noticed women posting in the dads section which is ok with me. I post in women sections so I have to accpet them when they post in the dads section. Usually the women who post in the dads are looking for our pov or help. If I want a guys pov I'll ask for it. And if I receive a woman's pov along with it, I am open to her opinion as well. Afterall, it is mothering .com!
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Originally Posted by ucdaddytomany
Guys talk easier with other guys... call it the testosterone zone if u wish.
I like your sig man
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This is probably the last place my dh would want to hang out....he's an attached parent but for his limited computer time he'd rather hang out in a programming forum. To each his or her own.

I don't post here much but when I have it's usually been in response to threads where I know my dh would have something to say if I could motivate him to post, or where my dh and I have had parallel issues and I'm relaying our experiences. For example the current thread on the mama whose dh is having impotence issues. It's something dh and I have dealt with in the past and thankfully gotten past (at least for now). I think the male perspectives on that thread are great but I don't think it's wrong for me to chime in with what worked for us, even though I'm the female half of our particular partnership.

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Might I, a woman, make a few suggestions?

Ha, I will anyway.

First, if we women are buggin' ya, ya might make note of the name of the website.


You could open a Fathering website, and have just a board for women, or 'gasp' exclude us. There IS a www.fathering.com already. Maybe they have a lively, like-minded group of guys. I used to hang at a veg site that had a "Women's Issues" board. They opened a "Men's Issues" board and it was a riot. THe men NEVER posted an issue, but they were silly sometimes. Mostly, it was a very quiet, almost dead board.

You could just hit the 'ignore' option, for every woman you find posting here. It would be a pain at first, but after a while, we'd all be gone, 'Poof'.

And everyone knows that we women just chatter on and on, never lettin you poor guys get a word in edgewise. That's because the first 20 times we say something, you don't hear us.

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I kind of see the mens; POV here... in some instances. I have seen with my own eyes.. a man get "flamed" for saying one thing, yet in another forum seen a woman say the exact same thing and get nothing but "hugs, sympathy, and ITA's". I dont think there is anything wrong with women giving their point of view to men on a lot of subjects. My DH often asks my opinion about things posted on his fathering site he goes too. And women do have good opinions But like I said, I have seen it happen, and could see why men would be hesitant to post, or reluctant to want a womans POV sometimes. We can complain about our DHs all day long, and its good and fine... but when a man complains about his DW it can get crazy up in here... I know that just kind of goes along with posting in open forums.
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I've never posted on this forum before.

Sometimes I'll see an interesting post title in the main discussion page run-down, and click on it. When I realize where I am, I don't post. I kinda thought this forum was for people looking for male input, whether it be women looking for male perspective, or men looking for other men to talk to. Men are, of course, welcome to post in any forum they like, and I kinda thought that to ask for any non-male-specific-views they'd post to the appropriate forum. If, for example, a man wants to ask a "what's up with my wife?" type question and get only sympathy/answers/advice from other men, he'd post in the dad's forum, but for both male and female answers, you'd think that Parents as Partners would be appropriate. Instead it seems that women weigh in here as well, and I'm not sure that's right. Kind of like a SAHM coming to the WAHM forum to give advice - you ask your questions in a certain forum for a reason.

Mama, homeschooler, midwife. DD (13yo), DS (11yo), DD (8yo), DD (3yo), somebody new coming in November 2013.

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i never lurk here, but sometimes a topic on the new posts thing gets my attention and i will check it out and once in a great while post an answer. i do think that it should be mostly for dads or getting a dads POV, not debating with them. they should have a place to hang out and be a bit safe from attacks. probably why they don't post here much.
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Originally Posted by seven_lux
Because on the odd occasion that there's men posting in here or there's a thread happening I find reading their viewpoint interesting.

Me too!
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I generally just listen to my dw fill me in on threads she is following.

I thought I woud just start expressing my opinion on any boards I feel like in the web site.

I mostly lurk. But now I am speaking out.

I not sure if I want to speak wih only guys. I like to think that men and women can discuss the issues on this website.

I guess the dads thing is here as a trickle down. Men lurking where wives are posting.

Mama to 5 babies. UCer, too!
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well my dw demanded that I straighten this out. Amyjeans did not post the previous not it was I. We share the home computer and I failed to log her out and me in ....... tmfubar
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Couple things (first time poster in "Dads," and I am all woman, baby...)

The original poster is a woman, and the responses from some of the women ("Check out the title of the website," she said snottily, "It's MOTHERING." Really? 'Cuz I don't think the OP is able to read. Thanks for pointing that out - twice).

Men - I think you do need the space to technologically scratch yourselves and drink beer, watch football, etc. And if your POV is different, meaning, male, oh well. Some of the women on these boards need to lighten up, open their eyes and understand that not everyone is, or wants to be, like them. Guys do talk differently with no women around b/c, IN GENERAL, women, myself included, tend to overanalyze, misinterpret and generally mangle male attempts to communicate.

And finally - and I will then remove myself and lurk only, with all due respect to you fabulous daddies - every other freakin' board, all 800 bajillion of them, TEEM with women. I think we should go elsewhere UNLESS WE HONESTLY WANT AND CAN RECEIVE THE MALE OPINION WE ASK FOR.

Thank you very much (I'll be here all week.....)


The Blog

Never let your schooling interfere with your education. ~Mark Twain~

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I get bummed that there's not enough men posting in this forum (for my own tastes)... but the ones that do post I hold in high esteem (regardless of any disagreements). I'm fine with women coming here.. hell I go "out there" to the other forums and post all the time. And I'm paranoid most of the time, but that's just me.. not a reflection of others. :

Sure, I've been jumped on for some of my posts, but hey, if I didn't deserve the pouncing it was still worth it to risk posting in the first place. If not I wouldn't come back.

Women, post away in here... dads, post more... when I'm not feeling too self-conscious (in general life altogether) I'll post too.

I like beer too... not as much as wine and on South Beach, the beer is out for the time being... at least until I get down to 150 lbs! (I'm struggling to get under that two hunnert mark... damn it sucks bein' 38). 'Merikaan football... blech, not my thing... no use fer it. OTOH, I'm open to guys posting on it if they need to... I won't bother even lurking, but no big deal, eh? Now talk about music, raising kids, growing food, cooking food, housework innovations, peace-making, sex, dealing/negotiating/navigating school systems and healthcare, literature, art, design, gadgets, outdoors, wild things, etc.... I'm there, man!
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