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stellimamo's Avatar stellimamo 05:00 PM 11-15-2007
So we've talked about diaper stashes. Now I want to see/hear about your babywearing tash!!

So far for this baby I have:
-1 regular pouch
-1 fleece pouch
-1 stretchy wrap
-1 Earthy rainbow 5.2 Girasol
-1 soft stuctured carrier like a beco
-1 meitai

Sihaya's Avatar Sihaya 05:10 PM 11-15-2007
Yay! My favorite topic! I can't get into fancy diaper bags and my diaper stash is extremely blah (prefolds w/wool covers), but my obsession with babywearing is bordering unhealthy!

I have:
1 adjustable fleece pouch
1 solarveil pouch (for showers)
1 stretchy wrap
1 gauze wrap
1 beco
1 onbuhimo

I still want a MeiTai, but can't justify the expense with such a well-rounded stash.
YummyYumYumMama's Avatar YummyYumYumMama 05:19 PM 11-15-2007
I only have two! I figure if I want anything else, I'll see how it goes with these two first and then figure out what I might like.

-1 black Moby wrap
-1 black Ergo with camel lining and a camel infant insert
Kharen's Avatar Kharen 05:26 PM 11-15-2007
I have three so far and intend to pick up a Maya Wrap, as well ... and we'll see what works/what we end up liking best.

--1 mei tai
--1 Hotslings pouch sling
--1 Baby Bjorn front carrier
laurap's Avatar laurap 05:35 PM 11-15-2007
my favorite subject too...

1 choc moby wrap
1 solid black hotslings pouch
1 vatani maruyama (woven wrap)
1 ellaroo maija (woven wrap)
1 babyhawk MT
1 rockin baby ringsling
Friday13th's Avatar Friday13th 05:37 PM 11-15-2007
I only have three but that's because I can't afford a buckle mei tai right now...

We have a pouch/ring sling hybrid, a fleece pouch and an Ergo.
erica990's Avatar erica990 05:47 PM 11-15-2007
I have:

Baby Bjorn, which we used frequently with first baby.
Maya Wrap, which I bought actually too late to really use for my first baby, but will try it.
Hotlsing, new--think I will really like it!

Gave away:
New Native sling, used with first baby, did like it okay, but I think it was a bit too small.

Husband has from first baby:
Plaxtex Hip Hammock (He likes it, but I find it painful.)
Backpack with frame for hikes.
mom2liv's Avatar mom2liv 05:50 PM 11-15-2007
I've got one hotslings, one BabyHawk MT. But currently on the prowl for more!
kirk_heidi's Avatar kirk_heidi 05:53 PM 11-15-2007
1 blue moby wrap
1 olive and black comfy joey pouch
1 red fleece spoc
1 black maya wrap sling
1 print green and blue maya wrap sling
1 white with black trim Natural Baby Wear sling
1 black and pink Natural Baby Wear Mei Tai
ummm I think that is it for my personal stash but I do have access to our lending library for our babywearing group which has at least 7 more carriers.

I also have access
SheBear's Avatar SheBear 05:59 PM 11-15-2007
All mine are homemade. Because I'm picky. And cheap.

I have 6-8 ring slings in different fabrics, including a couple mesh water slings. And I have this one, which I adore:

One of these days, I'll finally find the perfect fabric to make a great wrap, but so far, it's been a bit elusive, and I've been a bit poor, LOL!
*MamaJen*'s Avatar *MamaJen* 06:11 PM 11-15-2007
Babywearing stash? You mean that thing I've been researching and shopping online for like crazy and obsessing over all morning? And all day yesterday? I seriously feel like Veruca Salt. I want a red indio Didymos. I also want a cinnamon and cobalt one. I want a babyhawk. I want a hotsling pouch (even though I already have a new native). I want a ring sling.
Currently, I have a black Moby and a blue New Native (really cheap on the TP, arriving in the mail any day). I plan on getting a woven wrap (I may just break down as use some shower money to buy the Didymos--at least that way I can stop drooling on my keyboard. Or I may get whatever I can find used for a slightly more sensible price.) And through no fault of my own, my web browser somehow mysteriously keeps landing on the BabyHawk "design your own sling" page. Beats me. Must be a computer virus or something.
Sihaya and Laurap, I am officially coveting your babywearing stash.
Oh, I bought a bunch of baby stuff from a friend (I'm regretting the entire purchase as a whole more and more, though it wasn't too much money) and it included a baby Bjorn and some kind of hiking gear looking frame back carrier thingy. I'm planning on putting them on craigslist whenever I get around to it.
wholewheatmama's Avatar wholewheatmama 06:12 PM 11-15-2007
Wow, you ladies have quite the stashes! I guess I just don't have this particular lust yet! I have all I really think I need (want?) already, with the possible addition of a Mei Tai in the future.

1. Chocolate Moby wrap (my only purchased carrier)
2. An inherited ring sling
3. A friend is making me a pouch sling

Oh, I'm also going to try to make a Moby-like wrap.
Beppie's Avatar Beppie 06:16 PM 11-15-2007
I just have 2, and unfortunately I don't think DH will agree with me that we need any more than that!

I have KK Adjustable Fleece Pouch (which I really used ALL THE TIME with dd)
and a Kozy Carrier (like a Mei Tai), which I bought when dd was already 16 months old --- she didn't use that one as much.
laurap's Avatar laurap 06:18 PM 11-15-2007
fwiw you could start with a moby and be in heaven for a looong time. It wasnt until dd1 got to around 18 lbs that the stretch started bugging me, which is when I got the wovens. Mobys are my personal favorite for newborns!
redeyedvireo's Avatar redeyedvireo 06:25 PM 11-15-2007

I've got a Didymos, which I was *certain* was the sling for me, until it came in the mail, and I discovered that it is eight times longer than I am. I can only do the most complicated wrap styles, and they still end up with three-foot tails. It looks ridiculous and feels terribly bulky. I also have a sort of pouch sling from a yardsale, which I don't like either, but at least it's small.
Elsaraw's Avatar Elsaraw 06:35 PM 11-15-2007
I spent early pregnancy stalking TBW & Diaperswappers when I had $ and have:
a red Moby
a black Moby D
a hemp (really soft) rs
a SlingEeze (not sure about it, looks comfy though)
a wahm mei tai
a fleece pouch (I think may be too small)
a snugli for dh (he likes it because it looks like camping gear)
a tie-dye rs that makes me mad because it's made out of denim and I can't seem to make it soft :

I still want:
a solarveil rs
a babyhawk
a maya rs
a gypsy mama wrap
an Ergo
one of those new Baby K'tan carriers

I'm addicted.
I gotta get out my babywearing video and practice like M.Muffin.
guest9921's Avatar guest9921 06:38 PM 11-15-2007
3 mei tais
1 baby bjorn (for baby wearing emergencies)
1 fitted pouch sling

buying/receiving as gifts
1 moby wrap (moss)
1 ring sling
and hopefully - down the road, a woven moby-style wrap.

I'd love a fleece pouch - but I think I'm set.
I'm so excited for my moby.
SheBear's Avatar SheBear 06:40 PM 11-15-2007
Originally Posted by redeyedvireo View Post

I've got a Didymos, which I was *certain* was the sling for me, until it came in the mail, and I discovered that it is eight times longer than I am. I can only do the most complicated wrap styles, and they still end up with three-foot tails. It looks ridiculous and feels terribly bulky. I also have a sort of pouch sling from a yardsale, which I don't like either, but at least it's small.

Man, what a bummer! But on the bright side, a Didymos should be fairly easy to shorten! Do you have access to a sewing machine? Once you decide how long it should be to suit you best, just mark one end and sew a straight stitch (to keep the weave from raveling) all the way across, maintaining the same angle. Then hem it under, and you are set! If you want, you can re-hem both ends, using a fancy stitch or contrasting thread, or (I think this would work with the didymos fabric) you can unravel a couple inches on each side to make a fringe, then divide it evenly and tie it in knots. I'm not positive that would work with the Didymos fabric, but I think it'd be fun to try, anyway.....on the extra fabric you cut off, of course!
zjande's Avatar zjande 06:41 PM 11-15-2007
My last baby pretty much lived in his black Maya ring sling, we still use it constantly. For this baby I'm going to try a black Moby wrap so I can be as hands free as possible. I've got a couple other things but they just don't seem to compare to the awesomeness my Maya sling has always been.

I guess I'm just not an exciting "stash" sort of person. lol We use a diaper svc, I give my diapers no thought really, & just buy whatever cheap velcro covers I happen to come across. And I can't say that I get excited by the various babywearing devices either. I couldn't live without one, but guess I feel like I only need one really good one that fits my needs.

But cute teeny baby hats & socks?? Now THOSE I get excited by!
Diva Mama's Avatar Diva Mama 06:42 PM 11-15-2007
I have a hotsling, maya pouch, kozy, and ergo. Not sure I want to bother with the infant insert for the ergo. I don't really plan to wear baby in it till later. Hubby still uses it with DS1 and I use the Kozy with him in a high back carry.

I want a wrap, but I'm at a loss as to which one: Didy, ellaroo, mayawrap.... argh.

redeyedvireo: You can cut the wrap if it's just too long. If it's twice as long, cut it in half and now you have 2 wraps!
LaLibertad's Avatar LaLibertad 06:44 PM 11-15-2007
Holy crap ladies.

I have a Maya Wrap.

That's it!

I think I can only afford one more, so I may buy a Moby Wrap this weekend.

I am terribly, terribly jealous
*MamaJen*'s Avatar *MamaJen* 06:45 PM 11-15-2007
Originally Posted by redeyedvireo View Post

I've got a Didymos, which I was *certain* was the sling for me, until it came in the mail, and I discovered that it is eight times longer than I am. I can only do the most complicated wrap styles, and they still end up with three-foot tails. It looks ridiculous and feels terribly bulky.
I need to print this out in big fed flaming letters and read it every time I try to justify spending $160 on a new Didymos.
redeyedvireo's Avatar redeyedvireo 07:02 PM 11-15-2007
SheBear - Oh, you give me hope! And what an awesome idea about the fringe! If I can find my weaving needles, maybe I'll try some fancy hemstitching.

DivaMama - You too! Thanks!

newmamatobe - Heh. Glad to be of help. Part of the problem is, I was trying to get one that DH could use too. He can only do the simplest wrap methods before he runs out of sling. Argh. If we had an unlimited purse, I'd just say it should be his sling and get myself something smaller. Ah well. If nothing else, it's an awfully pretty piece of fabric.
starry_mama 07:41 PM 11-15-2007
I have a babyhawk, a homemade wrap (woven, not stretch), and a homemade pouch. I hate 1-shoulder slings, so I doubt I will ever use it. I didn't really use it with either of my boys. My plan is to have the baby live in the wrap until they are mobile, then I'll start using the mei tai more, because I can get them in and out of it faster.
AGlimmeringHope's Avatar AGlimmeringHope 09:08 PM 11-15-2007
I have a

-woven RS, which I'm not sure how I'll like (my RS I had with dd was a stretchy fabric, similiar to the fabric they make Moby wraps with)...but it's brown with a stripe of Java Blue Vera Bradley fabric and oh-so-pretty!

-babyhawk with red straps and black calaveras print

-red tulip print hotsling

-reversible fleece pouch that is black with a paisley print on side and turquoise on the other

Eventually we'll be getting DH and MT or an Ergo of his own (he wasn't a fan of the Ergo we had with dd, though). I was hoping we could both use the BH, but the straps aren't long enough for him.
GearGirl's Avatar GearGirl 09:32 PM 11-15-2007
I have:

Moby in purple from when dd was little (the BEST for an infant)
A new Moby in chocolate with that extra panel thing for more support
A beautiful chocolate silk ring sling (a gift, I'm kind of anti silk, but boy is it gorgeous)
A hotsling pouch for dh
A Ergo soft carrier with an infant insert
A hug-a-bub

I think I have too much overlap with the 2 Mobys and the Hug-a-Bub, so I will donate one at least when I see what is working for me!
VickV's Avatar VickV 09:54 PM 11-15-2007
I have:
  • A Kangaroo Korner solarveil RS
  • A Babyhawk MT
  • A Gypsy Mama Bali Breeze stretch wrap
  • A pouch (I wanna say a Sweet Slings pouch, but I can't remember - it's someone's tester)
I figure that pretty much covers me. I know that the RS is gonna get a TON of use come summertime, and I'm planning on using the wrap exclusively when Coconut is a newborn - that'll keep all the nosey strangers out of her face!
Quindin's Avatar Quindin 09:58 PM 11-15-2007
I am actually selling several of my carriers! It has been over 1 year since I last BW, and I have acquired new tastes for carriers since

Here is what I am keeping:

**Calin Bleu Microfleece stretchy wrap
**Didymos Wildrose Indio 4.6m
**Didymos Laura Jacquard 4.6m (that's me BTW )
**Hotsling Deluxe pool pouch (for the shower)
**Bara Barn rebozo in Chilli
**Baby Hawk reversible (Hula Girls on the one side )

What I want to buy:
**A Scandinavian Meitai (deciding which one)
**Another Didymos - probably something colourful for the spring OR a waves
**A Didymos Ring sling

What I am selling:
--Reversible Sachi MT
--Katja Didymos size 7
--Girasol Aqua 5.2m
--Girasol Revontulli Ring sling

I know... :
Before you call me crazy though, you should see what the ladies at TBW have!
Besides, I do a lot of trading and moving around stuff in order to try different things (and they do hold their value well, so I can just sell them in the end )
DH says that at least it is not shoes I am into! :
Belleweather's Avatar Belleweather 10:53 PM 11-15-2007
What we have:

- A blue KKAFP from when Elliot was tiny that no longer fits me, but is DH's favorite carrier (seriously, he pets it when he thinks I'm not looking!)
- A forest green KKAFP that fits me
- Two generic ring slings to leave in the cars for when we forget a carrier
- A (in process, almost done) black cotton and red chinese silk home made Mei Tai

I want to buy:
- A Moby Wrap
- A Solarviel sling for this summer
- A KKACP for this summer

I need to get rid of
- My Wilkinet
- Another homemade mei tai that is smaller than I'd like in the body, even though I love the fabric.
crsta33's Avatar crsta33 10:54 PM 11-15-2007
I have a khaki New Native pouch (had since dd) and a blue Moby ring sling.

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