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Nantucket's Avatar Nantucket 12:56 AM 01-19-2008
When you had and your LO had thrush, did the LO get a rash around the mouth? I know some of the websites mention the diaper rash as one of the sympthoms as well as on the nipples, but what about all around the perimeter of the LO's mouth?


~gilli~'s Avatar ~gilli~ 12:58 AM 01-19-2008
When we had it, I only saw the white patches inside her mouth.
wife&mommy's Avatar wife&mommy 11:28 AM 01-19-2008
SheBear's Avatar SheBear 03:16 PM 01-19-2008
I don't remember any rash around the mouth, but my lo's always get a bit rashy around the mouth a month or so before they start teething. which for mine is pretty early--they've all cut their first teeth between 3.5 and 4 months.

but that rash, i think is because of excessive drool...
look11's Avatar look11 12:12 AM 01-20-2008