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guest9921's Avatar guest9921 01:44 AM 02-11-2008
I've read a few women in this DDC mention they've gone to yoga PP. Give me your secret, how does it work?
I mean - logistically - do you pump your milk? Do you cluster feed right before you go and immediately afterwards? Do they allow you to bring your LO?

I'm very yoga inexperienced (only been a few times,) and my body feels like mush right now. My back is always hurting from my monster sized newborn, and my abdominal muscles are so weak they're separated. I *need* to do something about it, and yoga seems to be the perfect fix. I love it, and its the only exercise that makes my muscles burn for days that I'm willing to do.

So tell me - how do you managed?
Outside of it being *so hard* for me to leave my newborn for 1.5hrs, I think it would better us in the longterm - as I'd be able to wear him longer.

YummyYumYumMama's Avatar YummyYumYumMama 01:48 AM 02-11-2008
i don't go to yoga, but i have DVDs with 10, 20, and 40 min workouts. i have an awful back & f'ed up shoulders, so that + chiro = necessary. i do what i can when she's asleep or alex is home. dunno if that helps you. leaving her would be pretty hard for me since alex is out of the house about 12 hrs a day, and thus i only have access to the car in the evenings, and that's when m frequently cluster feeds and i wouldn't want to leave her at that time! so - DVDs perhaps?
guest9921's Avatar guest9921 02:34 AM 02-11-2008
I'll be honest when I say I have very little self motivation for solitary exercise when my rambunctious toddler is asleep. I'm also such a novice that I would like an instructors help to do the poses correctly.
I'd rather do things like...veg out and regain my sanity, in the few moments he's napping.

But - I think that may be what I have to do, as I can't really imagine leaving baby atm.

Any DVD recommendations for beginners?
ivymae's Avatar ivymae 02:44 AM 02-11-2008
I go to postpartum yoga and Alice just comes with me. I tend to just halfass the poses, but yoga is the highlight of my week sometimes. Ours is very laid back, & there are very few quiet moments, but it is a superpositive environment, and I love the instructor. She is also a doula, so she knows the challenges of the postpartum body (and spirit). I hope you can find something similar.
lesliesara63's Avatar lesliesara63 09:24 PM 02-11-2008
I'm starting a mom & baby yoga class on Wed. Should be interesting.
guest9921's Avatar guest9921 10:22 PM 02-11-2008
After a little googling - I believe I've found the solution...

Postnatal Yoga: This gentle yoga class is for mom and baby to have time to relax, gently rebuild strength and stamina while spending time with a community of other new mothers. Classes focus on regaining abdominal tone and body strength. Attention is also given to areas stressed in being a new parent, namely, the shoulders and back. Information is given on breast/bottle feeding, newborn/infant care, infant/child development and postpartum recovery. Mothers are welcome immediately postpartum until child is toddling. Babies are present in class with moms in any way they see fit: nursing, playing, crying, etc. Pre-registration is recommended.

Drop-in rate is $12/class, eight week session is $88.

I can bring him!
I think I'll go to a few classes, learn how to do the poses properly, and then buy a dvd and work on it at home.
YummyYumYumMama's Avatar YummyYumYumMama 11:17 PM 02-11-2008
awesome! i would love to do something like that. i'm hoping that when we move in april/may, we can get closer to public transportation so that having the car for the day isn't such a pain in the ass! right now, dropping alex off at the train and then picking him up is way too much of an ordeal to add on to a busy day out with the baby.