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rosie29's Avatar rosie29 09:44 PM 07-15-2007
I need some healthy meal ideas! I don't feel like cooking, and just don't seem to have any great ideas. DH cooks a lot, but lately it's been a lot of meat and cured stuff like ham and bratwursts. Please, give me some ideas!! :

queenbean's Avatar queenbean 10:02 PM 07-15-2007
I'm not much help -- I've been eating a lot of pizza rolls and peanut butter sandwiches.

You could try things like pasta and salad -- make up a batch ahead of time, then you can just get it out whenever you're hungry. Soups are great for that too. If you keep a lot of fruit on hand, you always have a ready-made healthy snack available.
Finch's Avatar Finch 10:48 PM 07-15-2007
As in "healthy" food? What's that?

We had baked beans and rice for dinner tonight, tomorrow night I'm making grilled bruschetta chicken and saffron rice (much easier than in sounds...).
Peacemamalove's Avatar Peacemamalove 10:49 PM 07-15-2007

I get a ton of recipes here: http://vegweb.com/index.php?action=recipecategories

You can even print a shopping list and pick and choose the items you need...They have great ideas and even stuff kids will eat!!

My favorite recipe place!!
happymomma's Avatar happymomma 11:02 PM 07-15-2007
Hmm, lets see...

We have been eating lots of grilled foods, salmon, chicken, veggie kabobs.

Homemade tacos are pretty healthy.

I have been making meals from lots of snacks piled together...

I'm on a huge frozen grapes kick.

Raw carrots are ultra yummy these days for me.

My grandma makes me cucumbers soaked in vinegar with sugar so its sour with a teeny bit of sweet...those are delish.

My latest fav snack attack is triscuits with salsa and cheese. YUM! Spread some triscuits around on a plate, top with salsa and a bit of cheese and micro for about a minute.

And if I could eat sushi every meal I probably would.
PoolSide's Avatar PoolSide 01:50 AM 07-16-2007
i'm no help either. I just had a small bag of doritos, and some sunflower seeds.

good luck!
my kidlets and me's Avatar my kidlets and me 02:32 AM 07-16-2007
I'm eating a lot of yoghurt ('cause it's cold in the heat), and lots of berries and summer fruits. But tonight I derailed and had fries and a DQ Buster Bar. Yum... Don't do that too often, though.

We're often grilling these days, because it's too hot to use the oven.
lilylove's Avatar lilylove 10:39 AM 07-16-2007
I'm craving red meat right now, so I just made a big pot roast with a lot of root veggies and am hoping to eat on left overs today and hopefully tomorrow too.
I'm also eating a lot of tomatoes. I put them on just about anything. Or just eat them sliced with a sprinkle of salt as a snack