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I stole this from another DDC :LOL

I will try to come up with 10, but I thought we needed to learn more about our fellow mommas!

1. My dh and I met in High school and got married at 17
2. We own 5 vehicles and none of them are fuel efficient:
3. We live on a very large ranch and have show cattle (yes, people show their cows )
4. I love to listen to conservative talk radio
5. Growing up I live in 3 states, 11 houses and attended 5 different schools
6. I have 3 younger sisters and a baby brother
7. My mom was a LLL leader and eBF and tandem nursed
8. I am a really good cook, but can't follow a recipe
9. I love my cows and my Saint Bernard they way most people love their cats and dogs
10. I will love this baby no matter what, but really hope it is a boy

belly.gifSAHM, carseat geek, cattle raising woman to 5 girls (15, 10, 8, 6, 2) wild.gifand a stork-suprise.gif due in July!
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OK...I can do this!

1. DH and I live on Long Island, but have longed to GET OUT since before high school...we plan to next year as soon as he can find a good job in New Hampshire!
2. My husband and I both went to college but I have a degree and he technically does not...and he will probably make more money than me forever because of what he does.
3. We have 2 cats and 1 dog...but we plan to have more when we have a country house they can go in and out of.
4. I have wanted to have natural child birth and breast feed since I was a small child. It never occured to me to want otherwise.
5. I grew up in a house of three women...and it is still a little daunting how grosse men can be.
6. Most of my politics and activist interest began in my senior year of high school...just after my religious affiliation changed.
7. DH and I are both left handed, ADHD labeled and were ruthlessly mocked as children for vairous things. Niether of us ever resorted to bullying ourselves, and in fact cannot abide it around us at all.
8. I cry when I watch the West Wing most times, because it shows what a President COULD be; if he/she was a scholar, had integrity and a conscience.
9. Going to a Catholic high school helped me on my journey to convert to Paganism.
10. I want at least 3 children, DH wants to stop at 2. ...we'll see!

Mother of 2 boys, new little one on the way
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1. My dh and I are renting and living in the house I grew up in, in Hawaii.
2. I spent my early teenage years living in Zimbabwe and Tanzania.
3. I have been a vegetarian since I was 11.
4. My daughter and I attend a preschool where both the caregiver and child attend together.
5. I love foreign films.
6. Dh was raised in the country in Uruguay.
7. I ran a marathon when I was in high school.
8. My husband and I both love drinking yerba mate.
9. My dh has built most of the furniture in our house.
10. We have a family bed, which is what my parents did with my brother and I. This little boy to come is going to join ours!

mama tocoolshine.gif  andbikenew.gif3rdtri.gifdue in November


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1. My basic religious beliefs are Catholic yet I've convinced myself that h getting a vasectomy holds no bearing on me as I'M not the one getting the procedure
2. I've told everyone it doesn't matter but I'd really, really like a little girl.
3. I love how I look. I have problem with certain things about me but overall I am very, very vain.
4. When people say name your favorite ___ (animal, color, etc.) I always lie because I really just don't care that much about things like that.
5. I love to drink and I love to smoke. I especially love doing both of those things while relaxing on the couch by a window, listening to music while it rains. But since having kids I don't smoke in the house anymore so I have to stand on the patio which just isn't the same.
6. I'm homeschooling my kids out of pure selfishness. I want to teach them what I deem important instead of worrying about test dates.
7. I love pretty things. Necklaces, art, anything that is pretty, I adore. :
8. When I say I'm "watching what I eat" during pregnancy I mean that I'm watching to make sure the kids don't steal any of my share!
9. I don't drive.
10. I love languages. I want to learn every language ever spoken. Then, I want people to come to me and test me like they did Mezzofanti. And pay me to do it

Mama to two boys and a girl.
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1.My DS2, has Sensory processing disorder, feed delay, and has 6 hours of therapy a week. :
2. My DS1 drive me crazy
3. ITS A GIRL!!!
4. I drive a van. I love it!
5. I want some junk food
6. I moved out of state, my parents moved to be with me
7. Free babysitting from the parents is the best!!
8. I hate grocery shopping! (anyone want to do next month for me?!?)
9. I'm a reality TV junky.
10. I cant wait to paint a PINK room!! (ds1's blue, and ds2's is yellow!!)
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1. I hate socks and don't own any. If I have to wear some, like with winter boots, I use DH's. I would go barefoot year round if I could take it.
2. I know how to juggle.
3. I like to read science fiction but I don't have much time for it.
4. My oldest son is very autistic and mercury and vaccines had nothing to do with it. He's just that way and he is a joy
5. I unschool and since 4 of the 5 kids can read so far, I think we're on the right track.
6. My favorite authors on childhood are Jean Liedloff and John Holt.
7. I love to knit and try to convert everyone I know to the dark side.
8. My mom introduced me to my husband.
9. I'm a convert to Catholicism from paganism, mention that just to balance out Demeter_shima
10. I majored in philosophy in college because I heard I could make as much as some poets
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1. DH has only mowed the lawn twice since I became pregnant. (He had a broken leg then went out of the country for 2 weeks.) I've mowed it about every 4 days all summer long. :
2. I've owned a 175 pound dog.
3. I've been a vegetarian all my life (my parents raised me that way).
4. I went to 3 different high school in 4 years. :
5. DH and I met at church (had to throw that in since so many people have brought up religion!)
6. I'm a birth doula, yet you wouldn't believe the doubts and anxieties going through my mind. Silly! If only I could tell ME what I'd tell my clients.
7. If great-grandma can hold on until January, she will have a great-great grandchild!!!!!!!!!!!
8. We currently own 3 1970-1972 Chevy pickups/blazers. DH promises he's going to sell 2 of them soon!
9. I've frozen more strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, corn, and peaches than we could possibly eat in the next year.
10. I'm not enjoying watching my body get bigger. I thought it would be fun, but apparently I have some subconscious body issues or something.

Andrea...wife, SAHM to 3.5 yo DS and 1 yo DD.

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1. I'm an only child and I loved it so much that I'm strongly considering only having one as well.

2. I spent a year hitchhiking around the country.

3. I love dumpster diving!

4. I don't consider religion to be a big part of my life at all but I do like the feeling of community. Its hard to find in our society, I think. When I do go to church I go to a non-structured quaker meeting.

5. I like to knit and sew.

6. I sell books online for a living.

7. We don't own a TV

8. My last job was dog walking

9. We plan on unschooling

10. I love vintage linens! I can't control myself when I go to thrift stores! I have an entire dresser full of them just waiting to become different things.

Tiffany partner to Charlie and Mama to DS Ciaran (1/08) and DS Finnian (4/11)
Adding a third in July!

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1. For the first time in my life, I find myself wishing summer over and fall to be here (I didn't enjoy being pregnant in the heat. I can't imagine being 9 months pregnant right now!)
2. I am named after my grandfather, Robert, who died before I was born. The bump in my mom's tummy was "Bobby". And then I was born and my parents saw I was a girl, so they named me Roberta. But the Bobbi stuck and it's what I'm called even today.
3. My first name is Susan, but I don't use it (if you called me "Susan" on the street, I wouldn't even think to turn around)
4. My husband went to a seminary for 6 years and was serious about becoming a priest. (Thank God he didn't!)
5. Dh and I met in university, in a ballroom dancing club!!
6. I, too, love languages. Dh speaks fluent French. My French is OK, I used to be fluent in German (I just need some practice to bring it up to speed), and I can understand some Italian if you speak slowly.
7. I LOVE to sing. I've been in a choir every year since I was in kindergarten.
8. I was a vegetarian for 6 years, until I met dh (our honeymoon was my undoing - I tried the duck! I now love duck. ).
9. I really liked being pregnant the first time, but now I just want it to be overwith and for the baby to be here, already!
10. I used to be really on top of current events (read the newspaper, read news on the Internet, watched TV). Now we don't have a TV, we cancelled our newspaper, I surf MDC instead of reading the news on the Internet, and I couldn't be happier.

Bobbi, wife to dh love.gif and mom to dd1 (6-6-04) blahblah.gif, ds (4-1-06) nut.gif, and dd2 (1-18-08) flower.gif. Welcoming our newest ds babyboy.gif (11-24-10)!
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1. i'm an only child, and have always wanted a billion kids.
2. dh is 1 of 3 boys, and could have been content with one or two children.
3. we've agreed on four.
4. when dh is out to sea, i have the tv on from the time the kids go to sleep until i do as well.
5. i tought myself to sew 4 years ago, and love it ... but don't do it often.
6. i grew up living in the same hous from birth until i was 21.
7. i moved out when i was pregnant with dd & have since lived in 4 different homes.
8. i love it! i can't wait to move again in march.
9. my mom thinks my kid swill be the other way. and hate moving, because of it.
10. even though i have "one of each" i'm really hoping this baby is a girl.

Jenn, wife to John
Mama to Kayleigh (6), Ethan (4), Norah (1), & Charlotte coming 11.09
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Hmmm, let's see here . . .

1. Hubby and I love to travel and spent two years living in Malaysia, as international dorm parents.

2. We have been married for 7 1/2 years and have been the parents of "other peoples' kids" for 7 of those years, to kids ages 8 to 18.

3. I grew up thinking birth was no big deal and it was what my body was made to do, so I can't wait to have this baby!

4. My biggest hobbies are digital scrapbooking and gardening (which is great in Florida- year round!); and photography.

5. I'm an avid reader- when I find a topic I want to know about, I check literally 20-30 books out of the library on that subject and read them all. I like to read opposing view-points, too.

6. I grew up assuming that I'd use cloth diapers (why would anyone not, haha?) and can't wait to put my first soft diaper on my baby's bum.

7. I grew up assuming that I'd get pregnant with ease and instead was diagnosed with PCOS and spent two years waiting for that positive! But I got pregnant the first time I ovulated, so I only had to use one preggo test.

8. I love working in residential child-care and would do it the rest of my life; I love working alongside my husband and having him him during the day.

9. I plan to homeschool our kids and will probably be more unschooler-type.

10. I could totally be a vegetarian because I don't like meat, but I don't eat nearly enough protein if I don't . . . so I eat it!

Wife to my Denali-climbing DH
Mom to DD born Jan. 08 and DS born Oct. 09, and "baby sister" due Oct 2013!
House mom to ten boys, ages 8-11 at a group home! Yes, I must be nuts!
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1. My mom was one of the first families in our state to home school when it was made legal here.
2. I grew up a pastor's kid but am now agnostic.
3. My DH and I lived in Atlanta without a car for two years but when I got pregnant I made him buy an ancient used Volvo which keeps breaking down so it's pretty much like continuing to live carless. Being carless in Atlanta sucks. (this is what I get for marrying an idealist! )
4. I get obsessed with bizarre topics such as Dada or the history of prostitution and collect lots of odd books.
5. One of my girls is exactly like me down to her looks and the other one is exactly like my DH except for being a girl. It leaves me intensely curious about what this one will be like.
6. We weren't allowed to watch tv for most of my childhood and now I'm making up for lost time.
7. We live close enough to the zoo to hear the lions roaring pretty often except they don't really roar, it sounds more like barking to me.
8. I can cook a mean gumbo.
9. I'm terrified of snakes and sometimes lay awake at night worrying about them escaping from the reptile house at the zoo and coming to kill us all. I realize it's a totally irrational fear.
10. I'm still desperately craving coconut cream pie and have been for a couple of weeks now. *sigh*
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Chavaleh, Go get yourself some coconut cream pie already, why the self-torture!?!

My Ten:
1) My husband and I own our own business and work together in it. While it is very financially rewarding, it takes up TOO much time, and we both always openly fantasize about just quiting, but know we are in it for the long haul.

2) I am a republican, but Mark Levine (conservative radio show host) would call me a "re-pubic-an" because I don't believe in what most republicans believe in, but after reading the philosophy of both the democrats and republicans I am definately a true republican and believe that most republicans are not really true republicans! Basically, I believe in the autonomy of individual rights and as little government as possible which is the core of a true republican's beliefs and why I don't believe the republican party is acting as true republicans do (lots of invasion into personal rights).

3) I am getting crunchier and crunchier as time goes on, but I have no crunchy friends or family so I feel like a total loner most of the time.

4) I am very into my looks and spend way too much money on clothes (I'm working on that and pregnancy has really helped!).

5) My DH and I have known each other since I was 19 (I'm 30 now), have been together since I was 22, but only got married a little over a year ago (and did so only for legal reasons at the Justice of the Peace).

6) I feel like I have to hide our natural lifestyle and alternative choices of living from my family and DH's family because they just don't get it! It makes it hard to feel truly accepted without judgement by the families and is the reason we are kinda distant from our families. I wish it could be different though - I don't judge or try to change their lifestyles so why do they feel the need to judge/try to change us?

7) DH and I do not believe you need to go to college unless you have a very specific plan that only a degree can provide the means to.

8) I don't kill bugs or spiders and let them live inside our house if they find their way in, although sometimes I'll get them to crawl onto a paper towel so I can bring them outside (DH is afraid of creepy crawly's but respects my belief in not harming them). I don't believe we have the right to kill anything, even as small as an ant unless it poses a threat to us.

9) With number eight being out there, this may come as a real surprise: I believe in a women's right to choose regarding abortion. I believe in individual rights and feel this is an individual right of a woman that trumps the rights of an unborn child.

10) I really want to homeschool our kids because I think the public school system is terribly flawed and doesn't focus at all on how to deal with people, which is how I believe the most successful people succeed -by knowing how to deal with and handle people (not meant in a manipulative way).
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1. My 3 boys and I just moved to Des Moines Iowa and I am really happy here.
2. I drive a very old beat up bright blue ford festiva with a wagon rack on the back that my dp rigged for me. the wagon is half the size of the car and I love it!!
3. I am trained through ALACE as a labor doula but I havent been able to attend births yet due to having a nursling still.
4. I grew up in northern california and lived on a horse ranch and moved to Kansas when I was 8 to live on anouther horse ranch.
5. I lived in hawaii for a little over a year.
6. I was on an outrigger canoe paddling team while there and I ran the honolulu marathon
7. I got pregnant with my first while there also and then moved back home to kansas.
8. I never wanted kids, even when I was little I would play with stuffed animals because dolls made me feel uncomfortable.
9. after I was suprised with my first son I discovered that I loved being a mom and wanted 5 or 6 kids
10. I am finally getting the hang of this homeschooling thing!


p.s. Im an aries, my favorite color is blue and I love pesto pizza!!!!
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This is such a fun distraction from a long and tantrum-filled (DD's, not mine!) day.

1. I used to sing in a choir with Bobbi (My kidlets and me). I, too have been in a choir for as long as I can remember.

2. Until I met my hubby, I always thought I'd have kids "later." If at all.

3. I alternate between counting the days until both rugrats will be in school and reading up on homeschooling.

4. I cloth diaper, and I admit to feeling kinda snobby about it sometimes.

5. I just signed up for pottery classes, and I can't wait--3 hours a week to myself!

6. I took a degree in Poli Sci, and when my hubby was deployed, I hated listening to all the dumbed-down pseudo policy they fed us navy wives.

7. I'm already nesting in a huge way, and have a million house projects on the go. I have never sewn a roman blind, for instance, and have the fabric ready for 10 of them.

8. my DD is 17 months and in the past week has hit the "terrible twos" with a vengeance. She is very spirited, which I love, ususally, but this week has seen me idly flipping through the daycare listings in the phone book!

9. I have a new kittten named Smudge.

10. If I'm honest about it, I'm hoping this one is a boy.

----Andrea, DD March/06, expecting number 2 13th Jan 08. Waiting for autumn in Nova Scotia.
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1. My dh and I met in High school and got married at 16 my mom had to sign papers for me to get married DH and I have been together for 8 years now
2. I live 20 Miles from Canada
3. We are clearing land to build our home next year
4. DH and I are both Chairmen of our Local Libertarian Party
5. I am a Kundalini Reiki Master and Natural healer
6. I am voting for Ron Paul in the Primaries
7. I still have a ton of things to get for the baby
8. I have moved more than 15 times my whole life!
9. I love to paint
10.I think I am having a boy

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Man you guys are all so interesting...I feel so dull.

1) I lived in the same house from age 1 to when I went away to University (and went back to living there a couple of times after) My parents still live there.

2) dh and I met in University about 2 months after I had broken up with my boyfriend of 5 years. We have been together for 13 years.

3) My first baby and this one were both "surprises" only my 2nd was planned.

4) I am a pround Canadian and would never want to live anywhere else

5) In high school and university I was totally "uncrunchy". My friends and family all joke about how I have done a total 180 and become a "hippy".

6) I love love love my 2 girls and will be happy with whatever sex this baby turns out to be.

7) I have a pretty good job WOH but would love to be able to stay home with my kids

8) I spend way too much time on MDC at work

9) I really want to send my kids to Waldorf and spend a lot of time thinking about how we can afford to send three kids to private school

10) I need to spend less time on the the computer and more time cooking, sewing, knitting and reading.
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1. When DH first approached me I wouldn't give him the time of day. 24 hours later he knocked on my door (since I wouldn't give him my phone number) and moved in days later. That was 8 years ago.
2. I like to claim four languages, but these days it's more like two. I just hope I don't start screetching in Japanese when I go into labour.
3. Back when persuing my career, I payed all the bills and DH was a kept man. At least I don't feel bad now for not earning very much as a DJ.
4. I have a 27 year timer on my uterus. I woke up one morning and just wanted to make a baby for DH. This after years of zero interest in babies.
5. I can teach anyone to knit (even DH)... but I can't figure out how to crochet!
6. All my pregnancy cravings are for Japanese foods- but the really unhealthy junk stuff like deep fried pork chops, little spoon curry rice, pork nikuman from family mart, oden eggs with chinese mustard from seven eleven, the 500 yen steak from pepper lunch... oh and pork ramen with extra garlic. yum!
7. I miss living in a real city, but wouldn't trade my low-income/high-quality lifestyle for anything.
8. I love my bike more than any other possesion. I can't wait to plunk my baby olive into a trailer and haul her around town.
9. I usually only own two pairs of pants at one time (aside from my stash of work clothing). I found I tend to fixate on a few clothing items anyways.
10. I own an ungodly amount of shoes, but not a single pair of heels. Shoes make the outfit, but I still have to be able to ride my bike or walk in them.
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1) I used to do singing telegrams
2) I can read almost 400 wpm and taught myself to read at 4 years old
3) I have had a prophetic dream
4) I love peanut butter but I HATE peanuts
5) I once lived in 5 states in 6 years, have now lived in 7 total
6) I have moved to 6 different places without even visiting first, when we moved to Hawaii I had not even been to the state before.
7) I have lost most everything I own twice
8) I am 3rd generation to give birth to a 'miracle' baby after being told it was not possible
9) I'm psychic and in varying degrees so are DH, DS and DD but not as much as TV's medium and her kids.
10) Fellow psychic pals predicted my marriage and both of my dcs exactly the way they happened, right up to one being born and one being acquired. I also knew instantly when I became pregnant even though I was sterile.

for intuitive readings click here :
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Hmmmm, so many different people, yet so much the same! Very cool!

1. Dh was the antithesis of all ex-boyfriends (had a job, was generally a happy person, accepted me for who I am, a "science guy").

2. I have been to most of the states in the US (missing OK, AK, UT, ND) and loved them all too. (& Ireland, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, Bermuda & the Bahamas)

3. Have had 10 different cars in 20 years :

4. Used to love smoking & drinking back in the day-sigh...(although I'm actually against legislation, I keep hoping they'll make them illegal by the time my kids are grown so I won't go back!)

5. Am the same age as my sister for 4 days every year (have 2 sisters & a brother-all younger).

6. When ds was born, I swore to be all that my mother was not. When dd was born, I hoped to be 1/2 of what my mother was!

7. Had a 12" mohawk in HS, but ds won't let us do his (dd doesn't have enough hair yet ).

8. Planning our first homebirth with #3.

9. Was a special ed teacher & worked w/kids with emotional & behavioral difficulties. Loved the kids & miss them (SAHM), but am DEFINATELY homeschooling our bunch.

10. Endlessly fascinated by watching my kids explore, react to & affect the world around them. Wanted to have as many as possible before I turned 40 (didn't start 'til I was 33).
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This is fun!!
1. I met my husband at work. I managed the chiropractic office he did his preceptorship at.
2. I now manage my husband's practice. Part time.
3. I teach the Bradley Method- (Husband Coached Childbirth).
4. I went to 13 different schools before graduating high school.
5. Have lived in 5 different states (AZ twice and TX twice)
6. This will be my 3rd homebirth. (God willing)
7. I love my 2 boys more then anything and am really hoping for a girl this time. (I'll take either, healthy is most important)
8. I'm a reality show junkie!!
9. I have, my whole life, NEVER wanted children. Had to get pregnant by accident the first time and have been sold ever since.....(I would of missed SOO much)
10. I have 1 brother, with twin boys and another boy, I have 2 boys, so have ALOT of pressure on me for the 1st girl grandbaby.
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I wonder if I can do this...

1. I worked my last day of full time work on Friday! (Went down to part-time until baby comes.)

2. I have a PhD and have decided to become a SAHM! The field my PhD is in is just not for me. I love the work, it's the PEOPLE that are insane.

3. I currently work as a college instructor.

4. My husband and I met when we were 21 and have since lived together in 4 states and 2 countries.

5. We have 2 cats that are walking disasters...messy, messy cats, but we love them.

6. This is our first baby and we are SO EXCITED. I STRONGLY think the baby's a boy, but we won't find out for another week!

7. I love my husband more than I've loved anyone in my life. He's sweet, loving, and kind.

8. I love to knit, crochet, sew, and make jewerly...and can't wait to have more time to do all of it!!

9. I live in the same town as my parents, but I only see them about once a week.

10. I am SO EXCITED for this baby!!! (ok, that's kind of a repeat...)
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i am loving reading everyones...haven't read every single one yet but it is nice to hear random stuff about all you guys.

1. I have lived in Florida, Tennessee, California, Hawaii, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Mississippi.

2. Although I'm not that interested in sports I am a Univeristy of Florida graduate and love Gator sports. I am convinced we live in a Gator Nation and everytime I see a Gator nation comercial I cry.

3. I am a religion and English double major, but I hate grammar and think it is part of an elitest conspiracy to keep down the masses. (I also can't spell.)

4. I met dh at a party on his graduation night (from high school). He was the first one to the party and already drunk. It was raining...I told him I had just seen a program on lightening and I had a premonition that I was going to get hit by lightening. he said, "yeah, well i just saw a porno and I have a premonition that you and I are gonna f*ck." If you knew me you would know that I would think that was mildly romantic. We didn't hook up that night. He began puking and passed out...I spent the night in a hotel with another guy.

5. My sister and I have the same middle name. As a child I thought all siblings had the same middle as well as last names.

6. I have three mailing addresses, and no idea where to tell people I live. I get tired of living out of suitcases.

7. I slept with a cloth diaper as a blankie until five years ago.

8. I recently dropped out of grad school where I was getting a master's in public administration because I hated everyone in my classes. One person said that children in sweatshops should be glad to have jobs to help feed their families. He was a National Security major or something.

9. I like decopague. Glue is fun.

10. I want to change ds's name and have a ton of anxiety about naming this baby.
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