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The only reason I am seeing an OB is because my DH isnt comfortable with a m/w.... i would go for a UC at this point, I dont care.... I might just make it one without anyone knowing.

I used Clomid 100mg to get pregnant, and we had a lot of problems with infertility. A few too many m/c scares, but fortunately, everything turned out fine. I go in the doc a few weeks ago for a "monthly" checkup, and because I still wasnt up to my pre-preg weight, they wanted to do a growth scan of baby. They said she was too small at 35weeks only being 4 pounds or so. Threw me in the high risk clinic, where there are only 4 doctors. I am seen in a military hospital with a lot of different doctors in the OB clinic..... I saw maybe 2 of them more than once, other than that, its always been a different doctor.

Ok, so as of 3 weeks ago, I am going twice-weekly to get a NST, have an appt., and a quick scan to check fluid/blood flow from the placenta...... ect.....

I go in today, I have my second growth scan..... baby is over 5 pounds, and I am not sure if they said 5lb2oz, or 12 oz, but either way, over 5 pounds, which is cruical to them, so yay for baby growing, even though i am losing weight!

So, the doctor comes in today, and said

"So I put you on the schedule for the 31st."
"Dr. Hill, I have all my appts up until Jan 2nd already set up"
"NO, the 31st to deliver"
"Childbirth is a natural thing, why cant I just come in when I go into labor?" even with that, i had full intentions of laboring as MUCH as possible at home, so when I got to the hospital, I'd be damn near the pushing stage, and would avoid as many unnessecary interventions as possible. This was my plan all along, being that Im even going to the hospital in the first place.
"Well, when you come in on Wednesday (the 26th) we will check your cervix, and when you come in on the 31st, we will decide at that point whether to give you the cervidil or pitocin"
Then the stupid nurse chimes in with "Hey, at least you'll get a tax break if she is born before midnight on the 31st! :

Are they friggen serious? I talked to another nurse who I really like there, and she explained it with it being a high risk clinic, and only 4 doctors, they like to have control of when the patients will deliver. So basically, when its conveinent for them so they dont get dragged out of bed at 4am or on a Saturday afternoon. So, they INDUCE their high risk pts at 39weeks. I even tried explaining that I didnt need the increased risk of not progressing on "their" schedule, because I am trying very hard with all of my might to avoid a c-sec, which is an option for me, if "i would like one"

PPPFFFHHHHHH........... These people are ridiculous.

"Oooops, DH, was I supposed to go to the hospital today to get induced, and have our daughter cause thats when its conveinent for the doctors? Hey, DH i have a better plan..... lets sleep in, and enjoy the new year, and turn off the phones...... "

They sooooooooooooooooo cant make me go in!!!!!!!!!

I feel better now! Sorry ladies..... this was just extremely frustrating!!!!!!
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I am so sorry you are going through this!!!! AH!
I am in a similar boat with measuring small and IUGR...but my MWs are taking a totally laid back approach (once they ruled out all the serious/scary causes). They are resigned to the fact that I will have a small baby. No talk of scheduling anything other than weekly u/s at this point.
You are so right, it does not have to be the way they are making it. You should trust your body and your baby and act accordingly!

Happy Mommy to one amazing girl (11y) and one sweet boy (7y), and wife to DH since 7/03 : :
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Hmm, I would "forget" to go in. You know, the holidays are a whirlwind, just don't know where my mind went, sorry 'bout that doc.

Alicia mama to 3 boys 6 and under.
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So their solution for a small baby is to deliver early, depriving the baby of critical time it may need to develop?

I'm so sorry.
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Originally Posted by MrsAprilMay View Post
So their solution for a small baby is to deliver early, depriving the baby of critical time it may need to develop?

I'm so sorry.
yeah. seriously. turn off your phone and don't go in!
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I wouldn't "forget" to go in, but I would tell them absolutely not to an induction!!

Tell them what you told us! That you're not interested, nor are you comfortable with that plan. and that you'll head on into labor and delivery when you're in labor.

They can't make you go.
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If I didn't want the fight that would likely come with it I'd definitely skip trying to convince the doctors of anything and just "forget" to go in. From what you've said it clearly sounds like they aren't the least bit interested in listening to what you have to say nor are they familiar with the concept of informed consent/refusal.

And yes, the idea that they are going to induce a small baby instead of giving the baby the time it needs to gain more weight is a bit :
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I know there is some evidence of pre-term birth w/ IUGR, but your baby's gaining weight and growing so why not let her be??

I vote for the sleeping in. The only hard part I can see is your DH's side of this. Being also married to a hubby who trusts the "establishment" over all else, I'm used to walking the fine line w/ him.

Oooooo I hate it when people tell me what I will and won't do! It's sounds like you're just like me; if you want to make sure I won't be participating, go ahead and tell me what to do! And the tax comment??? WTH!! :
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Yeah my first thought after reading your post was that it seemed stupid to induce a small baby early if there was no medical indication to do so. If you want a bigger baby leave s/he alone to grow. Definately sleep in!! Im sorry about the added stress of these docs. Its really not fair.
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I would simply tell them at the next appt that I wouldnt be inducing and that they needed to have a conversation with me about why they would put my child at risk by even suggesting I do so at 39 weeks.

Do they have any U/s evidence that the placenta is degrading? That would be the only reason I could understand. In that case, Id ask for weekly NSTs instead of induction.

I'd print out research on induction and how it can cascade into c-section and distress for your husband and tell him that as a woman, you need him to understand that you trust your body and what they are asking you to do is counter to everything your body is telling you.

Good luck!
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Oh my God. That is friggin awful and I'm sorry you have to be subjected to this type of "care." I'm glad you won't stand for it, I would have told that doctor off for sure...
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Honestly just about the silliest thing i've ever heard. No they can't make you go in. And I certainly wouldn't let them do that cervical check 26th because i'm sure he'll strip your membrains (experts out there can't that break you water in certain cases?). I wouldn't let any check anything until after 40 weeks or if your certain you are ready to go into labor.

Honestly at this point I would "forget" "car broke down" whatever you have to do but do not go in on the 26th and 31st. Which is horrible in you need this stress right now..geez!

You are doing the right thing by not listening to you doc. He is only thinking of himself and not your daughter. Those momma instincts have kicked in already.

: totally blessed mother of 2
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Sounds scary. My experience with doctors has shown me that they are not reasonable people in many situations. I've many a time been bullied into something with threats of losing my or my child's liberty if I refused. Now I avoid them like the plague but if I were in your situation, I'd lie my butt off. From the sound of it, your doctor seems like the ones I've had incidents with and they wouldn't take kindly to the patient saying no. On the 26th I'd forget to go in (and unfortunately have no way to get out there until the 31st). Then on the 31st my car would break down.

I have small babies. Right now I'm only measuring 31.5 and I'm 35 weeks. This freaks doctors out but luckily my midwife is very laid back and she understands that I have small babies. If your measurements are going up, your placenta is fine, and everything seems on track there should be no reason to induce, especially before your due date. That seems like begging for trouble.

Mama to two boys and a girl.
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So sorry they are being so crappy. You aren't the only military mama I've heard on here that is having problems with those drs, its like they only use the most closed minded sort. It must be a requirement for employment. I would definately "forget" my appt. Good Luck!!

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