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Baby Eden was born 11 days before her due date, January 17, 2008, weighing 8 lbs 6 oz. She was delivered by midwives and with the help of doulas (birth coaches) Teri and Cait Murphy.
Praise God for our healthy baby girl! She is named after her grandmothers, Trish and Elizabeth

Here's Eden's birth story for anyone who enjoys hearing it. I love reading other people's birth stories. I thought I'd write it down while it's all fresh in my mind. My mom has my older two kids and Eden is snuggling with her daddy on the couch so now is a great time for me to jot it down
We went to bed on Tuesday night and during the night, I woke up several times with a little cramping and contractions. I get really excited when things start happening so I find it hard to sleep. The baby was very active and kept pressing down low, sending me to the bathroom around 3 times! I tried my best to push the labour thoughts away and just get some rest... it's just so exciting though! When I finally got up at around 8 am, there were more *signs* that labour was approaching. I told Ronny that we'd better clean the house because I had the feeling we'd have midwives over!

----Okay... a quick plug-in for midwives... a few years ago, my friend Amber shared with me her excitement about midwifery care. She said that midwives spend around 45 minutes with you per visit all through your pregnancy, making you feel so informed about your pregnancy. They make the delivery so memorable. What I love the most is that they make the transition into the world so easy for the baby. They don't whisk the baby away from you, they put the baby on your chest and leave him/her there for an hour before they do anything (if all is well with baby, of course). And it was great to know that babies born under midwife care have a much lower rate of interventions (episiotimies, forceps, c-section, etc.) This 'midwife thing' was a new idea to me so I checked them out since I was newly pregnant with Elijah. Sure enough, the visits were extremely informative. I knew I wanted to have an all natural birth (like my mom, sisters, sisters-in-law all had!!) and that was much more likely to happen with midwife care. They totally respect whatever birth plan you choose for yourself... whether your plan includes pain meds or not. And having a midwife doesn't mean that you have to have a homebirth, lol! They deliver your baby where ever you choose. Anyhow, my birth with Elijah was absolutely amazing, I knew I wanted midwife care again this time around.----

So continuing on, I had mild contractions all through the day on Wednesday. Ronny and I decided to take the kids on a long walk, hoping the contractions would pick up a bit. We had a beautiful two hour walk on the farm. We walked through the woods and smashed the ice on all the puddles we could find. We then walked down to the creek and started heading home. My mom met us in the drive way and offered to take Evie and Elijah so we could get some stuff done around the house. The contractions were still VERY mild so I decided to vacuum and clean the whole house. I cleaned the toilets, sinks, made the beds... it was so nice to not have the kids around to mess it up for once, LOL! I finally set up the bassinet by my med, and pulled out all the baby clothes. i put all my hospital bags and car seat by the door and finally sat down to rest at around 5 pm. The contractions, although quite mild still, were coming around 8 minutes apart. I finally started to believe that this was it so I called my doula (professional labour coach), Teri. Teri and her daughter Cait (who recently trained to become a doula) showed up at dinner time. This was to be Cait's first birth to attend! Teri and Cait brought a big, delicious quiche with them, yum! Ronny milked the cows and then we all sat down together, eating quiche and watching Oprah then American Idol. Although the contractions were still averaging 8 minutes apart, they were finally increasing in intensity, and I was beginning to feel the need to focus and breathe through them. We called the midwife around 8 pm? to see if maybe should see if I was progressing. I think Rose Ann, the midwife showed up somewhere after 9 pm. She sat with me, monitored my contractions and chilled with us while we watched American Idol My mom came over with our kids and tucked them into bed for us- she's so awesome! Oh yeah, and while Evie was getting ready for bed, she pulled out a bottom tooth- so cute! At around 10 pm, Rose Anne did an examination to see how far I was dilated. I was 4 cm and about 75-80% effaced. She then gave me some options... 1. Take some tylenol and go to bed, allowing things to slowly progress OR 2. Have the midwife 'stretch' the cervix a little to speed things up a bit. I chose to have her to the stretch. Right after she did it, she asked if I wanted to labour at home for awhile first or to head in to the hospital and labour there. I wanted to get to the hospital so that I wouldn't be traveling with too much pain. We all started to pack up the vehicles and Teri's younger daughter, Mary came to watch the kids for us.... what a sweetheart! While getting out the door, my contractions REALLY picked up! They were coming a lot closer together and very intense! We all jumped in separate cars and headed toward Simcoe. Teri called my mom on the way to tell her to wait at Tim Horton's and she'd call when I was close to pushing. (Good call, Teri!) The car ride was VERY difficult for me. I had contraction after contraction and was huffing and puffing all the way there! I was feeling a bit nauseous and very hot... I have Ronny strict orders to not have any heat on in the van!

I think we arrived at the hospital just before 11 pm. When we got to the hospital, I found it really hard just to get upstairs! Poor Cait and Teri not only had to carry all my bags, but I was stripping off my coat and sweater... I was so hot! We found our room and got settled in. Ronny settled into his favourite spot: the waiting room! He decided that he'd come in just for the actual delivery, just like he did for Elijah's birth. He knows that I couldn't be in better hands than with the doulas and midwives! By this time, the pain was INTENSE and I was completely relying on my wonderful doulas to get me through each contraction. Teri was giving me options as to where I could labour, standing up, in the shower, lying on the bed. I was just thinking, UM... NONE of these! I don't want to do this anymore!! I ended up reluctantly choosing the bed, lying on my side and Teri and Cait coached me to relax through each contraction. It's amazing how much it works. I felt a bit of the edge come off the pain. They were so calm and said all the things I needed to hear to get through every contraction. They applied pressure to my back to take the back labour away... it was cool how it helped bring the labour away from the back and more on my front. I think they said the contractions at this time were around two and a half minutes apart. I noticed Ozra, the other midwife enter the room. They always have two midwives: one for mom, and one that comes in just for the baby. I thought, I must be close if Ozra is here already! I started to get the urge to push big time! Sure enough, I was fully dilated. Cait called my mom and Mel to get over to the hospital asap, and a nice nurse called Ronny to come in from the waiting room. Suddenly I decided that I'd rather NOT push... it would be too painful. I voiced it out loud that I didn't want to do it! However, my body didn't give me a choice and with all the wonderful coaching, I pushed as hard as I could. I was definitely more vocal this time as I pushed, LOL! Just as her head was crowning, Rose Ann told me to feel the baby's head with my hand... that was SO cool!! It motivated me to keep pushing hard! Mom, Melanie and Ronny all came in at this time! Mel started snapping pictures. Ronny was videotaping... a nice close up of my beat- red, scrunched up face. Nice guy, LOL! After 6 minutes of pushing, Eden was born at 12:06 am. I kept saying, "THANK YOU, GOD!"... partly because she looked so healthy and beautiful, and partly because the pain was instantly over. It's the most amazing feeling in the world to have a wet goopy, newborn placed on your chest. What a reward for all the hard work!

Nobody wanted to cut the cord (not that I blame them so Teri did the honours! Eden latched on to the breast really well and nursed for about an hour straight!! Then Ozra took her to weigh her and ink her footprints. Mel and mom got her dressed for me and headed for home. The midwives finished up their paperwork and we were all free to go home at around 3:30 am. I love being at home in my own bed, rather than a hospital bed! It was exciting to have the kids wake up and some to our room, discovering that they had a brand new sister! Elijah put his face really close to Eden's, just smiling and staring at her. Evie seemed to think we were tricking her because she didn't know how to react at first. She didn't know where to look! She finally was coaxed into holding Eden and she really enjoyed that.

So we're at home, enjoying Eden's first day in the world. What a blessing she is!

Here's a link to our picture album... hope it works!
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Congrats mama! She's beautiful!!

Mama to DS (3/7/06)om.gif, DSD  hearts.gif(11/17/02), DD (1/16/08 )energy.gif ,  DS2 (5/30/10) sleepytime.gif and Baby Quinn angel.gif (R.I.P 3/22/13)

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What a fabulous birth! And those pictures are awesome!!! Congratulations mama!

Alicia mama to 3 boys 6 and under.
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Congratulations!! I love her name.. it was one of my picks, too

~e, wife to my sweet T
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Congratulations!!! Beautiful pics.

Frugal, food growing mama to my four loves

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you both look so beautiful! congrats mama.. welcome baby eden! and happy baby moon!

Once in while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.... mama of 4 lovelies, an angel, and one on the way.

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What a doll!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
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Your family is so very beautiful! Im in awe! Congratulations!
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Happy baby moon....beautiful family!
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Congratulations! Your photos are absolutely stunning.
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What a beautiful family you've got there! Eden is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your story and photos--now go enjoy that babymoon!

Have you seen the
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Originally Posted by Mama_Bear View Post
Congratulations! Your photos are absolutely stunning.

Do you have a professional photographer in the family? I'm so jealous - mine are all dark, out of focus, and have heads cut off, LOL.

Congrats on a beautiful birth and a beautiful baby!
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She's such a pretty baby Congratulations!

Mama to two boys and a girl.
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Congrats mama!!!
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Beautiful photos...Your family looks so happy and healthy!
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