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So, I was wondering is anyone else losing hair? This didn't happen with my first pregnancy untill after I delievered. Now I am losing hair at 12 weeks. Any suggestions welcome. I have thin hair naturally and eat very well, no meats. Is this pregnancy, stress, or a little of both?:
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I'm losing some too. I don't remember if I did with the first or not. I have plenty to part with so to me it's not a huge deal. I think it goes along with all the rest of the changes your body is going through.

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I have very thin, fine hair that's been coming off a lot more heavily than normal, as well. I'm told this is normal by experts... but of course, I'd heard a lot of stuff about how pregnant hair is thick and lustrous, so I'm eyeing my brushfull of fur thinking, "Sigh."

It is growing faster, at least - it was just below my shoulder blades when we conceived, and it's past my bra strap now.

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my hair is really starting to bug me. i have very long, very curly hair and not only is it starting to fall out, it's gotten more coarse so it's tangling more and t just feels rough.

i'm going to go get a good trim soon...maybe up to two inches...just to see if it helps things.

my skin is freaking out too. i normally have very dry, but even skin. i get the occasional pimple on my chin right around AF. but now, now i have zits all over my chin and forehead and i honestly have no idea how do deal with it.

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I've been losing it by the handfuls... DH said that it happened in my other pregnancies, but I sure can't remember it, especially being this bad...
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My hair started falling out the moment I conceived...days before I got a positive HPT. I was feeling smug because I stopped losing my hair when I was preggers with DD and nearly two years later (still breastfeeding) I still hadn't lost any.... DOH!

Gotta love the extra hormones! You never know how it's going to affect you.

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losing handfuls here too. i had dreads for my first so i have no idea if this is normal for me. my hair used to be wavy/curly and now it is stick straight. it's really weird...but it seems like the color is getting darker too.

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I was losing hair early on and I went to the herbalist. She gave me Silica and nettle to take. I don't know whether it worked or it was just time but my hair is no longer falling out. A relief since I don't have much to lose.
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mine has stopped shedding so much actually....

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I lost a ton of hair when I was preggo w/ DD. I thought I was going to be bald by the time she was born! I don't if there's anything that can stop/reduce it. Maybe use a volumizing shampoo/conditioner to make your hair look fuller?

I haven't noticed it as bad this pregnancy so it's just one more reason I think this bean is a boy.

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I got gorgeous hair during both my girls' pregnancies. This time it's falling out in clumps. It's disgusting.


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