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Teenytoona's Avatar Teenytoona 02:22 PM 09-09-2007
I pee farely frequently and I have been all pregnancy. I usually get up 3-5 times a night to pee. But, when I finally wake up for the day, sometimes, not always, it really stings, internally, to pee. It doesn't sting like a UTI normally would, but it stings like my muscles have been holding it in for too long and then are just beat, and something a little more acute than that. It doesn't happen everyday, but when it does happen, like this morning, I go into worry mode. Is this something I need to get checked out? It only happens some mornings on my first pee, never the rest of the day or night. Wierd. I know what UTIs feel like (non-pregnant, anyways) and this isn't quite the same thing. Plus, there's no blood.

Any ideas?

weeirishlass's Avatar weeirishlass 03:07 PM 09-09-2007
When is your next doc appt? (assuming you're not UC) I know UTIs are so much more common during pg, and I've never had blood with any of mine, and I've had tons. For now, I'd get some cranberry supplements (easier on your system if it is a UTI, the juice can make it more painful) and add them to your diet. Steer clear of sodas and juices, and drink as much water as you can take. But I'd get tested for a UTI. If it is one, you don't want to let it go. It can spread to your kidneys and that is NO FUN.
ellymay's Avatar ellymay 04:05 PM 09-09-2007
Could it be that your bladder is just really really full?? When I went for my u/s I had to drink a TON of water and well when I got there I was in horrible pain from having to pee so bad and when I would go "let some off" LOL it would burn so bad I would actually tear up it hurt very bad but it was bc my bladder was so full.
True Blue's Avatar True Blue 04:44 PM 09-09-2007
My insides sometimes hurt as you are describing too. It feels to me a like a combo between my bladder being glad to be empty and the round ligamens moving as more space is made LOL. It's uncomfortable but just for a minute.
trizzle's Avatar trizzle 11:06 PM 09-09-2007
Look up "interstitial cystitis"...I am starting to wonder if this is what I've been dealing with for about 18 months or so...Feels a lot like a UTI but isn't. Not really up for any of the intervention stuff that they do about it, but it helped me to research a little and know that it isn't necessarily dangerous. Do check with your healthcare provider though-- my sis dealt with a horrible kidney infection, and it was a good reminder NOT to take chances with these symptoms. A just in case thing...
My midwife said that the placement of the baby can exacerbate bladder discomfort, but that it can often improve as the pregnancy progresses. She said it would be ok for me to take Uristat (OTC numbing med that makes your pee bright orange but really helps when it is bothering me) once in awhile. And it does help if you are really uncomfortable....maybe try it right before you go to sleep (if everything tests normal) and see if it makes the morning easier.

"Researchers have little information about pregnancy and IC / PBS but believe that the disorder does not affect fertility or the health of the fetus. Some women find that their IC / PBS goes into remission during pregnancy, while others experience a worsening of their symptoms."
or so says WebMD, for what it is worth...
Teenytoona's Avatar Teenytoona 10:15 AM 09-10-2007
Hmm there's alot to consider here! Interstitial cystitis, I will have to look into that a little bit. My next appointment isn't until Oct 6, but they did take a urine sample last week at my last appointment, I suppose I could call and see if there's anything funky.

Your advice on Cranberry supplements is a good idea, Weeirishlass, I suppose I will get to that today. I had some, but Mr Toona's done some kitchen rearranging and I've not been able to find them.

Ellymay, I suppose it could be, but I don't drink alot of water overnight, and I swear I pee about 3-5 times a night, I can't imagine it being that full, but ya never know.
ellymay's Avatar ellymay 12:13 PM 09-10-2007
another thoght is could the baby be pushing down on your bladder, sitting low? I know my 2nd child was like that and it hurt just about every time I went to go pee. (((HUGS))) I hope you can find out what it is.
Teenytoona's Avatar Teenytoona 01:24 PM 09-10-2007
Originally Posted by ellymay View Post
another thoght is could the baby be pushing down on your bladder, sitting low? I know my 2nd child was like that and it hurt just about every time I went to go pee. (((HUGS))) I hope you can find out what it is.
I never thought about the baby's position! It does only happen occasionally in the AM, not consistently. Maybe that is what it is... Hmmm