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February 2008 > Anna-Elise enters the world
fearfightswinter's Avatar fearfightswinter 07:05 PM 02-16-2008
At 9:31 pm on February 14th, after 22 hours of back labor and 3 hours of hard pushing, Anna-Elise joined the rest of the population; my daughter is born. More later!

smokeylo's Avatar smokeylo 07:27 PM 02-16-2008
Welcome to the world, baby girl!!
sarahn4639's Avatar sarahn4639 09:03 PM 02-16-2008
i'm sorry that it sounds rough but so happy you did it!! congrats to you and your family!!
steph117's Avatar steph117 12:32 AM 02-17-2008
Congrats, fearfightswinter, and welcome to little Anna-Elise! : Looking forward to the pics...
lovetobemama's Avatar lovetobemama 01:34 AM 02-17-2008
Congrats! Can't wait to hear more! Welcome little one!
Teenytoona's Avatar Teenytoona 02:05 PM 02-17-2008
Good work, fearfightswinter! :Congrats on your sweet little Anna-Elise!!
jaxinsmom's Avatar jaxinsmom 08:09 PM 02-17-2008
wow, sounds intense -- glad it's over and she's here!!!
SamuraiMom's Avatar SamuraiMom 08:36 PM 02-17-2008
Way to go mama! Happy Birthday Anna Elise, what a beautiful name!
Gunter's Avatar Gunter 08:38 PM 02-17-2008
congrats, mama! labor sounds intense for ya, i hope that you are getting lots of rest and people are waiting on you hand and foot.

welcome, anna-elise! we have a toddler friend with that name so i have the best thoughts about it.

enjoy nursing her and your rest!
NamastePlatypus's Avatar NamastePlatypus 11:34 PM 02-17-2008
WELCOME LIL GIRL, hope you are recovering, back labor is icky!
gerlassie's Avatar gerlassie 03:46 PM 02-18-2008

Steady101's Avatar Steady101 07:52 AM 02-21-2008
That's a whole lot of back labor.

I love her name. Congrats, mama.
AlwaysByMySide's Avatar AlwaysByMySide 03:04 PM 02-21-2008