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mommycakes's Avatar mommycakes 02:00 AM 07-21-2007
I'm 4w3d and I've got: super-sore nipples, cramps in my low abdomen (it alternates from right side to left side), heart burn (had it with my first too--yuck), smell sensitivity, nausea, increased cm, peeing like crazy, fatigue and, beginning today, my back hurts.

I'm a little worried about the back-ache. Is it normal this early on?

I had a m/c last month so am feeling cautious and a little worried.

Please share your early preg. symptoms so I can stop feeling like a crazy lady.

jillybeans's Avatar jillybeans 02:05 AM 07-21-2007
I've got m/s...really picking up now. I'm a big baby because in my other three pregnancies I never had it! I too have cramps off and on...pretty sure it's round ligament. Smells, check! Peeing lots, check! Super tired, did I mention tired? And backache, yes. I had it really early on with dd, and I've had a few friends with more than one tell me to expect it earlier this time because I'm carrying dd a lot. I had a m/c at 11.5 weeks in May, so I am worried about every little thing too. Completely normal, huh?

eta: Forgot the nipples! dd is still nursing and oh man they hurt. Especially when she bites in her sleep.
mommycakes's Avatar mommycakes 02:10 AM 07-21-2007
Originally Posted by jillybeans View Post
Especially when she bites in her sleep.
I had always planned to still be nursing dd1 while pregnant (and then tandem nursing). With the tenderness I'm experiencing currently, I am so THANKFUL that she self-weaned before her 3rd b-day. I just cannot imagine. Kudos to you, jillybeans.

I just googled "early pregnancy + backache" and it seems pretty "normal". I just didn't want to do an internet search, as they can be downright terrifying.
mommycakes's Avatar mommycakes 02:13 AM 07-21-2007
Forgot to add...tingling in my vulva (sorry if TMI).
Jes'sBeth's Avatar Jes'sBeth 02:17 AM 07-21-2007
unexpected waves of queasyness that are getting progressivly worse and I can no longer sleep on my stomach because my breasts are so sensitive. And I'm tired and the crampy abdomen is annoying and makes me feel bloated and period-like which is a bit freaky.
anj7's Avatar anj7 03:54 AM 07-21-2007
Smell everything. Nauseous/queasy. Tired. Cramping. Sore back. Crabby. Insomnia. Gas.

On the plus side, great skin!
cherona's Avatar cherona 06:29 AM 07-21-2007
Mommycakes, I've got all the same symptoms. M/s seems to be picking up each day and I'm really dissapointed that the heartburn is starting so early it's never bothered me in my previous pregs until the 2nd or 3rd trimester. But I welcome all my symptoms. They really didn't kick in until this last week.

6 weeks pg with #4
KatherineNaomi's Avatar KatherineNaomi 09:09 AM 07-21-2007
I've been exhausted, sore breasts, skin breaking out and nauseous. I never experienced M/S with any of my other pregnancies but this time I need to eat every couple of hours. If I let my stomach get empty I feel awful. I can't wait until the first trimester is over.
JasonsMom's Avatar JasonsMom 09:32 AM 07-21-2007
Mommycakes, I've got all the same ones. It's been really bad this week; haven't felt like doing anything; just so tired. And the headaches I get are getting worse each day. Lost my supper last night and I'd been doing so well keeping things down till then. Looking forward to the three month mark...
Snookler's Avatar Snookler 10:05 AM 07-21-2007
Checking in with just about everything here as well. My husband is calling me "the bloodhound" cause I can smell when he washes his hands from across the room.
The initial lach-on with nursing is making me gasp because my breasts are so sensitive.
Queasy, emotional and soo exhausted.

overall, just kinda pregnant I guess :
ibbit's Avatar ibbit 10:29 AM 07-21-2007
I have m/s and heartburn, in fact those two symptoms are why I tested at 9 DPO. I mean nausea could be from other things, but I never get heartburn unless I'm pregnant (and then its so bad I have to take Prevacid my entire pregnancy). I also have very sensitive breasts, and my almost 21 month old is still nursing. And on and off crampy feelings.
dianna11's Avatar dianna11 10:52 AM 07-21-2007
I was expecting sore BB's again, but nearly 7 weeks and they are just hanging there as always pain free.

THe quease on the other hand - LORDY! I certainly didn't have this last time. I haven't thrown up yet, but I'm sure it's coming.

Lets see... constipation, fatigue, weepyness (I found myself tearing up over how cute the little Harry Potter fans were gathering at the book store for the book release - WTF?), crazy dreams.
Eman'smom's Avatar Eman'smom 11:32 AM 07-21-2007
Glad to see I'm perfectly normal and not alone. The nipples, yeah when dd nurses it's like she's cutting me with razor blades, I keep thinking about weaning her but she nurses very little and it's very important to her.

The nausa comes in waves at random times I get this "must eat now" feeling and if I don't eat right away I get really sick.

I'm already getting the stabbing round ligament pain when I sneeze or cough.
KristyDi's Avatar KristyDi 12:15 PM 07-21-2007
My symptoms seem to come and go. I have breast tenderness and yesterday while drying off after getting out the shower the towel scraped over my nipple and it was like sand paper. I can't imagine having a kid nursing.

The most constant symptoms I have are the bloating and gas. I swear I have been farting for 5 straight weeks now!

My lower back aches pretty badly off and on. I have some of the round ligament pain. And, on some days, if I let my stomach get too empty I get queasy and just feel generally yucky until a bit after I've eaten. Orange Juice seems to make me feel better faster. I wonder if it like a low blood sugar thing?

Oh yea, and I'm tired all the time. I'm going to bed earlier and taking naps when I can. I'm so glad that school (I'm a teacher) doesn't start for a few weeks yet. I hope I'll have more energy by then.
joshs_girl's Avatar joshs_girl 12:18 PM 07-21-2007
Weeks 4-6 were pretty easy - peed a lot (but was also drinking tons of water), super tired, and emotional. Also, even though 99% of the time I had no sex drive, boy, it would sometimes hit out of the blue, and I needed it now!! This resulted in, ahem, sleeping Os at times. I felt like a 13 year old boy.

Week 7 saw the start of m/s. I'm really sick in the mornings (puking breakfast), fine in the afternoons, and queasy feeling in the evenings after dinner. It also saw the crazy emotions come out - now instead of crying gently with just a tear or two, telling my husband the only thing I could eat for lunch was a cheese pizza results in sobbing so bad I can't catch my breath. Also, I *have* to have a two-three hour nap every afternoon, or I simply can't function.

My boobs haven't changed much - I do notice if I've worn a bra all day, at the end of they day when I give the girls their freedom, they are very achy. Not sure if that's because the bras are getting too small, or they are just happy to be released!
JustJamie's Avatar JustJamie 03:58 PM 07-21-2007
I'm just going into week 5...the extreme exhaustion is setting in, as is the nausea.

Can't wait til week 12, that's when I got my "second wind" so to speak, and felt like I could do anything.
ChildoftheMoon's Avatar ChildoftheMoon 04:46 PM 07-21-2007
I will be 6 weeks tomorrow. Slight nausea is just kicking in today along with tender boobs. I have been exhausted the last week though. To the point that I don't trust myself to drive in the afternoon. I feel like a zombie!
I was really dizzy from week four to five, but that seems to have passed.
supa's Avatar supa 05:46 PM 07-21-2007
So far (though it's really early,yet!), this preg. has been really diff. than my first. with my son i got insanely sore bbs right away. this time they are fine, which is great because ds is still nursing and i would be really sad if my nipples hurt. i've had cramping, though not so much any more--didn't have any last time. i was insanely hungry right after O, but haven't had much of an appetite since then. I don't much want sweets, which I am usually really into. Well, that happened last time, too. So far, no nausea, but that didn't kick in until week 6 or so for me last time--and I ended up getting hyperemesis, which was so horrendous and debilitating! I am working with a homeopath this time in case it happens again. But I do feel different in terms of my digestion and such--nothing i could absolutely put my finger on. Oh, and I was peeing so incredibly much! Now it's a little less. Craving protein. Thirsty. Get out of breath easier. Probably more, though at times I don't feel anything.

beckyand3littlemonsters's Avatar beckyand3littlemonsters 05:52 PM 07-21-2007
I'm feeling sick, very very tired, constantly thirsty, hungry a lot although not always feeling like eating cos feeling sic, lots of heartburn, sore boobs which are only getting worse by dd wanting to feed lots and keep getting sharp pains in my back and both sides of belly : apart from that i'm super thanks for asking
delaneymom's Avatar delaneymom 08:27 PM 07-21-2007
I think I posted a while back that I was feeling really good, it was actually starting to worry me that I wasn't really pregnant, and I remarked to my husband I wouldn't mind a symptom or two. Silly me. This week I've been exhausted, and really queasy. Dry heaves, but no vomiting. The kind where I need to eat or it gets worse, but I have no appetite. Super sensitive to smells. Oh yeah, and I have diarrhea.
doulanichole's Avatar doulanichole 08:35 PM 07-21-2007
My list is pretty boring - thankfully! Extreme fatigue...sleep for several hours and wake up to only want to go back to sleep, kinda tired. Slight nausea, more sensitives bbs, out of breath, super thirsty and of course hungry, but don't have the patience to actually make myself anything. Did I mention really irritable? I'm sure my family would....YIKES! And oh the dreams! They are just too comical - should really write them down.
mommycakes's Avatar mommycakes 11:19 PM 07-21-2007
I've been having some really vivid and strange dreams too. In fact, I had two pregnancy dreams bef. I got my BFP.

Despite the symptoms, I really can't complain. I'm feeling pregnant and that's just wonderful. I'm so glad to know that the backache isn't anything to worry about. I know I had it with dd1, but didn't remember it starting so early. The heartburn is what's freaking me out. I had it sooooo bad the first time around and it is starting early. It's so miserable.

My feet hurt too and my dh is afraid to give me foot rubs--he's concerned about pressure points. I tried to make him remember that he rubbed my feet almost daily with my last pregnancy, but his memory fails him. Hmm, convenient.
archergoddess's Avatar archergoddess 01:47 AM 07-22-2007
Don't hate me but I have been feeling fine. I didn't have M/S with my first. Only some aversions to some foods when I smelled them. Late in pregnancy I had awful stabs of pain in my kidney area that were almost unbearable. This time around the only thing I can even call close to M/S is when I wake up and I am hungry I KNOW I HAVE to get food quickly and feel a slight twinge of impending nausea, but I never really get there. My only symptoms are a change in taste buds, stronger sense of smell, and I am more emotional. I guess I am a little more tired too. I have noticed a slight change in breast sensation when nursing, but nothing to really complain about. I feel for all you severe M/S experiencers out there
FoxintheSnow's Avatar FoxintheSnow 02:32 AM 07-22-2007
My breasts are always sore lately, I have lots of ligament pain, tired all the time, and my complexion has gotten really good. I get occassional nausea but nothing to speak of really yet.

Oh yeah also my sense of smell has become like a dog's. The other day I was saying to dh ew it smells like cigarette smoke in the living room. He thought I was nuts. He went outside and there was someone smoking across the street while walking their dog and we had our windows closed!
joshs_girl's Avatar joshs_girl 12:02 PM 07-22-2007
To add to the list....

the cleaning aisle at Target!
mommycakes's Avatar mommycakes 02:54 PM 07-22-2007
Originally Posted by joshs_girl View Post
To add to the list....

the cleaning aisle at Target!
YUCK! That is the worst. It kills me if I even get close to it.

Lately I think our house stinks. Today I'm sprinkling baking soda on the carpets bef. vacuuming and washing all the blankets and sheets. I sent my dh and dd away so I could get some cleaning done. Now, if I could only pull myself away from the computer...
jillybeans's Avatar jillybeans 04:13 PM 07-22-2007
Or the smell of bacon cooking? *shudder*

I thought the m/s was bad before...I've been dragging myself off the floor for the last few days. I'm bloated, feel like I'm growing a ton (lots of round ligament pain)
5kids4me's Avatar 5kids4me 05:13 PM 07-22-2007
I'm 9 weeks now...Due feb 25-26

I have m/s(i currently am on Zofran, Unisom, B6 ) to control the vomiting. I am dizzy all the time, I get headaches backaches I could literally sleep the whole day long. I have a weird tast ein my mouth and have so much saliva it could choke me. if I move to fast I get shooting pains in my stomach. (round ligament maybe) I can not smell food I eat if i do I wont eat it. I am emotional but no insomia yet I have the oppisite problem I can't stay awake for anything!

Three more week to 12 weeks..........
mn_mom's Avatar mn_mom 06:59 PM 07-22-2007
The all day queasy feeling has hit me hard. I've been trying to keep my belly full but I've got so many food aversions it's hard. Even this being my 4th pg I can't believe how hungry I get. Just about every smell annoys me, I'm feeling ligament pains already, peeing a ton, and my very first symptom was burping a lot. Oh yeah, can't forget the blinding tiredness that's going on. Ugh, is it week 12/13 yet? Just wake me up when we get there.

ETA--still nursing here too and when my son latches on it is wickedly painful.
Kim&Brooke's Avatar Kim&Brooke 08:19 PM 07-22-2007
Originally Posted by mn_mom View Post
Ugh, is it week 12/13 yet? Just wake me up when we get there.
Oh i feel ya on that! Time is D-r-a-g-g-i-n-g for me. Feeling fine one second and awful the next is starting to get really old!
So the waves of nausea and super painful breasts, coupled with wanting to eat all the time are pretty much whats going on over here...
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