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March 2008 > Dare I ask...how much weight have you gained?
zaner'smama's Avatar zaner'smama 10:27 AM 10-12-2007
I haven't weighed myself for a week or so, but I think I'm up about 10 pounds.
I hadn't gained anything until my last appointment, and then I had a 9 pound jump! I guess I shouldn't be surprised because it was the same way with my son, but it's still a bit disconcerting to see that much in a month!
I'm just hoping not to gain nearly 60 pounds again....

CherryBomb's Avatar CherryBomb 11:36 AM 10-12-2007
19w2d and I've gained about 15 pounds.
crazydiamond's Avatar crazydiamond 02:34 PM 10-12-2007
I'm 17w3d and haven't really gained any weight. I also am not really showing, either.

I'm not worried because this same thing happened with #1. . .didn't gain any weight until after 20w. Still only gained 22lbs total, which is adequate for my overweight self.
uccellina's Avatar uccellina 02:58 PM 10-12-2007
I'm 15w4d, and I've gained 7lbs, though I definitely look 5-6 months pg. I'm trying very hard to gain more, because I want these babies to be fat and healthy when they're born.
AGierald's Avatar AGierald 03:01 PM 10-12-2007
im 17 weeks, and still -3.5 pounds. My last appointment i had gained 1/2 a pound since the appointment the weeks before.

I dont get it though... please no flames, but i only crave like egg mcmuffins, and i eat them for breakfast FIVE days a week. I dont eat any different than i did before pregnancy, and my dh who is about 2x the size of me loves to tell people that i eat more than him, and i still cant gain! I started at 184, and now im 180.5 but i guess it could be worse, right?
mama2q's Avatar mama2q 03:14 PM 10-12-2007
I'm 18 weeks and have gained 10lbs which I'm happy about since the first time around I gained 15-20 by now.
mamadonna's Avatar mamadonna 06:13 PM 10-12-2007
I started at 174 and gained 12 pounds (up to 186) between weeks 4 and 11, but then I started the gd diet and am actually down to 182 right now and haven't really gained anything the last couple weeks, so I guess 8 pounds net so far. I'm 16w2d right now.
nugglemama's Avatar nugglemama 06:37 PM 10-12-2007
I was so happy. I stepped on the scale yesterday and it looks as if I am finally putting on weight. 3 pounds gain.YAY. 19 weeks today.
damselfly41's Avatar damselfly41 07:38 PM 10-12-2007
2 pounds at 15w2d.
mama2q's Avatar mama2q 08:45 PM 10-12-2007
Originally Posted by mamadonna View Post
I started at 174 and gained 12 pounds (up to 186) between weeks 4 and 11, but then I started the gd diet and am actually down to 182 right now and haven't really gained anything the last couple weeks, so I guess 8 pounds net so far. I'm 16w2d right now.
What is the gd diet?
doulanichole's Avatar doulanichole 10:31 PM 10-12-2007
I do not own a scale, but do weigh myself once a week on my chiro's scale. It looks like i have gained 1- 2 lbs so far and am 18w, 1d. Pretty much the norm for me. In a month or so I will pack on like 4-6 lbs all at once. Don't be fooled though, I definitely look pg - probably much moreso than I actually am.

Oh, and I think the gd diet is "gestational diabetes."
mamadonna's Avatar mamadonna 11:25 PM 10-12-2007
Originally Posted by mama2q View Post
What is the gd diet?
Originally Posted by doulanichole View Post
Oh, and I think the gd diet is "gestational diabetes."
Yes, gestational diabetes...sorry.
alisaparrent's Avatar alisaparrent 03:39 PM 10-13-2007
I was begining to think I've gained too much weight! Thank goodness for the last page or so.......I'm at 20 weeks and have gained 12-14 pounds. I actually haven't gained any weight since my 18 week visit, which is odd~ But, so far I'm loving it. I gained 55 lbs with my son!!! Not that it was horrific, but I'd love to just gain 35 with this one. We'll see~ Halfway there, and so far so good~ Considering I have big babies (9.2lbs), I'm sure this one is destined to be big too~
jerawo's Avatar jerawo 07:28 PM 10-13-2007
I have no idea! I'll know for sure on Tuesday.

I was looking at belly pictures from my last pregnancy, and I looked a lot more pregnant that time than I do now. I'm still hoping to gain far less than the 50+ lbs I gained with DS.
lilkat's Avatar lilkat 01:41 AM 10-14-2007
I'm up 3.5 lbs from four weeks ago, for an overall gain of 2.5 lbs from pre-pg! But I only stopped puking daily about a week ago, so I'd better watch myself Lack of nausea fortunately also equates to getting back to the gym, so maybe I won't blow up like a balloon
Dayduh's Avatar Dayduh 12:44 PM 10-15-2007
I have gained 9 lbs and I am 20 wks and 1 day. I gained about 7 right away and then its been pretty steady. This is my 1st pregnancy so I really didn't know what to expect; its not too bad, I will take it!
FoxintheSnow's Avatar FoxintheSnow 05:55 PM 10-15-2007
I just had a mw appt and lose 4 more lbs! This pregnancy turned out to be a good diet lol. The baby is defintiely growing though!
rad's Avatar rad 06:12 PM 10-15-2007
At 17 weeks I haven't gain any. I'm the same as at 6 weeks. But I also still have some weight on from my last pg.
mleh99's Avatar mleh99 01:58 AM 10-16-2007
At my last appointment I was up 10 lbs, I think that was at 14 weeks. I'm hoping to do better with weight gain this time around. I gained 59 lbs with the first, and didn't quite lose it all before I got pregnant again. With the second one, I gained 65 lbs on top of the extra weight I didn't lose. This time around I started out at 125 lbs, so wish me luck...
MamaRainebeau's Avatar MamaRainebeau 02:03 AM 10-16-2007
I've been so worried about gaining weight with the twins (I lost 10-12 to begin with and had to put it back on) that I was actually excited to see I had gained 5lbs this week. Its actually the first 5 of the 24 I am supposed to pack on by week 24... off to get a snack!
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