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The "Because I'm Cranky" Thread

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Omega 3's are so important to me and my growing baby. So, I take them. Every day. Faithfully. But seriously...the fish burps?! Ewww!!!!

Why can't Grey's Anatomy be 2 hours long instead of just 1?
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Sweet baby: I love, love, LOVE it that you are moving around so much now, and I can feel you dancing. But would you please lay off on head-butting my cervix, just for a little while?
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Originally Posted by 1Plus2 View Post
Omega 3's are so important to me and my growing baby. So, I take them. Every day. Faithfully. But seriously...the fish burps?! Ewww!!!!
Hey, I get Omega-3 capsules from Trader Joes. If you have one near you, they make two kinds, and one is "odorless". My experience is that taking one before a good meal means no fishy burps. Taking one with a snack means slightly fishy burps. Eeeew.

My complaint of the day: Why does my endodonist have to have such huge hands. OWIE OWIE OWIE. My whole mouth hurts from my stupid root canal today. Childbirth is easier, I tell ya.
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I want to whine because today I feel very defeated.

I had to drag myself out of bed early, on only 7.5 hours of sleep, not nearly enough for me. It was cold enough in the house that I finally broke down and turned the heat on. Shower went nicely enough. I needed to make some muffins quickly to take to a halloween brunch/playgroup. I added too much flour and they turned out less than stellar. And DS put up a huge fight with putting his costume on.

DH's car's alternator broke on the way to work. At least he got there without my help. He called a coworker to come give his car a jump and made it the rest of the way to work. His car is at his work parking lot tonight so he doesn't have to tow it. We're just barely finishing paying off credit card bills for car repairs we did a few months ago. Not happy that we need more. And his muffler needs a repair as well. Dumb car breaking at every turn. It's too old.

After the business at playgroup/brunch, I was too tired to do *anything* today. The house was such a wreck. The kitchen was a mess from a day's worth of dishes piling up instead of going into the dishwasher, and then there was the mess from muffing making on top of it. So I didn't want to cook anything.

And then I had to go pick up DH from work, so I couldn't snooze on the couch and lose track of time. At least I got to the post office to drop off some bills before their mail pick up time.

Got home and made slightly successful pumpkin pancakes for dinner. They were a little mushy and could use some tweaking, but at least they were edible.

Finally I got to doze off on the couch, boy did I need it. Only to have DH loudly groan and call my name, saying I really needed to get up and help, because DS had pooped, stuck his hand in his diaper, and smeared crap all over the walls. And the toilet in the master bathroom. And toothbrushes. And the elastic on our cloth diapers has worn out, so while we stuck him on the hard bathroom floor to do a quick cleanup of the carpet, he wiggled around a lot and some poop even managed to fall out of his diaper, out of his pants, and onto the floor. All right after I had just barely started snoozing on the couch.

Makes for one grumpy mama.

DD asked why I'm grumpy. I told her that sometimes, when you're growing a baby and feeling really tired and nothing goes right all day and then someone smears poop all over the wall, you get grumpy.

She says I should try harder.
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Hehe, you almost made me pee my pants! Your DD is a riot!
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Your daughter is a stitch, though!
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Oh geez, Becky.'s even worse than throwup. You poor dear.
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My DH thought it was a great idea to go camping this past weekend. It rained and was freezing cold. Not to mention sleeping on the ground while pg is not fun. I didn't get any sleep due to being uncomfortable and cold Then some animal was dying in the forest and making a ton of noise in the process. Monday I woke up from my nice soft bed with a chest cold. Now I am miserable, and can't take anything to make me feel better.

I spent most of yesterday yelling at my kids from the couch. I had NO energy and just wanted to go back to bed.

Today I am feeling a bit better, but the no patience and no energy is really getting to me. I feel like all I am doing all day is yelling at my children, then I feel guilty for yelling at them and for putting so much stress on myself and the baby.

But I swear somebody is going to get hurt if they fight over a toy one more time. They have a whole room full of toys, just pick out another one!!!
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My delightful 2.5 yr old shared her cold with me. It came with a killer sore throat.

All of the appealing looking herbal teas that have nice things on the box like 'throat soothing tea' or 'congestion ease tea' also say DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT. Boo Hiss to that!

I refuse to read the vicks vaposteam bottle. I'll cry if I'm not allowed to have that too!
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Originally Posted by Leiahs View Post
She says I should try harder.

My complaint of the day....

Why, oh why, ye devils of Nestle must you make Butterfingers so good? And why did my children get SO MANY of them yesterday? Hey, at least I didn't BUY them myself!! Right......?

This baby is going to gain 2 lbs. of it's own by the time this candy is gone. And at the rate I'm eating it, that won't be long at all!!!

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Can I just say, I'm cranky... there's a million reasons and yet no reason!

Why, dear little boy, must you act your age? Why is it funny to run away top speed as soon as I ask you to come to me? Why when you have been totally dry for two weeks must you quit communicating with me and pee in your pants in spite of being offered the potty so many times in the day?

Why dear husband must you collect newspapers you don't read? Why are you more tired than I am? How can this be?

And dear body of mine. You are healthy and strong. So, please get it together! Enough with the old lady aches!

Why, why, why can't I feel patient and mellow? Why is it that the stupidest, even funny things make me SO completely grumpy? And how is it that being grumpy makes me grumpier? Is there an end in sight? Cause this is wearing me out.
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Originally Posted by MonP'titBoudain View Post
Why, why, why can't I feel patient and mellow? Why is it that the stupidest, even funny things make me SO completely grumpy? And how is it that being grumpy makes me grumpier? Is there an end in sight? Cause this is wearing me out.
Me too!! One little thing can start an avalanche of emotions that I feel like I can't control. And not being able to get out of it - or my DP's inability to get me out of it - pisses me off even more. It's wearing me out too. :
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Oh thank you for this thread! I clicked in to it to make a nasty gripe about the lazyness of DH, and my bosses $2K couch we have to replace because DH and my sister couldn't be bothered to keep the dxxx cats off it (I know, that would require turning a minute amount of attention away from the tv) when we stayed at his house while finding another one, but I feel so much better-I am laughing so hard I'm crying!
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Reviving this to say....

Sweet baby....those things you keep pushing your bum (I HOPE it's your bum!) against are called ribs. And they are mine. And I should be allowed to lean forward if I need to. Yes, good posture is nice but sometimes I want to slouch without getting the what-for from you. And I do know that you have limited space and that before I know it that you will be here but can we please agree on the rib thing?
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ooh I have a few:

DH, I so appreciate that you are thinking of me, and doing sweet little things like warming up my side of the bed with the electric blanket before I get to bed. HOWEVER, it would make my life far easier if you would do the less-glamorous things like wash the dishes after I make dinner, and actually put your clothes in the laundry hamper so I don't have to look at your socks on the floor next to the bed all week, since I am NOT bending over to pick them up for you at 30 weeks pregnant.

Little baby, It would really help me out if I could tell which body part is squishing my stomach and giving me freaking heartburn. If it is your butt, I will happily live with it. If that is your head up there, TURN AROUND ALREADY, it is not nice to make me worry. Also, why do you have to kick my bladder at 4:30 every morning to wake me up to pee, and then have a little dance party so I can't fall back asleep? What weird alarm are you hearing at 4:30 on the dot that makes you do that?

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