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My son was a little bit early, 38 weeks, but so are many babies with Down Syndrome. I would love to have this one at 38 weeks, but I am not expecting that. My plan is to have all my projects finished by March so I can at least be psychologically ready by then. Then the ball will be in baby's court as to when he feels like showing up.

Kim. My heart is full! Wife to Ray, Mama to 3 boys!  "Big C", our boy with designer genes, "Little C", and "Baby M" 11/2010.
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I'm hoping I go a little early. I'm already having really painful braxton hicks and some cramping. Also, I'm having a lot of pressure already. It was kind of worrying me yesterday. I have a midwife appointment tomorrow so we'll see what they say! I'm almost 33 weeks. I had my last son at 37 weeks, so maybe I will, but then again maybe I won't!

Kristen treehugger.gif mama to Chris(15)eat.gif, Kaitlyn(10)blahblah.gif, TJ(8)sleepytime.gif and Natalie(5)thumbsuck.gif & Emily(2)diaper.gif

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Not me. . in fact I wonder if I'll be the last one here to have the baby.

With my DD, I went to 42 weeks with no signs of labor (no contractions, effacement, dilation, still -3 station,). I never had any BH with her or any signs of impending labor (no lost mucous plug, etc). So far, this babe is following the same course.

My hope is that I do spontaneously go into labor before 42 weeks. I'll be using every natural induction method I can because I really really really do not wish to see my dream HB go down the drain because my body just can't cooperate.

Mama to Boy (2) and Girl (5)
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I would love to go a little before my EDD which is 3/11 but with DS he was 3 days late and though it could be different with DD, I'm not banking on it.
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I have an average gestation of around 38 weeks, so I think I'll go early - and my "due date" is March 2nd. But who knows, I could still be pregnant in March with all the changes going on in my nest right now. Or, maybe the changes will have the opposite effect and I'll go even earlier. My biggest fear this pregnancy has been PTL for some reason. My first it was breech positioning (which didn't happen) and my second was worry-free (maybe tears a little?). So, I'm hoping to keep this lil' one cooking until at least 37 weeks. I check my own cervix, and I'm now 2-3 cms dilated and 50% effaced (VERY stretchy and soft) with a consistently vertex positioned baby (usually ROA) who's head just dropped a little lower in my pelvis. It just seems suddenly so close! I guess maybe that's because my focus has been elsewhere this pregnancy. We need to get our birth supplies stocked and start perineal massage soon . . .

Here's hoping our PROM and bedrest mommas keep their little ones in a few more weeks yet!
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Well, since my dd is the first Im hoping I will pop first!!!
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I struggled to make it to 37 weeks last time due to pre-e but my first I went to 41 weeks so if I can keep the pre-e at bay I'm hoping to make it to 40.
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My first was born at 38 weeks and my second was born at 39 weeks 2 days. I'm hoping for 38 weeks, but we'll see. I'm not due until March 24th, so I won't be the first in the group.

Emily, mama to DD 03/04, DS 01/06, DS 03/08, and DD due 11/20/11cd.gifbfinfant.gif

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DS was born at 35 1/2 weeks. So, the probability is that I'll go early. This one has been engaged since 25 weeks (even earlier than ds dropped) and I've been having LOT'S of bh and some cramping, pulling sensations in my yoni. I'm terrified of going too early. I just really want to make it to 36 weeks and from there I can chill. If I go any earlier that I did with ds, I won't be able to have my hb (obviously) and I have no insurance so that would suck in many major ways!

No watch this baby not come until 43 weeks!

me, wife to dh, the movie geek (7/01), mama to ds1, budding Star Wars geek (10/05), dd, budding princess of the dirt (03/08) and ds2, budding extrovert. watch out! (8/10).
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DD1 came right on her EDD. With her I was told to expect to go any time because I was 2 cm dilated and already very soft a month before she arrived.

This one - I just an u/s and the doc was surprised at how big she was and said she is measuring at least a week early. Doc looked back at the 20 week u/s and said she was also measuring a bit big for 20 weeks back then. No idea what to expect except that I'm having way more, and way more intense BH way earlier than DD1. I hope I go a bit earlier but I'm not holding my breath.
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I may be in the running for last place with my end of March due date. I had a dream that I would have the baby on April 2nd. DS was born 3 days before his due date, so if this baby is like big bro that should be around March 25.

I am def not going to be first!

We are going to be having birth announcements here within a few weeks! It is hard to believe. I hope they don't come too soon! much to do!
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Nope. I'm sure she'll be at least a week late like her sisters
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Originally Posted by uccellina View Post
I'm planning to carry my twins to 38wks2d, then go into spontaneous labor My OB has said he'll get "nervous" if I go over 38 weeks, and I just don't want to have to fight him about induction. So I'm telling the babies that 38wks2d is our time. I'm sure they'll cooperate
My twins were born at 38w3d and were right at 7 lbs. each. My OB at the time also wanted to make sure they were born at around 38 weeks. I did concede to an induction (my bp was high - only that day though) but in hindsight I would have waited longer. Live and learn. Just remember that these are YOUR babies and YOUR birth so no matter how "nervous" he gets, he can't induce you without your consent. Plus, the studies that OB's refer to for twins doing better if they don't go too far past 38-weeks are flimsy at best.

Two babies...I can't tell you what an amazing journey you have awaiting you. Such a magical time.

Karen - Mama to Haven (9/00) , Lillie & Faith (MZ - 12/02) and my first homebirthed baby, Willa (3/08)
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My 1st was born 4 days after her due date, and my 2nd was born 4 days before his due date. So I doubt I'll be "early", but I wouldn't mind the birth happening a few days before the due date - I start feeling a little desperate once that due date creeps up on me, no matter how much I tell myself I'm going to be patient. Plus I think it would be kind of neat to have the baby born on Easter sunday. That's only 3 days before my due date, and close to a full moon, so not too far outside the realm of possibilities, right?

I do tend to think I'll go slightly before my due date, though, for whatever reason. I wouldn't mind the extra time to prepare for baby, but I know by 40 weeks I'm going to be super uncomfortable, so I hope I'm not wrong about that.

SAHM to Melinda (Oct '03), Jacob (Aug '05),  Alex (Apr '08), and baby.gif Malcolm (Sept 29, '11)

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I'm not counting on going early, but I am technically due February 27th, so I guess I'll be on the early side of the birth announcements. I've been hanging out in the March due date club all through this pregnancy specifically so that I wouldn't be at the very end of all the birth announcements. That would drive me crazy.

(Besides, I just like the mammas here in March!)
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I have NO CLUE! Im 22 and this is my first pregnancy. Everyone keeps talking about braxton hicks and contractions already and things like that and I honestly dont know that I have experienced any of that yet! I get some cramps and pressure and pain here and there but figure its all normal. So, that being said... my husband has 2 other kids (a 3yr old girl and a 12 yr old son) and he seems to think that our little one will be about 2 weeks early. I thought the same thing but after reading things on this site Im wondering now if she is gonna be late!? I hate not
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I have a feeling this one will come a bit early between Feb. 28 and March 2. My due date that I calculated, was March 2nd, but the doc made it for March 7th according to the u/s. I'd be very surprised if I make it to the 7th.
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