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March 2008 > i feel like my baby/belly is getting too big!!
contactmaya's Avatar contactmaya 09:34 PM 03-08-2008
Hi everyone,
im almost 38weeks, and so far my third trimester has been pretty comfortable (apart from the cold, and sleeplessness,now over ...sleeping well and no more cold!) However, .......just in the last couple of days, i feel like everytime i eat, my baby grows bigger, and my stomach starts to stretch uncomfortably.

Im afraid my baby will be too big (planning a homebirth)
Last time, ds was a week overdue. If that happens again, i'll have another four weeks of this growing! help! Then theyre going to diagnose 'low amniotic fluid' and induce (like they did last time)

How do you know if your baby is getting too big? Does anyone know if there is something in your diet that might cause this?

Will tonnes of exercise (walking) help?

Anyone else feel this way?

Am i just being silly? (due date march 26)


dioramamama's Avatar dioramamama 10:11 PM 03-08-2008
Hi -- I lurk a lot in this ddc, but have never posted. Just wanted to say I'm due almost the same time as you (3/30) and the stomach stretching feeling after I've eaten has started happening with me too!

Don't have any advice, just wanted to say I feel your pain. It's really uncomfortable. But I do know that at my last mw appt. last week baby was measuring right on target, so the stretching skin/tummy feeling I don't think is an indicator of too big.

Good luck!

MonP'titBoudain's Avatar MonP'titBoudain 10:14 PM 03-08-2008
Well, it's very rare for a woman to grow a baby that is truly to big for her body. Usually when there are issues with delivery it's more that the baby is in a poor position. So, relax

I've never been this pregnant before (also 38 weeks but ds was born at 35) and I feel super huge! I think it's partly just this phase of pregnancy, baby's job is to get big! If you really feel like you need to do something, I would just watch what you are eating. No refined flours or sugars (which aren't any good for you or baby anyway) and drink lot's and lot's (which will help to keep your amniotic fluid levels up). You can also take walks, length depending on your fitness level. Even around the block is better than nothing! I wouldn't do anything too strenuous at this point, especially if you haven't been doing it throughout your pregnancy. I know my body is really slowing down right now. Last week I could easily do two miles and this week I'm only really doing 1/2-3/4 mi.

But, mostly, I would say relax! Enjoy these last few weeks and trust that your body is doing what it should! Good luck
Bellejar's Avatar Bellejar 10:19 PM 03-08-2008
38 weeks here as well, due March 23rd. My belly is too big as well. But this is my third pregnancy and I swear that happened the last two times as well. My babies were 7'10 and 7'3. I wouldn't worry unless you had diabetes or something.
mtm's Avatar mtm 12:22 AM 03-09-2008
due 27 March here and feeling like we're out of space. I make my babies big so their size doesn't bother me but I'd be happy not to get heartburn everytime I eat.
~ani~'s Avatar ~ani~ 07:47 AM 03-09-2008
My belly seems smaller since baby dropped even more. Maybe yours hasn't dropped yet?

That sounds uncomfortable but I hope it's just an impression that baby is too big. I'm sure your body is doing all the right things. Take it easy! And alternate moving around and resting to keep any swelling down.