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Well she's here.

Katherine Elizabeth was born at 1:31am on Tuesday, March 11th after 13 and a half hours of labor.

Thanks to my sister, here are some Pics if you want to skip the long, not proof read birth story.

Birth Story

This is an example of how absolutely nothing ever goes according to plan, but it usually comes out ok in the end. I was kind of in a time warp for most of labor so a lot of the timing is either an outright guess, or I asked someone else.

At 5am on Sunday I woke up to a little gush of fluid. I thought maybe my water had broken, but wasn't sure. It was so little. I did call the mw and got an unfamiliar dr, who didn't think it was my water. I leaked once more that day. I felt a little crampy, but otherwise no real signs of labor. I wasn't sure of my decision, but decided to wait to go in as I had a mw appt. Monday morning anyway.

I got everything for the hospital together and put the phone next to my sleeping dh's head when I left for the mw. During the regular routine I had a high bp, which is pretty unusual for me. It was something over 100. The nurse waited a second while I tried to relax then took it again, the bottom number did go down to 95. Usually I'm in the 120's over 70's or 80's.

I saw the mw, told her about the possible broken water, she tested and yup, my water had been broken. Since I'm GBS+ and had been ruptured for over 24 hours she sent me over to L&D. She apologized that I would need to be induced and said she knew it was the opposite of what I had wanted. I wasn't excited about it, but did feel it was the appropriate action.

I called my DH, mom and sister as I was going over to L&D and let them know what was happening. As I was getting checked in to L&D, DH called said he had everything together and asked where the keys to the truck were. I eventually realized they were in my purse. Opps, so DH was stuck at home with no truck keys. We live a ways from everybody. The best solution was for my MIL to pick him up on her way to the hospital, but that meant he wouldn't get there for around 3 hours. I was kinda starting to freak. Thankfully my sister and mom work very close to the hospital and were able to get off quickly and come be with me.

They hooked me up to the pit. and the antibiotics and took my BP again. It was high again. Anyone what to guess why? I was holding it together pretty well and look pretty calm, but I was scared and upset at being induced and alone in the hospital with DH so far away from getting there. We figured it would come down as I calmed down. My sister arrived soon after and so did mom. I did calm down some and was enjoying chatting with them.

I was beginning to have contractions. I was getting a little uncomfortable and shifting around in bed a lot. The nurse had told me I was not allowed to get out of bed, even though Heather (the mw) and I had discussed walking/swaying/moving around during labor. She was also fussing at me every time I dislodged the EFM, which was a lot. Even though Heather and I had discussed not doing constant EFM. I did not like that nurse. She said she was waiting for Heather to get back to her about the moving around and the EFM.

Josh got there eventually. Actually he must have broken land speed records in his mom's car to get there as quickly as he did. They had continued to moniter my blood pressure and it had continued to be way high. Heather came soon after and told me she hated to do it, but the was high enough that she wanted me to stay off my feet. (I don't remember the numbers, but I do remember that at one time the bottom number was 105) She did say she could place an internal monitor and that would let me be more free to move around in the bed, but because of the pit., 24 hrs of rupture w/GBS, and the high bp she did want to keep an eye on Katie's heartbeat. I hadn't been nuts about the internal moniker before, but thought it was worth it to be able to move around more. For some reason Katie was really hard to find on the EFM and almost any movement I made caused it to loose her.

I hadn't been checked for dialiation beyond the initial check at the mw appt. Then I had been 1cm, 50% effaced and very postier. Now Heather checked me as she went to set the internal monitors. I was 3cm 90% effaced and still very postier. It hurt for her to find my cervix. She said it would hurt but that she could still set the monitor. I wanted to move around really badly, so I said to go ahead. I can honestly say that the pain of her setting that #@$% monitor was the worst I've ever experienced. I projectile vomited by reflex. Heather apologized and said she'd only set the contraction monitor and, based on my reaction, wasn't willing to set the one on Katie. So I was still stuck to the bed.:

Thankfully the nurses changed shift about then and Adraian came on to replace that other nurse. She was great. She helped me find different positions on the bed, she was willing to deal with moving the monitor and re-finding Katie's heartbeat. Basically she was willing to work with me and was very encouraging. Around this time they also increased the pit.

This while time my wonderful DH had been massaging me and joking with me and generally keeping my spirits up. The latest up in the pit dose took effect quickly. The contraction went from painful, but bearable, spaced about 3 min apart to very painful, difficult to breathe through and seemingly never ending. Josh, my DH was a rock. He massaged my back, he held my hand, he reminded me to relax and breathe. But honestly the thing I remember most, when it got really bad, he'd look right at me and tell me to focus on him. I have a very clear mental picture of his eyes just full of love and support and concern.

I was able to deal with these contractions for a while, but honestly, I was beginning to lose the ability to focus. Being unable to freely change positions was really wearing on me and my bp had continued to stay dangerously high. I played with the idea of an epidural for over an hour in my head before I mentioned it. I discussed it with DH and we decided to go with it. I was disappointed, but under the circumstances, I just couldn't go any further.

After the epidural took effect they did the catheter and set the monitor on Katie. Heather also checked me again, still 3cm now 80% effaced. I felt really good for about 15 or 20 min. The pain was mostly gone and I could think clearly again. I know my DH was relieved. Then I began to hate the epidural. I can't really define why, but it made me feel . . .wrong. I hated not really feeling my legs. It was a little lopsided too so one leg was really numb, but the other wasn't so bad. I was also feeling contraction in half my abdomen. Basically I decided the epidural sucks too, just in a different way.

They had started the pit. drip around noon. I think I had the epidural around 8ish. Around 11:30pm Heather came and checked me for the 3rd time. I was still at 3 cm now 90% effaced. Heather told me she was getting a little concerned because I had been such a bad canidiate for an induction and was making so little progress. But she said that as long as Katie was handling the labor well, which she was, and I was doing well that she was willing to let me keep laboring. She knew how badly I wanted to avoid a c-section. She said that she had another baby to deliver soon and that she would be back arounf 12:30 or 1am to check again and that we could look at the situation again and talk about what to do.

Honestly, at that point, I was just so emotionally drained. Nothing, nothing had gone even remotely the way I had hoped. I was tied to a bed with what felt like 9 zillion wires, I had given in and had the epidural which hadn't made me feel all better. And I was just so tired. My body wasn't doing what it needed to do and now I had to decide whether to keep putting myself through this or have the c-section that honestly scared the absolute crap out of me. I wasn't sure if I hoped I'd progress or if I hoped I wouldn't.

Josh helped me calm down. We prayed and believed that my body would work in the way God designed it to so that I could have the baby. Then I did my best to trust God and my body and relax.

One of the little things making me miserable was that my reflux had started up. Because I couldn't eat or drink I assumed I just had to deal. I did finally mention it to Rainer. (The nurse who came on after Adrien. She was also wonderful and respectful and encouraging) She said she had something to fix it. I can't remember what it was now. It came in a little shot glass sized cup. Ranier said it was bitter and to shoot it, but not to worry because no one ever threw this stuff up. So a shot it down. Cue projectile vomiting episode 2.

After that I began to feel something different and weird inside. Because of the epidural, I couldn't define what or even really where it was. But I hoped it was progress.

Heather came back around 12:30 and checked me again. She felt around for a second, then grinned at me. I was completely dilated! I couldn't believe it!

Thankfully the epidural had worn off enough that I could feel the contractions to push. Pushing was great! I had started with just Ranier there since Heather had just come from a birth and needed a bit of a break.

With in 2 pushes, my sister said, "She's got hiar!" I was so surprised. I had read about people pushing for hours and they was seeing hair already! I asked for the mirror so I could see. That was unreal! I couldn't believe that was me.

It helped so much to be able to see while I was pushing. Since the epidural caused me not to feel things specifically, when I looked in the mirror I could see the pushes working and was able to push better.

A few pushes later, Ranier went to the door to call Heather in. One push later heather came in and was shocked at how far along I was. The hurriedly got the bottom of the bed off and got everything ready. The next push, the first with Heather there, I was pushing and suddenly felt a whoosh and release of pressure and Katie was here!

I was so surprised and elated!

I had a very straight 2nd degree tear that needed some stitches, but hasn't bothered me much at all. We had to stay in the hospital 2 days since I had been ruptured so long and we had to wait for 48 hours blood cultures for Katie to come back clear. I wish I could have been home yesterday, but I'm glad we're home now.

Nothing about the birth was what I had wanted. I'm sorry I didn't get to have the birth I had planned for. But all in all, I don't regret it. I don't feel cheated or awfully disapointed. Next time I'll learn more and prepare more and hopefully things will go differently. But for now, I'm just enjoying having Katie in my arms.

If you've gotten this far, thanks for reading! Sorry for the rambling. Gotta go nurse now

Kristy, wife to Josh proud mama to Katie: since 3/08 and Emma since 8/12.

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Congrats! Happy babymoon!

~Marie: Mom to DS(17), DS(16), DD(14), DD(10), DD(8) & someone new on the way.
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I'm sorry things didn't go exactly as you'd hoped but congratulations! Miss Katherine is beautiful!!! She looks so gorgeous and alert in her close up pic! Enjoy your babymoon!!!

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Oh man when you said things didn't go as planned I was afraid you were leading up to a c-section. Thank God that didn't happen to you. I wish your birth had gone as planned though. Congrats on your pretty little girl.

Kara, single mom of 4 girls (5, 8, 16 and 19) crochetsmilie.gif
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COngratulations! Your birth was very similar to my first, except my epidural never worked, I went from 5-10 in 1 hour it was miserable. Induction sucks! Pitocin made me vomit!
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sorry your birth was not what you planned. BUT congrats on your beautiful and healthy baby girl!
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Sounds like you have a great attitude about your experience. I can only imagine how I would have dealt if DH was unable to come when I needed him. You are a strong and together mama!!

Congratulations on sweet Katie! She's beautiful!
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You're really brave. I think that all the decisions you made were level-headed and that you and your husband sound like an excellent team. Congratulations on Katie!!!

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Congrats mama, and happy baby!!
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Congrats Mama! Welcome Katie !
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