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JustJamie's Avatar JustJamie 05:53 AM 03-15-2008
I started having more intense contractions around 2 am...not enough to call "painful" but definitely enough to make me stop and take notice. (Yes I was awake at 2

I had 3 that were 12 minutes apart, then a 4th was 15 minutes after that, then 20 minutes, then I fell asleep. I've been up for 2 hours, and have had 3 or 4 but no regular rhythm between them.

Could this mean that I could possibly have this baby sometime before my due date? LOL

XanaduMama's Avatar XanaduMama 06:19 AM 03-15-2008
sounds promising! looks like we'll be labor buddies!! good luck mama
Sweetmilo's Avatar Sweetmilo 09:37 AM 03-15-2008
I've had nights where I've had contractions steadily for hours, and then nothing.....that was 3 weeks ago....
I'm now 8 plus days past my due date

good luck!
1hautemama's Avatar 1hautemama 10:27 AM 03-15-2008
I've had ctrx the other night that made me think I was definitely going into labor, ran to the bathroom and...turns out I just had to go do #2 real bad:. I was so annoyed with myself for getting the whole family into a state of excitement.
Sending all you still preggo mamas some "very soon, real mccoy" labor vibes
rmzbm's Avatar rmzbm 01:02 PM 03-15-2008
I've been having those for ages, I'm not going to be convinced it's REAL until I see a head!