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salt_phoenix's Avatar salt_phoenix 12:41 PM 03-17-2008
I have a large collection of sarongs that I decided to put to use with little baby Ember... works great on the little ones (she's 6 lbs.), dunno how long it will last as she grows. Just thought I'd share, since surely some of you new mamas have some old sarongs you'd like to use as carriers!!! Or maybe even new sarongs.
The sarong in question is 3'9"x5'5"
I am 5'2" and without the baby belly, a size 12.

Happy babies!!!

ripcurlgirl26's Avatar ripcurlgirl26 12:54 PM 03-17-2008
Cute idea! I have one that MIL got me, I'll have to try it out!
nugglemama's Avatar nugglemama 03:14 PM 03-17-2008
Sarongs make great baby carriers, just makes sure you check for wear before each use. A cotton sarong will wear out much faster then a woven wrap. You look great! my favo carrier roght now is a short wrap too.