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NJ*Doula's Avatar NJ*Doula 12:59 AM 03-21-2008
6lb 13oz, born March 16th at 4:43 am after 50 hours of hard labor and a hospital transfer. Full story to come.

rmzbm's Avatar rmzbm 01:08 AM 03-21-2008
He's gorgeous, congrats!!
AllisonK's Avatar AllisonK 01:20 AM 03-21-2008
~Robin's Avatar ~Robin 01:25 AM 03-21-2008
He is so sweet
1hautemama's Avatar 1hautemama 02:04 AM 03-21-2008
Aww. .That's a sweet little babe you have there! congrats mama, and I'm sorry about the hospital transfer. Enjoy your babymoon.
zaner'smama's Avatar zaner'smama 12:44 PM 03-21-2008
He's so cute! Congratulations!
Rosemarino's Avatar Rosemarino 12:59 PM 03-21-2008
50 hours of labor. Sounds like me! I'm so happy for you to have your little one now. Can't wait for the story.
stelly's Avatar stelly 01:24 PM 03-21-2008
Well done!

For 50 hours you look good in that photo!

Can't wait to hear more and meet him
CherryBomb's Avatar CherryBomb 09:14 PM 03-21-2008
Congrats mama he's beautiful!
gretasmommy's Avatar gretasmommy 09:28 PM 03-21-2008

Enjoy a wonderful babymoon!
~ani~'s Avatar ~ani~ 04:17 PM 03-25-2008
What a cutie! Congrats and welcome baby boy!
delaneymom's Avatar delaneymom 11:23 PM 03-25-2008
He's beautiful! Congratulations!!