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Early in the morning of Friday the 14th, around 3am, labor started all of a sudden. The contractions started in at about every 5 minutes, and were hard enough that I needed to work to breathe through them. I lay in bed for a while on my side, breathing and working through, until I eventually had to get up on my hands and knees and rock around a bit. Soon after that I was up and walking. I woke my husband at about 6am so he could call out of work, and called my midwife. She told me to try to get some sleep and she'd call back in an hour. I did, but at 7:30 I was awake again and the midwife decided to head out to our house.

When she arrived I was in full blown labor, contractions three minutes apart and working them out on my birth ball. They were coming hard, but manageable. After about an hour of observing the midwife decided to check me, because she was sure I was well advanced and could hop in the tub. Wrong - I was 1cm. My husband and I decided to go to the mall so that we could get something to eat, walk around, and maybe buy a baby thing to help motivate me. We stopped in Johnny Rocket's for burgers. The poor teenage boy who was serving us happened to come to our table only when I was having a contraction. Poor kid didn't know what to think. After eating we walked some more, bought a baby outfit, and at one point we stopped at a stand that sells herbal heat packs so I could have one put on my back. We bought one to make up for it, of course. Then we headed home again.

The rest is a bit blurry now. I labored hours more, squatting and walking as much as I could, even going outside for a mile walk on the park path. At one point the midwife went over to a relative’s house down the street to sleep, and I got in the bathtub and had some wine so I could do the same. It didn't take long for me to need the midwife back again, as labor kicked in harder than ever.

By the second round of wine and a bath to soak in, I was exhausted. We'd been going well over 24 hours at this point, and I was starting to see the transfer looming. The contractions were wacky, sometimes coming 15 minutes apart and leaving me feeling fine in between, sometimes coming one right on top of the last. Some were as much as 5, 10, and in one case about 30 minutes long. I tols the midwife I had about had it, and she suggested trying just a couple more things, because she knew how committed I was to birthing at home and wanted to make that happen for me.

Into the tub I went, and that's where I stayed for the rest of my time at home. The water helped a lot, but the contractions were still getting harder than I could manage. At hour 42, I made the decision the transfer. About an hour later, we were ready to go. The half hour ride to the hospital was horrible, even though I only had a few contractions along the way. I was on my hands and knees in the back seat, just breathing and trying no to scream or cry too much and scare my poor husband any more than he already was.

The minute I got out of the car in front of the ER, my water finally broke. I never knew I could hold so much water. Thankfully it was nice and clear. We wheeled upstairs as fast as possible, where it took the longest 15-20 minutes of my life to get the epidural going. At this point the contractions had me, and there was no coping. I basically lay in the bed and screamed through them. Once the epidural kicked in I was in heaven! My contractions started slowing down, of course, so I was given some pitocin to get them going again. In about five hours I was ready to push.

Pushing felt great, but there was quickly a problem. The baby's heart rate dropped every time I pushed and stayed down longer than it should. I was given oxygen and put on my side to take pressure off his cord. The hospital midwife came to talk to me, and we decided that a c-section might be the best option, but we'd talk to the OB first. Thank Gods for the OB! He took a look, watched me push, and decided that we could get the baby out vaginally. It took about an hour of pushing, a second degree episiotomy, and vacuum extraction to get the baby out, but out he came!

Now, days later, I have no regrets. I tried my best for the home birth, but I really think the point that we transferred was exactly when it needed to happen. The baby and I are both safe and healthy, and I feel that I was in control of my labor and all the decisions made. It wasn't what I expected or planned, but it was my birth and I'm proud of it.
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in the end of it all you won the prize, your beautiful baby! I am happy to hear that you did not need the c section. you should be proud of your birth and how hard you worked, mostly at home.
Congratulations, mama!
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Hey, good for you, mama! Labors like that are what medical intervention is for. Sorry it was so hard on you! Congrats on your sweet LO.

Erin, Catholic mama to four sweet boys: Ambrose (11/06), Peter (3/08), Joseph (9/10), and Victor (4/14), and a sweet girl, Charlotte (7/12).
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Congratulations! I'm glad you have a healthy baby and feel happy with your choices. At the end of the day, that's all that matters.
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Congratulations mama! I'm sorry you didn't get your homebirth but I'm glad it all went well and you're happy with the birth (that's the most important thing!) My birth wasn't 100% natural like I had wanted but I'm not upset about it at all.
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Hi! I'm stalking you from the NMY thread... and now you're all graduated! Congratulations! I'm sorry we didn't send you enough unsticky vibes to get the babe to slide right out, but I'm so glad he made it here safely! I'm glad you avoided a c-section and were happy with your birth!

Drop by the tribe if you ever get a spare minute... good luck with that.

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congratulations from all of us over at NMY tribe we're gonna miss you!!!! :
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Congrats from another NMY!! You graduated! I'm so happy for you and your DP. And : to your baby boy!

I'm sure the other NMY grads would love to hear from you. You can find the grad tribe here. Someday when you get a moment, we would love to hear all the sweet stats about your little one: his name, weight, length, eye and hair color, and any other info you want to give so that we can all share in his perfectness.

Also, congratulations on making it through such a difficult labor! You are a super woman! It sounds like it was really, really tough!! I'm really glad that you were able to have the vaginal birth, but more than anything I'm so happy that you have so much peace with how everything went and that you have your baby in your arms, healthy and happy. :
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congrats victoria! All that matters is that you and your little one are safe and happy!

Jill, mama to three fiery girlies and a sweet baby boy: Grace, 11.30.2005,  Ayla, 3.22.2008, Norah 9.5.09, Reed 8.19.11 & dfs Gage 2.29.12   angel1.gif x4

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I'm sorry you didn't get your homebirth, but I am really glad you avoided the c-section. I'm glad you are proud of your birth You should be!!

Kara, single mom of 4 girls (5, 8, 16 and 19) crochetsmilie.gif
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Congratulations GathererGirl! Welcome to mamahoood! Welcome to your new joy!


joy.gifOur joy is born!  joy.gif
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Congrats GatherGirl! Thank you for sharing your birth story! Yay you graduated from NMY to being a mom! That's so exciting! I loved reading about all the steps you took before you went into the hospital. Still trying to wrap my head around the idea of being able to go to the mall while in labour! That's amazing and awesome
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I'm going to send you a big old hug, because I know what you went through. Your labor sounds so much like mine, and I know mine was awful, and overwhelming, and sometimes scary. I'm so glad you got the help you needed when you needed it, and that you and the baby are happy and healthy.
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