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mtm's Avatar mtm 01:14 PM 04-03-2008
My Katherine is a week old now and has the cutest little cry, she sounds like a little seagull when she's hungry. She's sleeping well which I know won't last


~ani~'s Avatar ~ani~ 01:29 PM 04-03-2008
3w tomorrow (how did that happen?!) he's changed so much already!!!

He's sleeping less and less, with more and more alert looking around. He can sometimes find the boob himself and latch back on if it's in the vicinity He squeaks like a little mouse in his sleep, and sometimes grunts like a baby lamb! He scratches his face and puts sucks on his fist when he's hungry. Since Monday he's been sorta gassy and fussy a little more I am looking into eliminating cow's milk from my diet. Gotta find other sources of calcium though. He's a total little piggy and is gaining weight SO FAST

I'm just trying to make the most of every moment with him - he's changing SO FAST!
salt_phoenix's Avatar salt_phoenix 01:45 PM 04-03-2008
My "March" baby (so much for EDD's ) is TWO MONTHS OLD!!!!
We are taking her FIRST camping trip this weekend, leaving today! :

Still having milk transfer issues while nursing, the up side is, she DOES nurse, and thanks to domperidone, I have enough milk when I pump to feed her without formula supplement!

She finally grew out of her preemie clothes and is now a whopping 7 lbs.
She's still smaller than my other two when they were born... At least she's healthy and growing!
~Robin's Avatar ~Robin 09:13 PM 04-03-2008
mine is 9.1 and 3 weeks old. Such a sweet little boy...loving him so much!
AllisonK's Avatar AllisonK 03:55 AM 04-04-2008
Will be 5 wks on Sunday and she is 10lbs 5 oz.
esmlranch's Avatar esmlranch 03:59 AM 04-04-2008
nak i am so in love with this little girl! she is 3 weeks old now. we were a little worried that she wasn't gaining weight because between 1 and 2 weeks she didn't gain any. but between 2 and 3 weeks she gained over a pound from 7-4 to 8-8!! so now we are not worried any more.

she is still very sleepy but has more awake times. even while awake she is very mellow. i am feeling very blessed. she has been a little gassy. i am off dairy and trying to watch out for the other gassy foods.

we went for our first walk today. she slept snuggled in the sling and all zipped up in dh's coat. i had to carry ds on my shoulders and her in the sling for a while. i guess i am feeling pretty good these days!

oh, and her baby noises sound like a cat. ds calls her squeaky. i am just trying to take it all in..............before all this disappears.
nugglemama's Avatar nugglemama 12:00 PM 04-04-2008
V is 1 month old today. Man the time goes by wayy too fast. We are doing well. For the most part she is an easy going baby. SHe started cooing and grinning at me this week although it's only one or 2 times a day. Last night she shocked me by going 4 hours. Now if only my son had been sleeping. lol Currently she is snuggled in my wrap sleeping on my chest.
Trinitty's Avatar Trinitty 12:11 PM 04-04-2008

our wee girl is 12 days old today. last check was 8 pounds, 12 ounces. gaining weight well and nursing like a pro. she has been gassy the last few days b/c i have been loading up on vitamin c due to dh being sick. trying to soak up the moments. she's precious.
Jes'sBeth's Avatar Jes'sBeth 12:38 PM 04-04-2008
Meredith weighed in at 9lbs 1.5 ozs on Wed and will get weighed again today. She's a chubby wee lass that's for sure! (she's all of 5 days old) She's a great nurser, a great sleeper and is really good at blowing out her diapers!

We're really looking forward to her cord falling off. It smells like DEATH! icky! (it's not infected, just icky smelling!) it's looking like it's going to go sooner rather than later though so that's good.

All is well here really. I'm absolutely exhausted I think just from the blood loss because I"m getting as much sleep as I was before baby was born I think. It's fun to have a newborn around again. It's fun to watch our 3 yr old starting to embrace being a big sister too. She decided to wear her shirt that says 'Big Sister Annie' today after vehemently refusing to even look at before today. All good signs we think for a lifelong friendship (with a few thrown toys in there for good mix!)
monamcmona's Avatar monamcmona 02:19 PM 04-04-2008
Sonny will be five weeks Monday! He's amazing. He stays awake for longer stretches now. Big sister LOVES when he's awake! she's totally in love with her little brother. she talks to him, snuggles, kisses, hugs & helps bathe him! I'm so happy (and relieved) she's smitten.

Sonny is very easy going. The only time he gets really upset is when he's in the car seat. I don't blame him....
I love this newborn stage, but I can't wait for the smiles & giggles!!
KristyDi's Avatar KristyDi 04:08 PM 04-04-2008
Katie is doing great! She's 3wks 3 days today. She's filled out a lot in the past week. Her little face has gotten so round.

She's a great nurser. I'm pretty sure she spends the majority of her time attached to my boob.:

We've been out a few times and discovered that she loves the car and the stretchy wrap. Both put her right to sleep.

My MIL e-mailed me a pic of my DH when he was a baby and it's unreal how much he and Katie look alike.Look!

She's also a really a great sleeper too. Thank God for co-sleeping. She sleeps usually 3 and a half to 4 hours at a stretch and there is very little crying because I wake up at the same time she does.

I'm loving getting to know our babe. I do occasionally feel a little guilty because I think Katie is an easy baby. None of the horror stories about screaming babies or sleepless nights seem to be coming true.
monamcmona's Avatar monamcmona 05:00 PM 04-04-2008
Originally Posted by KristyDi View Post

My MIL e-mailed me a pic of my DH when he was a baby and it's unreal how much he and Katie look alike.Look!
wow. you can hardly tell them apart!!!!
CherryBomb's Avatar CherryBomb 07:58 PM 04-04-2008
I'm totally in love with Rory. She's an awesome baby. She's 2 weeks and 4 days old and still sleeps great though she's having longer wake periods. She hardly ever cries (she's only had 2 actual crying jags). She's just great and she makes the cutest faces and noises. I love her!
anj7's Avatar anj7 08:33 PM 04-04-2008
Natalia is 4 weeks old today and had a Dr. appt, where she weighed in at 11 lbs, 1 oz and was 22 inches long. That's 2 lb up from birth and a 2" length increase. No wonder all she does is eat and sleep!

She still sleeps loads. She tends to cry when she's awake after a short period of relaxed state. I took her to the Dr. to see about a prescription for reflux, as having gone through it twice already with DD1 and DD2, I want to get DD3 as comfortable as possible as soon as possible,
DBZ's Avatar DBZ 01:41 AM 04-05-2008
Zoë is 3 weeks today. I had her weighed yestarday and she was about 9lbs 8oz (7lb 13 at birth). She loves the boob and has a gazillion saturated diapers to show for it. The bummer part is that she has thrush and naturally, I do too. We are on gentian violet and diflucan. Zoë's big sisters love her like crazy. Abby, my 2 yo loves to cuddle with her and help her nurse. Apparently Abby thinks that proper hand placement is required. Tonight at CVS, Abby grabbed a pack of flashcards and dropped them in the card and announced, "ZoZo want"
salt_phoenix's Avatar salt_phoenix 01:26 AM 04-08-2008
DBZ's Avatar DBZ 01:35 AM 04-08-2008
How beautiful!! Ember looks sooooo content.
Kothi's Avatar Kothi 11:41 AM 04-09-2008
It's so cool to hear about all your babies on the outside!

Savitri just turned 2 months (one of the OLDER babies - so odd!) and is 10 lbs, 6oz. She loves to eat and is making up for all that NICU time by nursing often and expressing discontent the exact second you put her down. Between the sling, moby, and thanks to her ThaTha (grandfather) holding her, that doesn't happen very often. We're seeing glimpses of a smile - just cant' wait for that "social smile" and the cool interactive months ahead. Arjuna is adjusting slowly, but would really prefer to put her back where she came from, (uh, NO, sorry). I'm trying to give him as much "big baby" time as he needs (he's just not a big boy yet, really, and I'm trying to keep that in mind). He came and cuddled into me a good 20 minutes after his nap yesterday (a VERY long time in his world to be still). Aaaaaaah, baby cuddles. This is why you do it, despite no sleep and five million diapers.
beckyand3littlemonsters's Avatar beckyand3littlemonsters 01:34 PM 04-09-2008
Caden is now 3+5wks old and when weighed yesterday was 10lb 4oz he's feeding really well is a little guzzler lol, poor little love has cough and cold at mo took him to dr's and they've said he's ok and it will soon clear up.
Rosemarino's Avatar Rosemarino 03:47 PM 04-09-2008
Pascal smiled at me yesterday!! I would say "yeah! yeah!" and he'd grin and grin. I cried of course.
lilkat's Avatar lilkat 07:36 PM 04-09-2008
Ren is 5 weeks old today. She can hold her head up really well and she has the most beautiful smile! She hates to be alone at all, so I hold her or keep her in the sling almost all the time. She'd nurse 24/7 if I let her! She's almost 10 lbs. now, and she's already grown out of some of her newborn clothes; we'll get an accurate weight on Saturday when we have our final post-partum visit with our midwife
Leiahs's Avatar Leiahs 07:42 PM 04-13-2008
My little Alex is just under 2 weeks now. I've had a restful postpartum period, with MIL arriving in town the day after birth, and quickly getting to work at taking care of everything. DH is taking this coming week off of work as well, so I'm still letting myself be spoiled.

I was dealing with some pretty bad hemorrhoids, but I'm feeling much better now, so I've gone out with the family a couple times. It's been lovely to get some fresh air and sunshine!

Alex had an appointment with our new family doctor 3 days after his birth - he was already 10lbs 11oz, 1 ounce over his birth weight! And going to a family doctor was so much fun - it seemed like every staff member in the office was coming over to us to fawn over the cute baby! You certainly don't get that reaction at a pediatrician's office! I was very happy with the general attitude of our new doctor, too (totally didn't bug us when we told her we'd be refusing vaccines). We did our PKU test, and unfortunately they didn't end up filling up each circle completely, so we had to repeat it a few days later. Poor little Alex. But at least the second time, he barely cried - practically slept through it!

We've been frustrated by Alex getting seemingly very uncomfortable and cranky between about 11pm and 1am. But besides that, he's a fairly easy baby. He's even had a few nights of going about 5 hours between nursing. Last night, I'm fairly sure he didn't wake me up to nurse until 7am, after he had fallen asleep at 1am. That's a looong time for a newborn!!! He's continuing his sleep marathon today (in my arms as I type! ), he's hardly been awake for more than a few minutes all day, and it's 5:30pm already. Our doctor reminded us to expect a growth spurt around 3 and 6 weeks.... maybe Alex is already in his 3 week growth spurt, since he was just about a week overdue (and is about 2 weeks now)? He's definitely not looking sick. Just amazingly sleepy and peaceful.

It's also just amazing to see the age differences between my little guy and some of the earlier born March babies! At this early stage, those few weeks sure make a big difference!

On a side note - my kids won't stop calling Alex "your baby", as in "Mommy, what's wrong with your baby?" "Mommy, where's your baby?" etc. It's slightly annoying me, I wish they would just call him by his name, or at least "the baby" instead. I don't know why it grates on my nerves so much, though. It's odd.
Barefootmystic's Avatar Barefootmystic 12:00 AM 04-14-2008
Haven't posted my birth story or anything but I had a little (or should I say a big GIRL on April 3rd....13 days past EDD) weighing in at 9 lbs. 5 oz. We were pretty shocked as my midwife was guessing she'd be around 6-7 lbs.

I had a bleed that knocked the wind out of me pretty bad but I'm starting to feel better everyday. My mom and DH have been here to help and they have been total lifesavers (DH goes back to work tomorrow and my mom is gone the next day...I'm so nervous) My little lady is cute as a button. She sleeps pretty much all day and then is awake between 11 and 1am (kind of a tough time as my DH has to be in bed so I'm on my own) She and I co-sleep in a separate bedroom as well because she's pretty fussy at night so it's rough on the relationship but hopefully it will get sorted out soon enough and all 3 of us can sleep in the same room together again.
healthnutmama's Avatar healthnutmama 10:17 AM 04-14-2008
Ruthie is approaching the 5 week mark. and ~~it just goes by so quickly~~Before I know it, she'll be running around here with the other 3.

We ended up seeing a Ped that I this past week. She only accepts newborns right now, so I thought it was important to establish her as a patient in case we ever need her. Ruthie is 8 1/2 pounds already--just shy of a 2 pound gain!! That momma milk is some pretty amazing stuff.

She's looking around, smiling, holding her head up, and grunting. We even got a little coo this week as well as a giggle in her sleep. Pure bliss.

It's great to hear about all of her baby buddies. Keep the updates coming!
day-by-day's Avatar day-by-day 12:21 PM 04-14-2008
How the time flies!

Lydia turned 2 months old last Friday! She is 10 lb. 7 oz. (up from 7 lb. 13 oz. at birth.) She's smiling and beginning to coo. She is awake and alert for much more of the day than she had been, but she sleeps fairly well at night.

I'm not one of those mommys who just loves the newborn stage. It is wonderful and exciting and precious, but I remember with my other children feeling like they really started getting fun around 3 months. So, as wonderful as this time has been, I'm looking forward to it getting better and better as Lydia becomes more interactive.

Her siblings love her, snuggle her, ask to hold her. I can't wait to see them interact when L gets old enough to actually "play" with them - hold toys, giggle at their funny faces and noises, imitate, sit up and move around.
~Katrinka~'s Avatar ~Katrinka~ 05:06 PM 04-14-2008
All the other babies seem soooo much older! Teddy just turned 2 weeks this weekend. He seems to be gaining pretty steadily - I'm guessing he's over 10 pounds already, which is funny for me, since most of my kids weren't anywhere near this big at this age. He likes to snuggle and be warm, so I'm glad I have a sling, and lucky there are lots of big sisters here who want to hold him. He spends more and more time in the "quiet alert" stage every day, which is super-cute.
His bellybutton is being all gross again. The stump fell off a week ago, but his bellybutton is still red and crusty. Anyone else having this problem?
ripcurlgirl26's Avatar ripcurlgirl26 06:07 PM 04-14-2008
Zak is doing well! Nurses all the time and is smiling now. I weighed him at 11 lbs exactly the other day. He's 6 weeks now and we're in love.
47chromosomes's Avatar 47chromosomes 08:08 PM 04-14-2008
Calvin is doing great! He is absolutely huge--12lbs at 4.5 weeks (his birth weight was 8.5lbs, so almost one pound a week!!). He is just beginning to smile at us, and is a pretty mellow guy unless he's working on a gas bubble. He is sleeping like a newborn and we are pretty tired. He is a great second child. He is easy to take places, loves the sling, loves being held by others, doesn't mind to be set down for short periods. I am so blessed to be the mama of two wonderful boys! This is really cool.
mommycakes's Avatar mommycakes 08:35 PM 04-14-2008
Oh, this is fun! I'm finally at the computer again for a few moments and love hearing about all of the new babies.

Nola is such a sweetie--I can't believe how much I love her. I felt that way with big sis Ada too, though. It's just amazing how your heart grows and grows. Nola will be 4 weeks on the 20th-wow! She's a champ at nursing and is gaining weight quickly. She started out at 7lbs8oz and was above her birth weight at 4 days, now she's over 10 lbs! She's a strong little babe with amazing head control. She lifts her little head up off our shoulders and looks all around--she's done it almost from the beginning. I love her little serious face and all of her beautiful dark hair. Her eyes are navy blue with some brownish specks--we can't wait to see if we have another blue-eyed girl or if this one will have brown eyes like her momma and her excited great-grandma (Nola's middle name is great-grandma's first name). This little gal knows what she wants and when she wants it. She had the sweetest little kitty cry in the beginning, later she sounded more like a lamb and now she just exercises her lungs to their full capacity (especially in the car). She's so kind to us and lets us sleep in 2-4 hour chunks at night--we wake feeling rested and praying that it lasts. We've all been suffering from a nasty cold--baby included--so the past week has been rough. Everyone is on the mend except me, my throat is still killing me.

Ada is so sweet to her little sister and very patient. She loves to look at her and tell her stories and she LOVES to hold and snuggle her. We've had a few rough moments during this transition but I think we've all adapted well. I feel like Nola's been here forever--she just fits our family and our hearts so perfectly.
Smokering's Avatar Smokering 02:54 AM 04-15-2008
Rowan was four weeks yesterday. So much for all the angst about choosing her name--she is known variously as The Snortlepig, Short Stuff or Little Dude. Actually it's rather confusing--DH and I call each other cutesy, babyish nicknames all the time, so it can be hard to know who he's talking to! "Hey Tiny One... and Tinier One'... Very odd.

I have decided that the snortlepig is most impressive. She is gaining like, well, a snortlepig, tipping the midwife's scale at 9 pounds naked and screaming yesterday. She doesn't behave like my idea of a newborn at all--very alert and expressive, with a good strong neck and back and legs. She loves standing, holding up her head to look around and 'crawling' (pushing off with her legs against my hands). She's a 'good AP baby'--loves to be held, likes to sleep with one hand on the milks in case she needs them, and pretends to be starving hungry only to become mysteriously happy when she sees Mummy coming. Sometimes before she feeds, especially if I'm lying down to nurse, she'll just stare at the milks with her eyes and mouth wide open and waggle in delight, as if to say 'I'm not even gonna drink these right away, I just want to bask in the fact that they're here!' It's adorable--after a painful start, breastfeeding is really becoming rewarding.

I must show you pics, of course! http://www.flickr.com/photos/elisabe...ll/tags/rowan/ Isn't she nice?
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