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"Parenting through Connection instead of Coercion, Through Love instead of Fear"

by Pam Leo, 2005/2007 revised edition, third printing (my copy, that is)

[I]recommended by Joseph Chilton Pearce (author of 'magical child'), Christiane Northrup MD (author of 'mother daughter wisdom'), Suzanne Arms (birthing the future &author of "immaculate deception"), Kali Wendorf (editor of byronchild magazine), etc.

for more info see[/I]
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i have the book and will join discussion
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ugh! i just lost my post!

ok...where shall we start!? i'm so glad you want to join! yay! :

i was thinking since the exercises are so involved and take more time we could maybe start on each chapter every 2 weeks...?

would you like to go thru each exercise together or just certain ones or just discuss insights, revelations, challenges, etc.??? i'm open to all.

i would love to do the biography exercise in ch 1 as i do not have anyone to do that w/ IRL...of course we can omit personal references such as names, places...
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1 chapter per 2 weeks sounds good to me! I would love to do the excerizes here, when I read the book the first time I admit I didnt I need the motivation.
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ok...i'll post my list in a bit...right now i need a NAP.
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I'll join! I was reading this a while ago but only got through the first couple of chapters. I have the first exercise posted here (I can repost it here if people want).

Looking forward to learning with you mamas!

Chessa , mama to Silas T (6/06) , wife to Chad . Welcome August Emerson! 2/8/10
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are we posting the first excerisze here? or are you going to start a thread for it?
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I read this book a few years ago. I'd like to re-read it and join in this discussion. Now to go find the book...

Michele, mom of DD 5/01, DD 11/03, and DS 11/06

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its me, br. : cuz that is what i am. i am doubly blessed too but i like boat rocker better for these times.............

ay...yi...yi...sorry mamas...i've been MIA. ok. my list. hold onto your seats...there is a lot here. i've put the positive and negative ones that i feel i got mostly as a child:


__________________________________________________ __________


unconditional love
creativity/uninhibited creative expression
safety/security emotionally, physically, spiritually
fun, joy, play
sense/knowing they belong
healthy bodies, minds, spirits
lots of time in/with nature & like-hearted people
a love for animals
healthy self image
healthy habits

living 'right livelihood'
healthy boundaries/vulnerability

to be for peace

personal growth
self acceptance
diversity embraced


lots of "dads"
abuse: verbal/emotinal-yelling, threatening, insulting, bullying, punishing, shaming... physical harm-hitting, nail digging, pushing, grabbing... sexual molestation/abuse, love addiction/promiscuity

dysfunctional relationships/relating
conditional love
too much change
sedentary bodies/minds/spirits
lots of exposure to media
'boxed in' education
self hatred/self sabotage/self loathing
substance abuse/chemical dependency

self righteousness



a lot of the 'nurturance' i got as a child was inconsistent. i am also starting to believe a lot of it was just an illusion reason being is i was surrounded by a lot of drug and alcohol use...i often was around a lot of adults while my parents 'partied'... i felt very alone and it was hard to highlight the positives (nurture list) as they were not a consistent thing-thus, neither was the 'hurt' side. my mom and 'many dads' parenting style was all basically inconsistent which made if very very confusing for me...i was often told by my mom how special and loved i was...that we were survivors...that i was my mom's everything, basically. yet when i was 2 years old my mom told me to not call her mommy anymore but to call her by her name since she was not only my mother but my friend... i grew up calling her 'nanny' (her name is nan/nancy). not sure if i called my father 'dad/daddy' as he wasn't in my life from when i was age 4-16...but i called my step dad by his first name growing up from 7-17. bizarre. a few times in my childhood i wrote in the inside cover of some of my storybooks "TO LISBETH, LOVE, MOM AND DAD" i obviously was craving just be able to be the child instead of a friend or a buddy or this special being somehow above all other children. it wasn't just 'special' in my mom's was like she said it in a way that i was superior in my special-ness to all people. i often find myself acting as if i'm entitled in life... (yes, i'm an only "child") i sought out a lot of my unmet needs thru sleeping around/serial monogamy starting when i was 14... so sad. & other dysfunctional/emotionally & physically/developmentally damaging behaviors. i was seeking love and affection. adoration.

in my art therapy group last week i realized a lot of that peace, joy and love i experienced as a child was possibly an illusion. those people were addicts. they were under the influence of a lot of substances and workaholism and stress and such. totally contradicting their beliefs about life and living... my mom was a hippie...i think she is at heart...yet she is uptight and avoidant and puts a ton of makeup on now and a ton of haircolor and wears those one piece body suits/underwear every day. she is a workaholic and phobic/paranoid about illness, money, safety/hazards... it is still very confusing for me. i live w/ her (w/ my kids) and i am not so sure this is a healthy place for us...being around her so much. it triggers me and my daughter is frustrated and confused as i alwyas have been by my moms inconsistency and contradictions...

what i realized in art therapy is at the very end, all of a sudden that song "strawberry fields"by the beatles popped into my has always been a special song to me and it reminds me of being a free little girl (or WAS i, really, in every way...?) "...strawberry fields forever...nothing is real...and it's nothing to write home about...". i left realizing all my 'intimate' relationships have been my hippie childhood was. yeah. painful stuff...but healing for me...
PHEW! that was a LOT. that first exercise is probably the largest and most time consuming.................................

ok. mamas, its your turn!!! my parenting strengths coming be continued............... :
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