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NettleTea's Avatar NettleTea 01:49 AM 02-06-2011
    Anybody interested in getting the MDC Goodreads bookclub thing going again? It is DEAD.


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        An MDC book group... who knows what that means?



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princesstutu's Avatar princesstutu 01:08 PM 03-24-2011

Just seeing this.  I love Good Reads and I was reading along with a book group there, but they never actually discuss the book.


I want to discuss the books I read with a group.  I'll check out the MDC group.

raksmama's Avatar raksmama 02:55 PM 04-09-2011

I also like to discuss books I read but have not been able to figure out how to use goodreads yet.

NettleTea's Avatar NettleTea 05:53 PM 05-25-2011

Welcome to you both!

samstress's Avatar samstress 12:51 AM 10-26-2011

so, did this not get going again?  just now noticing it.  i'm actually in the mdc mavens group on goodreads (but haven't been over there in a couple years).  hide.gif  apparently no one else has either.


would love to get something going.  anyone?



NettleTea's Avatar NettleTea 12:57 PM 10-26-2011

I check on the group every so often. I see the same thing every time - no new posts since July 2010. It takes more than one person to keep a group active. I'm not the admin, just a very interested member. reading.gif

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