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sleepypeanutsmom's Avatar sleepypeanutsmom 06:27 PM 01-02-2012

My daughter is saving up for a Nook.  We just read some bad reviews online and are feeling conflicted.  Does anyone have one?  How has it worked for you?  What has been your experience with customer service?  Did you purchase the extra warranty?  Would you recommend the Nook?



TiredX2's Avatar TiredX2 10:25 AM 01-04-2012

I have a Nook.  When I bought it, the Kindle was not able to get library books yet.  Now it can.  Because of that, if I was in the position to buy an ereader *now* I would definately go with the Kindle.  I shop at Amazon, though, and I know that is an issue for some people.


My FIL prefers the Nook.  He actually just got a color Nook and passed down his old one to MIL.


I have had *some* problems with my Nook.  Sometimes it is not recognized on the computer and I think mine has a faulty usb port.  Sometimes I really need to wiggle the cord around to get it to charge or connect. 


Which Nook are you considering?  I'm intrigued by the Kindle Fire, but it doesn't have the same reading technology as the regular Kindle & Nook, so if you are primarily going to be using it for reading (versus aps or whatever) that doesn't sound that great.


Good luck!

Holland73's Avatar Holland73 08:44 AM 01-06-2012

I've had my Nook Color since Xmas 2010 and love it!  Haven't had any problems with it and use it daily, especially for school.  I love how I can highlight parts & write notes throughout the book and my Nook keeps it all condensed in one little section.  Yeah, I love my Nook Color!   

A&A's Avatar A&A 09:40 AM 03-03-2012

I love my Nook Color.  Both the Kindle and the regular Nook have a bad "back-flash" that really bothers me whenever the page is turned.  The Nook Color doesn't do that. 

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