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KatelynRose's Avatar KatelynRose 01:13 PM 07-20-2014
Hello everyone.. I'm not necessarily talking about a book club per se but I'm hoping those who visit this thread will be able to suggest some books for me to read while pregnant.

I am mostly interested in books that address the spiritual (not religious) side of birth, the mystical side. I very much believe in reincarnation and I am interested in forming a stronger connection with my child's spirit before he is even born.
I have received some suggestions for a few books about birth like Ina May books and Bradley Method books? Can anyone suggest other specific books that helped them through the process of birth?

I appreciate all suggestions! My good friend told me she was going to refer a few books to me but she never has (she's a brand new mom so her hands are full) but it has left me wanting to read something that pertains to the experiences I'm living through now!

applejuice's Avatar applejuice 03:55 PM 07-20-2014
Soul Trek by Elizabeth Hallett

Amazon Amazon

KatelynRose's Avatar KatelynRose 04:15 PM 07-20-2014
Ooooo that's a GREAT suggestion, thank you!
applejuice's Avatar applejuice 04:25 PM 07-20-2014
She also wrote Stories Of The Unborn.
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KatelynRose's Avatar KatelynRose 05:27 PM 07-20-2014
Awesome! And that one has a very cheap kindle version, which is nice I can use the kindle I was gifted ages ago and rarely use... Thank you! I'm excited to read these!