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I *hate* the bucket. Hate. Even without a baby in it, it's bulky, uncomortable, heavy and awkward. Even worse with the baby in it.

But, when you have a January baby in a bad New York winter, you do what needs to be done. If I'm forced to run to the grocery store for milk with my toddler and my infant, and it's dark and snowy and I'm alone, you bet your bottom dollar I'm taking the baby in the car seat and putting her in the cart part, and the toddler is sitting in the cart's seat. No one's screaming, no one's freezing, and it's easier on everyone. I love my slings and so did/do my babies, but sometimes, the bucket's going to get used.
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Originally Posted by tinyactsofcharity View Post
ETA: Okay, I'd like to say here that I am not being judgmental here. I had to go to toys r us the other day and saw 3 different babies in buckets clipped into the toddler seat on the cart even though there was a sign that said not to. All three were screaming bloody murder. THEN while I was still there, I saw a preschooler grab onto their parents cart, while it was holding the baby seat, and the weight FLIPPED THE CART. Traumatizing, much?!?!
OMGsh yes, very! I saw that when I was 10 and the image has NOT left me. *shudder*

Mama to expecting Babe 2
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Okay... I'm dumb and I don't know how to quote y'all so I'll just kindof address some stuff:

I guess my point was... I use my bucket. Daily. And generally I love it. But I see abuse, too. Yes, I know ppl buy cheapo second hand ones to use shopping, etc.... but the times I see the old expired ones or kids to big for them is when I see them in other social situations being strappped into one to GO INTO the car... like leaving my mom's group playdate or church or from going out to coffee, etc. I myself have considered buying a cheapo seat for ds1 to play with.

The lady at WIC literally looked at me like I had 2 heads when I didn't bring my bucket, and I asked her "What about people that don't use them?"... she honestly had not encountered that. I think the point is that I know lots of people who don't use buckets, and I see lots of babies in expired ones or in buckets long after they have outgrown them at WIC, but nobody says anything -- THAT is the scary part.

There's no reason I couldn't have held the babe to weigh us both, then put him on the baby scale and taken the difference. The nurse said that wasn't an option bc she needed to 'see' my 'official' weight, so my suggestion was for her to hold the baby. When I go to WIC I see parents sitting in chairs with baby in bucket at feet, either rocking the seat with a crying baby very vigorously or not even looking at the baby or acting like they care, speaking to their children horribly, not supervising older toddlers while they are playing/fighting, etc. IMO the staff at WIC should not be allowing/encouraging that sort of environment, WIC should be a place where parents can get support to do loving and caring things. (yes I know that the nurses are probably understaffed, underpaid, and overworked)

As to the one mom at church... I'm not trying to judge. I just happen to know that she works pt from home and lives with her mom who watches her toddler and the baby during the day, makes meals, and does light housekeeping... and is at church with mom, teen son, and dh. None of them pick up baby, instead handing over a paci at each utterance until baby screams, she bf's, then puts the baby back down. There is another mom I know who often brings her little one in the bucket... she has a very high needs toddler and *needs* her baby in the bucket but interacts with him and takes him out to bf... I totally get that. I just don't get the entire loving family sitting around watching the baby play by herself in the bucket, especially at church.

I *totally* agree that there are some babies that won't calm down without being in a carseat, and sometimes that's the only way a stressed parent can get baby to sleep (like my neice who sleeps just fine now). Sometimes babies scream in the carseat because they scream all the time. IMO, there's a difference here, especially if the parent is using the seat SAFELY (straps adjusted correctly, recline done correctly, handle up/down per manufacturer, seat not expired or too small, not perching seat in inappropriate places, rocking it violently, etc.).

So, again, I agree with the OP... it seems like there is a social acceptance of leaving babies in buckets, and places almost seem to make it easier to do so, sometimes to the detriment of some poor little one who is stuck in their bucket all day...

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Originally Posted by Sk8ermaiden View Post
I am sure there are times when you see the infant come out of the car in the seat and the sentiment is totally justified (I'd share it too), but I just wanted to say my plan is to buy a super-cheap bucket secondhand just for use in restaurants and perhaps grocery shopping - we already have our desired car seat. Sometimes there is a reason for everything.
Oh my gosh this is a brilliant idea. How come I didn't read it four months ago?!

We don't have a bucket, but in hindsight I wish I'd bought one. My little bugger is not overly thrilled with being worn. She'll tolerate the sling longer than the mei tei, but after awhile it hurts my arm. I grocery shop only in stores that have the little baby seats attached to the carts. She loves those things! She also really likes her stroller (a gift - I thought I'd never use one on me), and I make sure to stop and chat at her fairly often. But my first choice is the baby carts, since she can see me along with everything else, so you bet that if I had a bucket I'd set it in the cart with her in it!
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Originally Posted by riverscout View Post
I sat him on the floor next to me while I picked out what I needed. And you know what? All I could think about the whole time was that some MDC mama would see me and think what a horrible mother I was and wonder why I didn't use a sling and worry that my poor baby spent most of his life in baby containers.
It makes me sad you would think that, but I know what you mean. I agree with the poster who said screaming babies unattended in buckets is a PARENTING issue, not a BUCKET issue. There's nothing wrong with using buckets as they were intended, and no one should feel guilty for doing so!
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My cousin had her baby sleep in a bucket all the time. even bed time SHe was 1 yr old before they switched her to a crib. Really sad and agrrevating at the same time. Seems like it would be so uncomfortable. Ds hated his bucket and was only in it for car rides. Even if i took it into the store he never set in one. It was just nice to strap him in it on my way out to the car and walking through parking lot.

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I agree that babies shouldn't be carted around in their car seats all the time and not held. But there is value to taking them out of the car in the seats. My dd was born in January, and January in Illinois is COLD. Being able to run into the store for a quick shopping trip and keep her in her warm seat with the blanket snuggled around her was a really good thing. (And I put her in the main part of the cart - I agree that it's dangerous to perch them up on the front basket part.)

But generally I HATE that thing. It has to be really cold or something like that for me to cart it around. It seems to weigh like 1000 times more than she weighs. If the weather is nice I prefer to have her in the sling while I shop.
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I think that buckets seats do have a time & a place just like any kind of baby accessories. What about high chairs? Is it "wrong" to have your baby sitting in the high chair while you cook dinner for 1/2 hour? Or an exersaucer? Anything can be mis-used and most of the time it is a parenting issue. Maybe some people honestly don't realize how easy babywearing is. If I'm making a quick trip to the store, my weekly mom/baby group, a friend's house across the city I wear my baby. If I'm going to the mall then I take my big stroller with bucket in it and also a baby carrier just in case she wants to be carried.

My pet peeve is also babies being in the buckets in the top of the cart. I always put her bucket in the bottom. (If she's sleeping in her bucket, I'm soo not going to take her out & possibly wake her up just to put her in carrier.) We recently put her in a rear facing convertible seat and I'm really noticing the difference when we go grocery shopping or somewhere as a family. I can't just leave her sleeping and take the seat out.

Sometimes it is just easier to carry a bucket seat in and sometimes its a pain.
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