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MariesMama's Avatar MariesMama 07:57 PM 05-26-2009
I just bought my DD's new Marathon on Amazon, and they cut the price on the Cowmooflage and Greystone to $199.99! I'd been waiting for my cc payment to go through so I could use it to buy the seat and was pleasantly surprised to see it had gone down again. It's even cheaper than when they were all on sale last month - the Cowmoo wasn't even this cheap then!

Greystone is temporarily out of stock but they do still have Cowmooflage. All other colors and patterns are still $279.99.

laketahoemama's Avatar laketahoemama 08:37 PM 05-26-2009
Thanks, just ordered mine.

Crocodile pattern is also $199.99, but I didn't check to see if it's in stock.
LemonPie's Avatar LemonPie 09:14 PM 05-26-2009
the Ashley Floral is currently $179.99 at albeebaby.com
MeIanchoIyDream 02:16 AM 05-27-2009